How do I introduce a new cat to my old cat?


Are You considering adding a new feline friend to your home?

As one of the 85 million 1 cat owners out there, you may be considering adding a new feline friend to your home. Whether your current cat is lonely, her companion cat recently passed away or you simply love cats, it is important to take a few precautions to ensure that your cat-to-cat introductions go as smoothly as possible.

Should you bring a new kitten home with you?

If a cat has always been shy, bringing a frisky new kitten home might have a negative effect. “It is better to match energy levels of the cats,” rather than focusing on age, Guerrero says. Consult your veterinarian or an animal behaviorist about the cat match that’s right for your household.

Can you have just one cat?

Some people say cats are like chips — you can’t have just one! As one of the 85 million 1 cat owners out there, you may be considering adding a new feline friend to your home.

Should you add another cat to your home?

Consider your current cat: Perhaps the most important step in adding another cat to your home is careful consideration of the resident cat’s personality. Features such as looks, size, breed, gender or any quality other than personality are not factors that should weigh heavily in the decision.

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Should you add a younger companion to your cat’s life?

If you’re considering adding a younger companion to your household, it’s imperative that you ensure that your older cat does not lose anything that he or she already has. Senior cats should not have to compete for resources such as time with you, resting, viewing and hiding places, and food and water.

Is it better to have two cats or one?

“The majority of cats are very gregarious – they love each other so much, they enjoy living together and grooming each other. If someone was out all day, we wouldn’t give them just one cat because they would be lonely – we would give them two cats. Multiple cat households are a good thing,” she said.

Is it possible to take on an adult cat?

If you do need to take on an adult cat, the same research suggested that an adult of the opposite sex was more likely to be accepted and that, in cases of same-sex pairs, two males were slightly more likely to be compatible than two females. I have just adopted a second cat, and I want to maximize the chance of successful integration.

Do kittens get along with other kittens?

Kittens adopted together are more likely to get along than adult cats (a year or older). Personality definitely matters more with adult cats where as kittens help each other. I wish I had another cat when Baxter was 7/8 months because he was a terror! Even now he is way more calm now that he has a sister to wrestle with.

Should I add another cat to my household?

If you truly want to add another cat to the household as a companion for your family, waiting until your surviving cat’s behavior returns to baseline is a good idea. If the only reason you would be bringing home another cat would be as a companion to your existing cat, please reconsider.

Is it bad for a senior cat to have a companion?

However, from the senior cat’s perspective, the disruption of his familiar routine may create a significant amount of stress. If you’re considering adding a younger companion to your household, it’s imperative that you ensure that your older cat does not lose anything that he or she already has.

Is it better to adopt an older cat or a kitten?

Older pets are much less likely than kittens to be adopted from shelters. Not only have you helped save a life, you’ll have a thankful, cuddly companion that greatly appreciates you for it! Of course, if you already have a kitten or younger cat at home, they might not be as excited about the new family member—and vice versa.

Should I get two cats or one?

Two cats usually cause less damage around the home – if a single cat becomes bored (and most cats have lively, enquiring minds), he or she may start scratching the carpet or furniture, but with two that get on well, they will chase round together and not start vandalising your home!

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Why have two kittens?

Having two cats or more keeps them all entertained — playing, cuddling and sometimes just sharing a room together. 2. Kittens provide fun for each other and teach life lessons Kittens, by design, are little energy machines.

Should you get an adult cat?

While it can be tempting to fall in love with the cute little kittens, they grow up very quickly into adult cats. Starting with an adult cat whose temperment you already get along with can set you both up for a long life of happiness together. Plus, let’s be honest, adult cats are super adorable too!

Will my cat accept another adult cat into the home?

Even with great care some adult cats never accept another adult cat into the home. All of this being said, each individual cat’s personality and genetic tendency toward or away from sociability with other cats will ultimately dictate whether they enjoy living with other cats in a home environment, or if they prefer to be an only cat.

Is it OK to take on another cat as a pet?

While it is in progress, it is generally not advisable to take on another cat. Indeed, hostility toward another cat that is introduced when the resident cat is fearful, anxious, depressed or in ill health can be very intense and the likelihood of ultimate integration between the cats is very slim.

Is it bad for kittens to be kept together?

It is quite stressful for kittens if they are suddenly forced to live together, especially if they are from different litters. Also remember that one cat will likely be alpha and there is really nothing you can do to prevent this.

Is it better to get two kittens or one kitten?

If one has an adult cat and wants a little kitten, it is best to get two little kittens then. That way the two kittens can play with each other in the way little kittens do, and the adult cat won’t get harassed constantly by a little kitten desperate for some play. Little kittens want to play all the time, and adult cats do not.

How to help a new cat get used to other cats?

Now that your current cats have become familiar with another cat in the house, it’s time to help the new cat get used to the idea of other cats. Exchange their bedding for a night or swap rooms – let your new cat wander the house and soak in the other cats’ smells while your current cats are stowed away elsewhere. 5.

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Is it possible to introduce a new cat to an existing household?

If your cat is an adult and is established within your home as the only cat, then you should think carefully before introducing another feline. With time it should be possible to introduce a new cat into an existing household, but this may take days, weeks, or months for a successful gradual introduction.

Should you add a second cat to your family?

Before you decide to add a second cat to your family, ask yourself if your cat really needs a friend — and if you are prepared to meet the needs of a multicat household. There are two important things to consider before adding a second cat to your family: your current cat’s age and his personality.

Is it OK to bring a kitten to an elderly cat?

People frequently assume that getting a young exuberant kitten as a companion for an elderly cat will help perk up the senior’s spirits. In reality, however, bringing home a kitten is likely to make the older cat’s life more uncomfortable.

Are cats Good Companions for the elderly?

Cats make excellent companions for the elderly. Cats are low maintenance and have fewer medication issues than dogs. They’re predictable and happy indoors. Bonding with a pet lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, which helps senior owners stay healthier.

Is your senior cat dealing with underlying health issues?

But even seemingly healthy senior cats may be dealing with underlying health issues that haven’t manifested yet. A 3-year study at the Ohio State University found that stress has a considerable impact on a cat’s health.

Do older cats get along with kittens?

“Additionally, an older cat will not take kindly to a kitten she perceives as a pesky, frolicking ‘intruder’ infringing on her domain.” Older cats thrive on an established routine and can be very territorial.

Is it better to adopt kittens from senior citizens?

Placing kittens with seniors also ensures the cat will outlive the senior or the ability for the senior to care for it. And please don’t suggest the “kids” will take the cats, in most cases they can’t get them to the shelters fast enough.

Should you adopt kittens from the same shelter as Your Cat?

This may seem counterintuitive, but it means the kittens will be far more likely to play with one another and leave the older cat in peace. “Adopt littermates or two kittens from the same shelter who know each other,” Dr. Hofve says. Before adopting the kittens, be sure they’re in good health so they won’t pass anything on to your senior.