Are Ocicats good pets?


What is an Ocicat?

The Ocicat is one of those happy accidents that sometimes occur in cat breeding. In an attempt to achieve Abyssinian points in her Siamese cats, breeder Virginia Daly crossed a sealpoint Siamese and a ruddy Abyssinian in 1964.

Do Ocicats need a lot of exercise?

LOW: Ocicats cats do not have any special exercise needs. Their physical activity should be similar to that of most cats (sleeping long hours, playing, running and jumping), although they are typically much more active and playful than other cats.

Do Ocicat cats get along with other cats?

The Ocicat gets along very well with all other pets, even dogs, as long as they are cat-friendly, and their personalities and energy levels are a good fit. As already mentioned, the Ocicat might tend to rule over all pets in the household, but she will definitely love to have another cat as company.

Do Ocicats get possessive?

Some Ocicats have been known to become possessive of their toys. If they get bored too much or often, they can be mischievous — if you work long hours and don’t have any other pets, you might want to consider getting 2 Ocicats to keep each other company.

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What kind of cat is an Ocicat?

Thanks to his spots, the Ocicat looks wild, but he is all domestic cat. The breed was developed using Abyssinian, Siamese, and American Shorthair cats. A cat lover’s favorite daydream is to have a wild cat as a companion.

What kind of heart disease does an Ocicat have?

Some Ocicats have also been diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, the most common form of heart disease in cats. Their Siamese and Abyssinian heritage may also predispose them to renal or liver amyloidosis and early periodontal disease.

Do Ocicats like water?

Ocicats are among the breeds of cats who actually enjoy water and may try to join you in the shower or bathtub. This cat won’t turn down an invitation to ride in cars or travel with you. This breed adapts easily to new surroundings.

What do you need to know about owning an Ocicat?

This cat needs regular physical activity and mental challenges due to its high energy level and high intelligence. Set aside time to teach your Ocicat basic obedience commands and some dog-like tricks. Ocicats won’t apologize for being chatty and outgoing - even a bit demanding.

What kind of body does an OCIC cat have?

These cats have solid, muscular bodies and medium-length legs to support their athletic body. Since an indoor life is preferred for ocicats (as well as any cat), provide a tall cat tree for climbing, access to outside views, and plenty of toys to channel their energy.

Are Ocicats the right cat for You?

Because Ocicats are so friendly and outgoing, they travel well and adapt to new surroundings easily. They also do well with other cats and cat-friendly dogs. Keep a lookout when in the shower or tub, though — Ocicats are known to like water. 4. Is This the Right Cat for You? LOW: Ocicats cats do not have any special exercise needs.

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What do Ocicats need to live indoor?

Since an indoor life is preferred for ocicats (as well as any cat), provide a tall cat tree for climbing, access to outside views, and plenty of toys to channel their energy. Cats need vertical space as well as horizontal space.

What should I Feed my Ocicat cat?

An ocicat’s strong, athletic body needs a species-appropriate diet to sustain its health and energy. Grain-free foods are often preferred as are raw diets. Do not be afraid to feed a variety of foods; it prevents a cat from becoming finicky and avoids a nutritional deficiency that may occur from feeding them only one brand.

How much does a purebred Ocicat cost?

The Ocicat is a highly desired, purebred cat that you might find priced at $700 up to $2,500, depending on the breeder. Be sure you’re dealing with a responsible and reputable breeder; ask lots of questions and request to see their cat’s medical history.

How do I get my Ocicat to drink more water?

Providing your Ocicat with canned food once a day is a great way to add additional moisture to her diet. Plus, investing in a cat fountain will encourage extra water consumption as cats prefer to drink from running water. This way, you can hopefully avoid kidney problems in your cat’s senior years.

What kind of personality does an Ocicat have?

The Ocicat gets its cheerful, outgoing personality from the breeds that formed its foundation, namely Siamese and Abyssinian. This fantastic cat is capable of walking on a leash, playing fetch, and learning tricks and commands that are typically associated with dogs rather than cats.

Do Ocicat cats talk a lot?

The Ocicat does have a Siamese background, so she might talk a little more than other cats, but she won’t be nearly as vocal as the Siamese. Ocicats are highly intelligent and sensitive cats and will probably respond well to verbal corrections.

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Are cats possessive of their owners?

Yes, cats are possessive of their owners. While cats can be incredibly independent creatures, they are equally willing, and arguably happier, when bonded to their owners. Social interaction is vital for every pet; it is essential if you want a close bond with your cats.

When was the Ocicat recognized as a breed?

The ocicat was recognized for registration by the Cat Fanciers’ Association in 1966. The breed also received championship status in August 1986 from the International Cat Association. And the ocicat is acknowledged by the American Cat Fancier’s Association and Cat Fanciers’ Federation.

Is there such a thing as an Ocicat?

The Ocelot is a larger wildcat which is native to the Americas. This is where the Ocicat derives its name by merging the words ocelot and cat. As we have suggested, the name and looks may be similar to the ocelot, but the Ocicat’s temperament is much different. If not, they would be completely unsuited to living as a domestic cat.

What is the first Ocicat breed?

Dalai Dotson, an Abyssinian-Siamese mix, is considered the first of the Ocicat breed. The name Ocicat came about because this cat is reminiscent of the spotted wild cat called the ocelot.

What does an OCIC cat look like?

Ocicats have large, prominent ears that preferably are tufted and lynx-like. They are moderate in type, meaning that they are neither extremely chunky or cobby, or especially elegant or Oriental, in appearance.

What kind of cat is most likely to have heart disease?

Age: Heart conditions in cats occur more frequently with increasing age. Breed: In cats, Persian , Maine coon and American shorthair breeds seem more likely to suffer from myocardial disease. Does my cat have a heart condition?