Sadly Our Friend Trisha Dusil is Gone.

trishadusilTrisha Dusil was one of the people that was around at the very beginning of starting the DIYSeattle site.  She has helped us out immensely, and the poultry community greatly as well.

I doubt that she will be forgotten for her dedication to the poultry world and hobby as well as to those that crossed her path.  She was always willing to share her knowledge and experience with others through a  kind and generous personality.   There are many clubs, people, and organizations that she has contributed to thoroughly.

We are grateful to have known her and her contributions will not be forgotten.  We never met in person but we chatted and emailed throughout the span of DIYSeattle time online.

We hope that she is at peace now and we all send our condolences to her family.  We will miss you Trisha and thank you for the time that you sacrificed back and forth writing articles and giving information through our online chat as FlashPointFarm.

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