How did cats get called Cats?


Are Greek mythology names good for newborn kittens?

Whether it is the name of a god, Titan or other characters from Greek myths, they are great for newborn kittens as much as they are for adult cats introduced to your home. Before we share with you our list of Greek mythology names for cats, we’re going to look into the thought process required for choosing an appropriate name. It includes:

What is a Greek name for a female cat?

Find below a comprehensive list of Greek female cat names, inspired by Greek Goddesses. 26. Aphrodite – From the Goddess of love and beauty. 27. Artemis – Greek huntress Goddess, daughter of Zeus. 28. Athena – From Athena, Goddess of wisdom from Greek mythos. Athena was also the female God of war.

What are some unique name ideas for cats?

From silver tabbies and lilac Siamese to Russian blues and Tonkinese, these unique cat naming ideas will have your kitty running your way at the sound of his or her name! This article is bubbling to the brim with witchy name ideas for cats.

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What are the most famous female cat names in history?

Famous Cat Names in History- Female 1 Alberline 2 Arya 3 Dahlia 4 Daisy 5 Estrella 6 Fable 7 Jane 8 Juliet 9 Macbeth 10 Matilda 11 Poppins 12 Raven 13 Scarlett 14 Scout 15 Zelda More

What should I name my magician’s cat?

Magician’s Cat Names Abracadabra: Term used by magicians to effect a magical turn of events. Name your kitty Abracadabra and you can call her… Cardini: Famous magician that invented card-manipulation techniques. Charm: A delight, trick, or deception. Dazzle: To enthrall or captivate. Hoax: A trick

What are the top 15 Greek mythological cat names?

15 Names for Your Cat Based on Greek Mythology 1 Aphrodite. 2 Apollo. 3 Ares. 4 Artemis. 5 Athena. 6 Calypso. 7 Chaos. 8 Demeter. 9 Gaia. 10 Hera. More items…

Why are you researching Greek cat names?

You are probably here researching Greek cat names because you’re as fascinated by Greek mythology as much as we are. We must admit the gods and goddesses in the ancient legends have shaped a lot of our culture today. Did you know, though that there are tons of other names beyond Mt. Olympus that would work great, too?

Are there any beautiful cat names in Greece?

Aphrodite (Goddess of love) Cesar – Julius! Not only Greece can provide beautiful names, but you can find many unique and beautiful cat names in every place all over the world. You can find all the unique, cultural cat name ideas on our foreign cat names page. Your email address will not be published.

Is Artemis a good name for a female cat?

Apollo’s twin sister, Artemis, is the goddess of the hunt. She is also the goddess of wild animals and the wilderness. Artemis’ favorite weapon is a bow and arrows. Artemis could be a good name for a female cat that loves roaming the outdoors and bringing you home little “gifts” of dead birds and mice.

What are some names from Greek mythology for cats?

Greek mythology comes from the ancient nation of Greece, known as the cradle of Western civilization. The mythology refers to a pantheon of gods led by Zeus, god of the sky, and stories of adventures and battles. In this article, we’ll look at 15 names out of Greek mythology that could be just right for your cat or kitten. 1. Aphrodite

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Is Demeter a good name for a female cat?

Demeter is the goddess of the harvest. People believed that, without Demeter, crops wouldn’t grow and the earth would grow barren. When her daughter, Persephone, is in the Underworld, Demeter grieves, and Winter falls upon the earth. This name could work for many female cats.

What should I name my male cat?

For example, if you have a male cat, you can call he, Ares as he was the son of Zeus or Hyperion who was one of the Titans who was the son of Gaia and overthrew Uranus with the other Titans. Sometimes a physical characteristic or even impediment can help you name your cat.

What are some of the most unique literary cat names?

It’s one of the most unique literary cat names you’ll find. Alonzo – A black and white tom cat in Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats by T. S. Eliot.

Can You Name Your Cat after a classic author?

Whether you want to name your cat after a classic author or plan to borrow one of their character’s names, we’ve got you covered. Literary cat names are usually based on authors, characters, or book titles. We’ve covered all those bases and more below. We’ve even added in some famous mythological cat names!

What is the name of the cat in Harry Potter books?

Mrs. Norris – The pet cat of Hogwarts caretaker Argus Filch in the Harry Potter series. Pixel – The title character in The Cat Who Walks Through Walls by Robert Heinlein. Pluto – The narrator’s cat in The Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe.

What are some places that make for Creative cat names?

Famous Places That Make For Creative Cat Names 1 Cupertino 2 Kathmandu 3 Machu Picchu 4 Vegas 5 Kilimanjaro 6 Egypt 7 Bora Bora 8 Juneau 9 Saskatchewan 10 Fjord

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What are some names for cats from famous magicians?

Names for Cats From Famous Magicians 1 Anderson 2 Blackstone 3 Cardini 4 Chung Ling Soo 5 Copperfield 6 Dynamo 7 Henning 8 Houdini 9 Maskelyne 10 Max Maven 11 Max Malini 12 Penn or Teller 13 Siegfried or Roy 14 Silvan 15 Slydini 16 Thurston More

What would you Name Your Cat if you were a witch?

Name your kitty Sodalite, then call it Soda for short. Sorginak: The Basque name for both male and female witches. The Sorginak (pronounced “shor-in-yak”) are said to have the ability to transform themselves at will into animals, most commonly cats.

What is a good name for a strong female cat?

Jezebel – Jezebel is a fitting name for a strong female cat who likes to be in charge. Laura Croft – If your cat has something in common with the famous tomb raider bad girl, Laura croft it is. Leia – Inspired by the movie Star Wars, you would want to call your vicious warrior cat “Leia”.

Where do the names of female cats come from?

The majestic names for female cats come to us from myth and literature. The personalities exemplified by these protagonists are languid and certainly feline in their characters.

What are the names of the most famous male cats?

Famous Male Cat Names 1 Justin (Bieber) 2 Will (Smith) 3 Brad (Pitt) 4 Dwayne (Johnson) 5 David (Beckham) 6 Bill (Gates) 7 Elvis (Presley) 8 Cristiano (Ronaldo) 9 LeBron (James) 10 Peyton (Manning) More items…

Did you know there are two breeds of cats in Greece?

Yet some people may be unaware that there are two distinct cat breeds, the Aegean cat and the Cyprus Cat, that are native to Greece and Cyprus. The Greek islands are particularly known for their adorable four-footed residents.

What are the 15 cat names based on Greek mythology?

15 Cat Names Based on Greek Mythology (From Aphrodite to Zeus) 1 1. Aphrodite. Aphrodite is the goddess of love, fertility, and beauty. She is the daughter of Zeus. Her quarrel with Athena and Hera was said to have … 2 2. Apollo. 3 3. Ares. 4 4. Artemis. 5 5. Athena. More items