Do indoor cats need flea treatment?


Is flea treatment for kittens and cats the same?

Above: There is a lot of confusion over flea treatment for kittens and cat flea treatment–especially when they are indoors only. Many people mistakenly believe that their indoor cats do not need flea treatment but indoor cat flea control is important if you seek to prevent cat health problems. Why?

What are the risks of flea bites on cats?

Risks posed from fleas on cats can lead to the need for veterinary treatment for issues such as flea bite dermatitis, flea bit anemia, tapeworm and more. Even one flea can cause misery for an animal that is sensitive or allergic to fleas.

Can indoor cats get fleas from other pets?

However, veterinarians advise us to apply flea control on indoor cats, even though they never go out. According to them, cats can get fleas from other pets, people who visit us, or from us. We may bring in fleas on our clothes or shoes from the outside world.

Does cheristin kill fleas on kittens?

Cheristin has been specifically formulated to kill fleas on cats using the active ingredient spinetoram. It is safe for kittens over the age of 8 weeks and as small as 1.8 pounds. Cheristin provides protection from fleas for a full month.

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What are fleas on cats?

Fleas are the most common external parasite of cats. Cat fleas are about 2mm long and reddish-brown in colour, with blade-like bodies ideal for hiding in fur, and hop rather than crawl.

Is it safe to use flea treatment on a cat?

Some flea treatments aren’t even effective and worse yet, aren’t safe to use on cats despite what the packaging states. Additionally, some products will kill live fleas while others will only prevent a flea from reproducing, so not all products are appropriate for all your flea needs.

Can cats be allergic to flea bites?

Apart from making the pet itchy, some cats are allergic to flea bites which results in extreme itchiness, self-trauma to the skin, scabby spots, and skin infections. For the cat’s comfort and to prevent unwanted infections it is best to treat the flea bites and kill the flea population to reduce the likelihood of further bites.

Do flea bites cause red lumps on cats?

Flea bites are likely to raise small red lumps on the cat’s skin, but these can be difficult to see because of the cat’s fur. However, if a cat has a flea bite allergy these lumps tend to scab over. Typically, a cat has many pinhead sized scabs scattered over the skins surface.

What happens when a cat has fleas for a month?

The itching normally associated with fleas is exacerbated to a distressing extent for the poor cat who suffers from this condition, resulting in skin lesions and hair loss. Administering flea treatment regularly is the most effective solution for flea allergies, because just one or two flea bites can trigger an outbreak.

What causes irritation in cats with fleas?

Irritation is caused when the flea bites and injects saliva into the cat’s skin. Flea saliva is a potent allergen which sets up an allergic reaction in sensitive animals. It is pointless to bathe or shampoo the cat because the irritation is happening within the skin rather than on the surface.

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Can a cat get fleas through a window?

They sneak inside through windows or on other animals … or even on you. Fleas are hard to evict, but a combination of treatments can help. Even though your cat is strictly indoors, he can get fleas via indoor-outdoor pets, outdoor animals at a window or from your clothes.

Can indoor cats get fleas and ticks?

“While tick contraction is less common for indoor cats, this can happen, as well.” Here are some of the more common ways indoor cats can catch fleas and ticks, along with suggested methods of prevention. The number one way that fleas and ticks enter the household is on the family dog, says Fink.

Do fleas live on cats or dogs?

Cat fleas, tiny wingless insects that live on your pet’s body and feed on their blood, are the most abundant and widespread type of flea found across the world.1 Cat fleas love warm and humid environments, breeding rapidly in late summer during their peak season.

How long does it take for cheristin to kill fleas on cats?

Its active ingredient, spinetoram, starts killing fleas in just 30 minutes and remains effective for up to 6 weeks to keep your cat protected from fleas, although monthly application is recommended. Does seeing fleas on my cat mean that Cheristin isn’t working? Not at all. Cheristin kills adult fleas in 30 minutes after contact.

Is cheristin safe for cats?


What is the best flea treatment for my Cat?

Cheristin is specifically designed for cats with an ingredient not found in other flea solutions. Cheristin has been rigorously tested and approved by the EPA for use specifically on cats. How many applications of Cheristin are in each box?

What age can you put cheristin on a kitten?

Low volume dosage is one-size-fits-all for cats or kittens 8 weeks of age and older that weigh 1.8 pounds or greater. Maintain consistent monthly application of Cheristin to provide continual flea protection for your cat and prevent future infestations. How do I apply Cheristin to my cat?

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What are the signs of fleas on cats?

Another sign of fleas on cats is “ flea dirt .” These dark brown specks are actually flea feces. They’re most often seen on the neck and rump areas, but you also may see some of these specks on your cat’s comb or brush, Dr. Weinberg says. If you put some of these granules on a paper towel and mist them with water, they will turn red.

What are the different types of fleas on cats?

The most common type of flea found on cats is the cat flea (Ctenocephalides felis), but rabbit and hedgehog fleas can also show an interest in your cat! Flea bites are itchy for all cats, and can lead to some developing allergies (known as flea-allergic dermatitis).

Can cats get fleas from over grooming?

Cats are excellent groomers, so it might be tough to imagine your preened pet catching parasites! The most obvious sign that your cat has fleas is persistent scratching, or sometimes over-grooming, which can result in bald patches on their coat. If your cat develops a flea allergy they may also have scabs and red, sore areas on their skin.

Can fleas cause anaemia in kittens?

As if fleas weren’t pesky enough, they can also provide a thriving environment for certain types of tapeworm, and heavy infestations can cause anaemia in kittens. However there’s no need to worry, as there are a number of different cat flea prevention options for you to look at. What are cat fleas?

Can you use Advantage flea treatment on a pregnant cat?

I took in a pregnant stray who had a horrible case of fleas. I took her to the vet and he said it is fine to treat a preggo kitty with advantage (or any other topical flea medication). He also said it was fine to to treat the surrounding area (bedding, rugs etc) and posed no threat to the kittens. Good luck!