How far around is a horse race track?


What is the best distance to bet on in horse racing?

In races where two or more runners are equal shortest-priced qualifiers, there is no bet for that race. Being neither a sprint trip nor a mile, 1400 metres is the distance over which the most potent specialists are to be found.

What are winning distances in horse racing?

The winning distances in horse racing are the distance between the winning horse and the second-placed horse. The betting market on a national hunt race could include the bet of a horse winning by a certain distance. Every racecard of results includes the times and winning measurements of every racehorse participating.

What does Rogue mean in horse racing?

rogue: An ill-tempered horse. rogue’s badge: Blinkers. route: Broadly, a race distance of longer than 1-1/8 miles. router: Horse who performs well at longer distances. ruled off See suspend.

What is the difference between dog betting and horse racing?

Horse racing is way different than betting on dogs for really one main reason. There is a person on top of the horse directing it around the track. For some reason, a lot of novice horse racing bettors like to put all their weight into researching the horse and forget that the jockey in the driver’s seat is extremely important.

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What does Ro mean in horse racing?

Ran Out (RO) A horse that ‘runs out’ takes the wrong course or goes through the barriers and is therefore disqualified. Denoted by RO in the formbook. Refused To Race (RR) Some horses refuse to take part in a race. Denoted by RR in the formbook. Rule 4 (R4)

Why do they call it a rogue’s badge?

Blinkers used to be called The Rogue’s Badge overseas. The application of the hood stood about one step above gelding a horse, an admission the animal could not fulfill his potential through his own force of will. “It used to be a major statement, a question asked whether the horse is genuine, whether the horse is honest,” Gosden said.

What does router mean in horse racing?

route: Broadly, a race distance of longer than 1-1/8 miles. router: Horse who performs well at longer distances. ruled off See suspend. run down: Abrasions of the heel. rundown bandages: See bandages.

What happens if a horse does not take part in a race?

The horse did not take part in the race, so any bets (apart from ante-post bets) on that horse will be refunded. What is a length? A ‘ length’ is the length of a racehorse from nose to tail.

What do the letters mean in horse racing terms?

in form figures indicates ‘won’. Other superior figures indicate finishing position (2nd – 6th). Letters used include F (fell), pu (pulled up), ur (unseated rider), bd (brought down), r (refused), su (slipped up), ro (ran out) and co (carried out).

Where did the term gee-gee come from?

Irish farmers, including my ancestors, settled in the Ottawa Valley, Canada, in the 19th century. They brought the term Gee-Gee with them from the British Isles. They used it to refer to their big farm horses, as well as race horses.

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What do the numbers on a horse’s race card mean?

By considering the first four generations of a horse, these five numbers represent the distance performance of chefs-de-race’s progeny, placing each in a category: Brilliant, Intermediate, Classic, Solid, and Professional. “Brilliant” represents sprinting races, while “Professional” would be extreme (in North America) distance events.

Why is the University of Ottawa called Gee-Gee?

They brought the term Gee-Gee with them from the British Isles. They used it to refer to their big farm horses, as well as race horses. The colours of the University of Ottawa are Garnet and Grey, or GG for short. For a long time the uOttawa sports teams were known as the GG’s.

Why are they called ‘Gee Gees’?

Finally, due to his involvement and love of horse racing, Henry Gee’s name became synonymous with race horses, as today they are still often called, ‘gee gees’. By 1817, the vast crowds attracted to the annual Chester races made it economically viable to build the first grandstand.

What did Henry Gee do for Chester?

The second footnote revolves around Henry Gee, who became mayor of Chester in 1539. One of the many reforms Gee introduced, was an annual horse race meeting on the Roodee.

Who was Henry Gee and why is he important to racing?

The race fixture was arranged by Chester’s mayor Henry Gee, with the owners of the winning horses being presented with silver bells. Gee still has an impact on racing all these years later as it was his name that is used as slang for horseracing when people say ‘gee gees’.

What happened at Chester Racecourse – Roodee?

Prior to horse racing, the Chester Racecourse – Roodee site was used for the famous and bloody Goteddsday football match. This wasn’t football as we know it nowadays. The game was very violent and, in 1533, it was banned to be replaced in 1539 by horse racing.

Did you know these Chester Racecourse facts you should know?

Some of these facts about Chester Racecourse may surprise you. The popular slang term for horses or horse racing can be traced to Chester. The first recorded race there was held on February 9, 1539 – during the reign of Henry VIII – with the consent of the Mayor of Chester, Henry Gee.

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What is a Gee Gee horse?

GG or gee-gee is a word for horse used by children or in colloquial speech in UK. … Wikipedia says that the term “Gee-Gee” is taken from horse-racing where a Gee-Gee is the first horse out of the starting gate.

What is the most famous fictional horse in history?

The Black Stallion was described as “the most famous fictional horse of the century” by the New York Times. The original Black Stallion series listed here was written by Walter Farley.

Why is Chester Racecourse called the Roodee?

After a stone cross was erected, the area was called The Roodee using a mixture of Norse and Saxon languages. The name, meaning The Island Of The Cross, is still used today as an alternative for Chester Racecourse. The site was used for another sporting spectacle in in early 16th century when it hosted the Goteddsday football match.

Did you know Chester Racecourse is the oldest racecourse in England?

If horse racing is your thing then you’ve probably at some time visited Chester Racecourse, the Roodee. That applies to not only Chester residents, but horse racing lovers from far and wide. But what about this famous horse racing venue…..carry on reading. Chester Racecourse – The Roodee, is known to be the oldest racecourse in England.

What is the history of horse racing at the Roodee?

The May Meeting was introduced in 1766 and racing at the Roodee became so popular that the first racecourse grandstand was built around 50 years later. The Tradesman’s Cup – now the Chester Cup – was introduced a short while afterwards as the meeting gradually evolved into something resembling the present sport enjoyed today.