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Garnering Thoughts on Rights and Their Abuse

lawnorderEric Garner was accused of selling loosies (single cigarettes)  in NYC when the police arrested him.  Stop and Frisk laws in NYC are seemingly loose in probable cause in that they can stop and search without probable cause.   Garner resisted during the process of arresting him and one of the four officers subdued him with a chokehold.   He later died as a result.

Why was he arrested for selling single cigarettes instead of fined?  Taxes.

Bloomberg raised cigarette taxes something like 58 percent in 2010. This in turn led to black market sales like we have as an example here with Garner who allegedly was supplementing his income with cigarette sales.  Cigarettes are often bought in other states and essentially smuggled in.   A pack of squares in NYC is pushing 13 dollars with a substantial amount being taxation.

Mayor Bloomberg, with the help of the legislature, added a $1.50 per pack cigarette tax in New York City from .08 cents in 2010 in an effort to curb smoking.  Bloomberg, the Humanitarian Imperialist, also banned Big Gulps in NYC because he knows what good for you.

New York state imposes a tax of $4.35 on a pack of cigarettes.  That’s about the highest of any state if not the highest.  That’s on top of the local New York City tax of $1.60.  Was Garners life worth less than $6.00 USD?

That’s 6 dollars in tax revenue.  Arresting him even if he had gone peacefully and without incident would have cost far more than that, but again its only tax money.   The Stop and Frisk tactics in NYC were also in place and doing well when Bloomberg was mayor still exist and flourish.

In fact, right now there are groups trying to counter the Stop and Frisk laws that illegally detain and search pretty much anyone the NYC Police Department wants to.  The 14th amendment grants us the right to freedom of illegal search and seizure but that isn’t the way NYPD sees it.

“There is also a pair of bills before the Council, known collectively as “The Right to Know Act.” The legislation seeks to change the way police officers interact with the public, specifically the NYPD’s controversial stop-and-frisk policies, by making it easier for citizens to exercise their rights. For instance, the bills would require police officers conducting warrantless searches to tell the individuals that they have a right not to be searched. “  –  Huffington Post

Stop and Frisk is a program that New York City uses by practice in which police officers stop and questions hundreds of thousands of pedestrians annually to frisk and search them for weapons and illegal contraband.  Almost three quarters of a million people were stopped and frisked in 2011.

Based on a standard which holds less than probable cause, this power is granted upon the standard of reasonable suspicion.  The police must find that it is reasonably suspicious to be a minority in NYC along with Bloomberg as it proliferated with his position as Mayor in NYC.

The NY Post ran some writing that blames Eric Garner for his own death.  “Tragically, stupidly, fatally, inexplicably… fought the law.  What the NY Post follows as philosophy isn’t freedom, it is tyranny.   Overwhelmingly targeting minorities in hopes of reducing crime must be acceptable practice for the NY Post as well as the NYPD and City Administration.  Guilty until proven innocent?  The New York Civil Liberties Union appears to think so.


“An analysis by the NYCLU revealed that innocent New Yorkers have been subjected to police stops and street interrogations more than 4 million times since 2002, and that black and Latino communities continue to be the overwhelming target of these tactics. Nearly nine out of 10 stopped-and-frisked New Yorkers have been completely innocent, according to the NYPD’s own reports.”
The New York Civil Liberties Union states the percentages of searches and what the police found through reports.  In August they also released a study that showed the Stop and Frisk analysis of the Police Department through Bloomberg’s administration shows stark racial disparities.  The NYCLU also shows that in 2013 the recovery rate of illegal firearms was only .02 percent and overwhelmingly targeted young black and Latino men.

Do the NY Police and the past and current administration like Bloomberg really support this sort of system that targets minorities and illegally harasses innocent citizens?  Apparently so!  Many citizens follow Bloomberg and contribute to his current campaigns to further steal the rights of citizens in America.

2014 Seattle Washington Voters Guide

soapboxIf you are prepared to vote, but for some reason don’t want to involve yourself with all that hassle of actually thinking or learning what the heck is going on have I got a surprise for you:  I can tell you what you should think, and you should listen.  I don’t have billions of dollars, or millions, or even thousands and I have never banned a “Big Gulp” in any State of the Union.

I actually don’t like telling you what to do, but that’s mostly what voting is about.  Telling the other 49% what it’s going to be like (actually more like corporations and rich folks (remember the 1%?  They sway voting.)  No new taxes, and no new infringements on my rights is a good thing.

Why worry about who tells us what to do?  People like Bloomberg have money to make things happen.  And they do.  Under Bloomberg’s watch the Stop and Frisk went up to 685,724 times in 2011.  Stopping people for no reason and searching them sounds like a good thing to do.  Makes us safer. The rights of the few (half a million people or so) don’t outweigh the rights of the many, even when “the many” become the few. Whatever. It makes us safer.

Other things just makes it easier for those that waste our tax dollars.  They squander it and lose a giant machine in the earth because the morons forgot about a bunch of huge steel pipes they drilled down early to make sure Big Bertha could get through.  Has Bertha made it through there yet?  Still stuck?

Initiative Measure No. 1351: NO

The “A-holes” over at “The Stranger” claim in their guide that it is good.  Helping kids learn and get smart and stuff is good isn’t it?  Of course it is.  Smaller classroom size is written better than the rest  of the initiatives but there’s big flaws in big money.

Irregardless*, how often do we vote for “the poor children” (and raise taxes)  they never get a smaller classroom, do they? Let’s really think of the kids by making these people manage their money properly instead of wasting it.  Study after study shows how income and poverty relates to standardized test scores and yet they blame “lack of school funding” and raise taxes that allows increased school system spending.

No one will ever suggest that schools use these funds to make a class teaching fiscal responsibility to help end the cycle of poverty. The poor children will always get the poop end of the stick while they waste money on fancy buildings for administration while we stick those poor kids in a trailer out in the parking lot.  Instead let us stick those bastards in the administration buildings into an administrative trailer park and give struggling students a decent classroom and a manageable class size.

Initiative Measure No. Monorail:  NO

As much as I’d like to dress up like Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dum and pretend I’m going to Disney, I don’t think it’s a good idea. Sometimes, it’s a good idea to look at progressive countries or cities and emulate what they are doing correctly, but you should start at the bottom and work your way up. Let’s make sure we have sidewalks before we build an Eiffel Tower. Where’s Big Bertha?  Trapped underground with our tax dollars…still.

Initiative Measure No. 591: YES

This basically says that the State will go along with Federal guidelines.  The State has rights, but during the American Civil War the Federal Government didn’t respect the rights of the States, so we had a big war and a lot of people died. “Served them rednecks right!” you say? How smoothly would the battles for marriage equality and legalization of marijuana have gone if the Federal Government simply allowed states to represent the will of their constituents?

Initiative Measure No. Common Sense: NO

We don’t really need to worry ourselves with thinking about stuff.  Thats why we have politicians.They can tell us whether or not we can buy a Big Gulp, legally.  I like being scared too.

Initiative Measure No. 594: NO

This will create an even greater burden on the Department of Licensing and the police by making them do paperwork.  They already allow criminals to be rampant in Seattle because they only have 2 or 3 detectives for home burglaries.  Just think how little they’d accomplish if they had even more paperwork to do.  Have you called the police lately?

Let us instead continue with the laws already on the books and actually do something with them, like “don’t kill people.”  Also as an aside let’s address the real problem, repeat offenders.  Anyone have any idea how much of the crime repeat offenders cause? Mental health issues might be something we look into.  235 thousand people a year die from diabeetus.

Initiative Measure Whatever Else and Those People That Make a Lot of Money from Holding Offices That are Supposed to Serve the Public:

In-cum-bent.  Just about like it sounds.  It is a latin based word meaning the holder of an office.  Some have been an incumbent for 25 years.  Maybe some new blood would come in useful instead of making a lifetime career not moving up the ladder of success?.  Mediocrity can be good especially when taxpayers back your paycheck.

An easier method would be just to go over to “The Stranger” if you like and just vote the opposite of what they advise.  Or, I have an even better idea.  Go get your Google ready device and Google up something and learn a few things that actually have an effect on your life instead of who is going to get booted off “America’s Got Apathy.”

Why write a voters guide?  Mainly because most people are just going to vote using stupid voter guides and television commercials as resources. We live in an age of miracles and wonders: Google it.

* The use of the word irregardless was inserted as a ruse.  We all know that irregardless isnt really a word, don’t we?  Why not might you ask?  Big classroom sizes probaly.  See what I did there?

Author:  I P Frehley

Online Gun Sales and Background Checks

handsAccording to gun control advocates there is a  background check ‘loophole’ in internet sales.  This makes it sound like anyone can simply boot up their browser and get guns delivered to their door no questions asked.

There are no legal online gun retailers that will simply mail a gun without obtaining a Federal Firearms License through a business that holds a valid FFL.

You go online to a retailers and you select the firearm that you would wish to purchase, just like any other online order.  You enter your name and address for billing just like any other online purchase.  You use your credit card just like any other order.  The difference is the shipping address.

The shipping address must be a current Federal Firearms License holder.  The gun vendor will need a copy of the gun shops FFL where you are picking the gun up.  At the local gun shop they will run a background check before relinquishing your firearm to you.

You cannot simply order whatever you want and have the postal carrier bring it to you.

Many of your local gun shops, especially mom and pop type shops, will accept your firearm shipment and process the paperwork and background check for a fee.  It varies from 15 dollars in some places to 100 in others.

Why use an FFL to purchase guns online if you are avoiding a background check?  Simple, because you are not avoiding anything that you wouldn’t do in a brick and mortar store if they had it in stock.

If you are asking why order online guns when its the exact same safeguards as going to a major gun retailer or mom and pop, its because of the same reason you shop online.  To get the best selection and the best price.  Just like the background check, you cannot avoid paying taxes either.  The FFL holder collects sales tax for the state when they collect their transfer fee.

The FFL transfer to your local gun shop is an excellent way to get what you want, exactly, and at a good price.  You still must have a background check and pay sales tax.  There is no ‘loophole” about it.  Just guns delivered straight to your local gun store that does transfers.

Local advertisements for a gun for sale when a person meets face to face is not an online transaction.  These types of transactions are up to the parties to be honest law abiding citizens as it is doubtful that criminals will go to an FFL dealer and transfer a stolen or otherwise illegal gun that was or will be used in a crime.

Vote NO on Initiative 594!

sigInitiative 594 is an anti gun measure brought to you by the same people like Bloomberg who doesn’t want you to have a Big Gulp.  594 is gun control, not ‘common sense’ safety measures.  It does nothing to stop criminals from illegally buying guns.  It does punish legal gun owners who wish to buy handguns or long guns.

Overall violence is down  Women are buying and carrying concealed weapons at a skyrocketing rate.  Women who own firearms jumped from 13 percent in 2005 to 23 percent in 2011.

Gun ownership is at an all time high.

594 will do nothing to slow violence ,but will instead, punish law abiding citizens.  People struggling to make ends meet will be forced to pay more for a weapon to defend themselves and their families.  They cannot be gifted or loaned a firearm from family or friends,.

“the intended delivery of a firearm to another person without consideration of payment or promise of payment including, but not limited to, gifts and loans.”  Initiative 594.

The 594 initiative will not let you loan your shotgun to your brother in-law to take to the skeet range.  You wont be able to give your son older than 18 a rifle for Christmas, unless you want a felony for not going to get a transfer at an FFL gunshop.

The largest law enforcement organization in this state, the Washington Association of Police and Sheriffs, does not support initiative 594.  The amount of paperwork the police will have to do will further strain departments across the state.  Many police departments are already overworked as it is.

Seattle Police have recently been purported to have passed around an internal memo to ignore home burglaries because they have too few detectives to investigate them.  How can the police who are already behind in their duties handle massive amounts of paperwork that 594 would force them to take care of?

Loaning your gun to your friend would be illegal.
Sharing a shotgun with your over 18 son at the gun range would be illegal.
The waiting period would be 10 days instead of the current 5 days.
All firearm transfers are reported to the Department of Licensing.
Most dealers charge 30 to 50 dollars per transfer.

Vote no on 594!

*Arent registered to vote?  You can register to vote by going here and registering online by October 6, 2014.


Visit any Washington Drivers Licensing Offices.

Man Kills Orang Utan with Palm Oil

orangutanSweat beading on his brow, a man in a too tight t-shirt – the design become darkened by slowly spreading perspiration – huffs and puffs his way through a Food Court at a dying mall in Middle America. In a paper bowl, that when read from the bottom, would proclaim “Made from 99% post-consumer waste!”, is a slowly melting puddle of “Manilla Vanilla” ice cream.

He digs his spoon into the glob of artificial flavorings, colorings and texturizers and kills the Orang Utan.

He smacks his lips as the Orang Utan tries to outrun the licking flames. He runs his thick tongue around the edge of the bowl as the Orang Utan is set on fire. He enjoys the coolness of the ice cream as the skin of the Orang Utan crackles and peels from the flames, unable to outrun the raging fire set to clear the land for a palm oil plantation.

The man sits down his bowl, thinking maybe he should have ordered two servings, maybe the “Screamin’ Strawberry”? The bulldozer runs over the burning, flailing body of the Orang Utan. The man slides his spoon around the bottom of the bowl, scooping up every last bit of the melted ice cream. The bulldozer spits black smoke into the sky as it is put in reverse to once against crush the now dead Orang Utan.

The man returns to the ice cream shop to purchase another bowl, not knowing that with every scoop, he is destroying forests, the habitat of the Orang Utan and many different species in Borneo and Southeast Asia. Each spoonful of his cheap, artificial ice cream means the death of animals, flora and fauna, much of which has never been documented by biologists. He is a destroyer of worlds, a murderer of innocents, and he is doing it one spoonful at a time.

The oil palm industry is booming throughout Southeast Asia as a result of an increased demand for biodiesel and cheap food manufacturing.  The Western culture of fast and cheap, albeit unhealthy, pre packaged boxed foods curse and follow the man around from his day to day life.  Leaving behind a string of dead burnt vegetation and animal carcasses.

Palm oil was supposed to be a healthy alternative to the bad fats that Americans and otehr Westerners had been eating for decades.  One study made a movement away from natural fats into plant based fats and that misguided but engineered discovery has killed many people since its falsehoods became widely known as truths.  People who ate palm oil rich foods for five weeks saw their LDL cholesterol (that is the bad cholesterol) skyrocket.  Yet palm oil has found its way into 1 in 5 foods on average.  These foods along with a high carbohydrate diet are causing heart disease at a never before seen pace.
The Sumatran tigers don’t think palm oil is healthy either, which are set to be extinct in an estimated three years from deforestation.  It isn’t just foods that contain palm oils- toothpaste and other health and beauty products also contain palm oils.  The Sumatran tiger, like the Orang Utan, are killed where man wants to grow more oil palm trees so the man in the too tight t-shirt can watch television and eat uniform sized potato chips that come in a tennis ball tube.

When you buy a muffin, are you killing a Sumatran Tiger.? If you close your eyes and take a bite, and imagine hard enough, can you smell the burning hair?

Cheap, readily available food is not only killing you one bite at a time but its killing the Orang Utan, the Sumatran Tiger, and (for you vegetarians out there) scores of undescribed never before named plant species unknown to the scientific world.  We could be razing over the cure for cancer and we never even saw it coming as it was slashed to extinction by chainsaws and logging trucks, burnt, razed, and planted with oil palms.  One spoonful at a time.

Eat margarine and kill an Orang Utan?  Doe’s your margarine contain palm oil?

The Mall and its Food Court closes and the man hurriedly finishes his slurry of ingredients in his paper bowl of Screamin’ Strawberry ice cream.  With a heavy breathing and a satiation that could only come from 3 or 4 bowls of ice cream he makes his way out the Food Court.  Never realizing that the ingredients of that delicious creamy ice cream aren’t all milk and cream he licks the plastic spoon and tosses his trash into the can.  Its killing the Orang Utan and its killing him, one bite at a time.

Author: Richard Haggus