What does revolution do for cats?


Is Revolution safe for my Cat?

The monthly application of revolution on your cat full of fleas will prevent their eggs from hatching for about one month. Revolution can be applied to the cat of eight weeks of age. It is also safe for a pregnant cat. To provide cat continuous protection the product should be applied once in a month.

Is revolution necessary for indoor cats?

Personally, I don’t think Revolution is necessary for an indoor cat. I do think it’s over medicating. As for a monthly flea treatment, in general, it depends on where you live. If you have very bad fleas year round, then it’s not a bad idea. But I would use a flea only treatment like Advantage. I live in So.

How to use Revolution correctly on cats?

We will describe how to collect and split the 240 mg/tube with 2 ml/tube (concentration 120 mg/ml):

  • The challenge in splitting a dog Revolution® is collecting the 2 ml and allocating it into cat doses.
  • REVOLUTION® IS ONLY TO BE APPLIED TOPICALLY (ON THE SKIN)! Part your pet’s hair to see the skin over the back (high up toward the neck in an area where
  • Apply monthly to prevent parasites.

How fast does Revolution work for cats?

The Benefits of Revolution

  • Works inside and out to protect against internal and external nasties
  • Is waterproof after two hours and won’t wash off
  • Is as easy as 1, 2, 3 to administer
  • Stays effective for an entire month
  • Kills fleas in your pet’s living environments
  • Is available in a range of dose sizes to suit any cat or dog
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Do indoor cats need dewormers?

Which for most indoor cats means they never need to have dewormers, or very occasionally at most. TS uses already Revolution, to protect from heartworm (and fleas I suppose) taken in by dogs. This is more than enough as Revolution takes most sorts of both external and internal parasites.

Should I use Revolution on my indoor cat for worms?

If you’re treating with Revolution, you’re also treating for intestinal parasites. That’s one reason why most vets apply it when you take in a new cat for a wellness visit. I have never treated an indoor cat for worms after their fecal shows them parasite free, even after we’ve brought new kitties into our home.

Can steroids in cats be discontinued abruptly?

Can Steroids in Cats Be Discontinued Abruptly? If you’ve been giving your kitty prescription medication and he appears to be “all better,” don’t simply stop giving the cat the medicine without speaking to your vet first. Abruptly stopping any type of steroid-based medicine can result in dangerous side effects, including collapse and even death.

What is Revolution (selamectin) for cats?

Description. Revolution (selamectin) is the first-ever FDA-approved topical medication for cats that kills adult fleas, stops flea eggs from hatching, prevents heartworm disease, controls ear mites and treats roundworms and hookworms, according to the Revolution website. Revolution enters the bloodstream through the skin,…

How long does it take for revolution to work on dogs?

This page contains general information about Revolution flea control, commonly prescribed by veterinarians as a highly-effective, semi-rapid (within 24-36 hours), monthly, spot-on flea, mite, tick (only some ticks), worm and heartworm control product for cats and dogs.

How does Revolution work in cats?

The selamectin in Revolution is absorbed through your kitty’s skin, and then it enters her bloodstream. From there, it is redistributed to your cat’s skin, tissue, fat and organs.

Can a pre diabetic cat become diabetic from steroids?

Some pre-diabetic cats may become diabetic with corticosteroid usage. In many of these cases, the diabetes resolves once the steroid is discontinued. If any of these side effects occur, they can often be eliminated by lowering the dosage or frequency of administration.

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How often can I use Revolution flea treatment on my Dog?

You can use Revolution flea and worm control treatment on your dog or cat weekly if you have a bad flea problem. How long after using Revolution flea and worm control treatment can i wash my dog or take him to the beach?

What is Revolution for dogs used to treat?

Description. Revolution enters the bloodstream through the skin, where it penetrates the tissues to prevent heartworm disease and treat any hookworm or roundworm infections. It also distributes from the blood and tissues to provide protection from fleas, flea eggs and ear mites.

What age can you use Revolution for dogs on puppies?

As each topical treatment kills adult fleas and prevents flea eggs from hatching for an entire month. Revolution for dogs can is safe to use on puppies young as six weeks old.

Are steroids safe for cats with fleas?

Sometimes this is perfectly fine, but other times the steroid is merely treating a symptom, like diarrhea or itchy skin, while the cause (e.g., food allergy or fleas) is still at large. Side effects: Cats are more resistant than dogs or people to the long-term use of steroids.

Can steroids cause diabetes in cats?

If your cat is already at risk for diabetes, a steroid treatment like this could give them that push over the edge and some become diabetic after the injection. Repeated long-term use of steroids in cats also puts them at more risk of becoming diabetic. Steroids also have a number of side effects on cats.

Is it common for an overweight cat to have diabetes?

Although the exact cause of feline diabetes isn’t known, it’s more likely to affect overweight cats, because obesity makes the cat’s body less sensitive to the effects of insulin. Diabetes is also more common in older cats.

Can cats get diabetes from eating Halloween candy?

Eating too much Halloween candy is a common cause of diabetes in people but not cats. Steroids, on the other hand, can be linked to diabetes in feline companions. Depo Medrol is a long-lasting injectable steroid that is commonly used in cats.

Can insulin and steroids cause diabetes?

“Diabetes is not caused by the steroids alone, but is more like a “side effect” of the drug.” Therefore, giving insulin and steroids at the same time would be pretty counter-productive. Delete Replies Reply Reply AnonymousDecember 8, 2013 at 3:13 PM

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How often can I use Revolution flea treatment?

It can be used fortnightly if you have a bad flea problem, although you shouldn’t not have to use it anymore than in one month intervals. We highly recommend that you do treat every month. How long after using Revolution can I bathe, wash, wet or let my dog swim?

Are there any side effects of revolution flea treatment for dogs?

If you notice your dog or cat have any side effects what so ever after using Revolution flea and worm control treatment, call or take your dog or cat to the vet as soon as possible. It is very rare that your dog or cat will have any side effects due to Revolution flea and worm control treatment.

What is the dose of dog Revolution® for cats?

What Is the Dose of Dog Revolution® for a Cat? If you are using the large dog Revolution®, the concentration is 240 mg/2ml, which is 120mg/ml. The dose for a cat 5 to 15 pounds is 45 mg, which is 0.35 ml. The dose for a cat over 15 pounds is 60 mg, which is 0.5 ml.

What is Revolution for dogs?

Revolution is a topical flea treatment for dogs over six weeks old, and cats over eight weeks old. “Topical” means it’s administered directly on your pet’s skin. When applied correctly, Revolution can protect cats and kittens from heartworm, intestinal worms, fleas and ear mites.

Are steroid shots safe for cats?

In addition, inhaled steroids are considered safe and effective for cats, and they are a better option for treating respiratory conditions than oral steroids. It is important for cat owners to be aware of the side effects of injected and oral corticosteroid use before taking them. How Long Does A Long Acting Steroid Shot Last?

Are corticosteroids safe for cats with asthma and bronchitis?

Because cat asthma and chronic bronchitis are life long conditions, corticosteroids are an important part of daily disease management to keep the airways clear and help cats with these conditions live a normal life.

Do steroids help with flea allergies in dogs?

In addition to reducing inflammation, steroids have a powerful anti-inflammatory effect. In addition to treating flea allergy dermatitis (skin inflammation and itchiness), asthma-like diseases, food allergies, and bee sting, there are other treatments for allergic conditions in dogs and cats.