Who is the best horse right now?


Is Winx the top rated horse in the world?

While I agree and have stated in the past that this is a popularity contest, the current rating for Winx is 9.37 which would make her the top rated horse. I just wonder if the fact she is ot listed is an oversight or a bias against southern hemisphere horses. I’m not losing any sleep over it just curious.

Which horses have the highest ratings on HRN?

Since HRN is a mostly North American site, then it likely follows that the horses with the most high ratings are U.S. raced horses or non-U.S. horses that have won at in a high level North American race. I suspect if Winx ran in a North American G1 and won she would immediately shoot up the list.

What is the best horse in the world for horse racing?

HORSE RACING FEATURES – TOP HORSES. Timeform’s Top European Flat horses Current No 1 in Europe is Battaash, trained by Charles Hills, rated 136. Timeform’s Top Jumpers The top-rated jumper is Altior, trained by Nicky Henderson and rated 180p. Timeform’s Top Novices The top novice chaser is Djingle, trained by John Queally and rated 148+.

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What is the best horse ever to ride?

Freakish, and Roy Higgins did declare multiple times that Taj Rossi was the best horse he ever rode. 5 – So You Think: Bart Cummings always said Galilee was the best horse he trained, but So You Think would have taken that title had he stayed in Australia.

Who was the last horse to beat Winx?

The last horse to beat Winx was Gust Of Wind back in April 2015. In a whirlwind career of just 14 starts, Gust of Wind was made famous for the maiden win at Scone, which has to be seen to be believed. Just 3 starts later, Gust Of Wind claimed her first Group 1 Victory, beating Winx in the Australian Oaks at Randwick.

What is the highest possible rating for a horse in horse racing?

The highest ratings – Enable’s 137 in winning the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe at Chantilly and Winx’s 137 in winning the George Ryder at Rosehill – trump all others (besides when they meet each other and “dead heat”) but represent only 1/7 and 1/9 of those horses’ possible performances.

Is this WA’s best ever horse?

She was there to be beaten, Shogun Lodge came and surged, but just missed. 7 – Northerly: ‘The Fighting Tiger’ has arguably been the best ever horse to have come from WA. Fred Kersley trained this warrior, who didn’t have the best winning strike rate, with 19 wins from 37 starts, but on the big stage, rarely did he misfire.

How good are the horses listed at 2 and 3?

The horses currently listed at 2 and 3 have not even run a race. This may come as a shock to the people that run this site and definitely to the people that cast votes that have absolutely nothing to do with ability or achievement, but there is a horse that has won 25 consecutive races that does not appear anywhere on this list.

Are Southern Hemisphere horses recognized by HRN?

Maybe southern hemisphere horses are not recognized by HRN. Don’t take the HRN rankings too seriously. It’s more of a popularity poll amongst HRN users than anything and depends solely on the ratings users give individual horses.

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Is Winx the top rated horse on HRN?

It’s more of a popularity poll amongst HRN users than anything and depends solely on the ratings users give individual horses. While I agree and have stated in the past that this is a popularity contest, the current rating for Winx is 9.37 which would make her the top rated horse.

Are horses overrated on HRN?

With some horses it’s obvious that a vote or two can massively overrate them on HRN, but even so the list is mostly made up of North American runners and even top European horses have a difficult time making the list.

Are some breeds of horses better for beginners?

While no horse breed is absolutely perfect for beginning riders and owners, some breeds have attributes that make them more suitable than others. They tend to have a calm, trainable nature and a smooth ride. And they typically are patient with riders who have little experience.

Who are the best horse riders of all time?

Ben Johnson and Joel McCrea were good riders, and recently both Robert Duvall and Tommy Lee Jones are fine horsemen. Westerns expert James Denniston adds, “The Duke [in his early career], Wild Bill Elliott, Randolph Scott, Slim Pickens, Richard Boone and Jimmy Stewart all rode well.

What happened to Winx the horse?

Winx was turned out for a six-week spell and then resumed training with a goal to win her fourth Cox Plate. On 4 October 2018, Winx was awarded the Australian Racehorse of the Year title for the 2017/2018 season, her third such title in a row. She also repeated as Australian champion middle distance horse.

What horses has gust of wind beaten?

Including Winx, Gust Of Wind also adds big names Who Shot Thebarman, Fame Game, Hartnell, Lucia Valentina and Protectionist to an impressive list of world-class horses she has also beaten home. Currently residing in the Hunter Valley, Gust Of Wind is also expecting a foal by Snitzel in the next 12 months.

Who was the last man to beat Winx?

John Sargent was the last man to beat Winx, of which he will always be able to remind fellow Kiwi Chris Waller. “But he’s probably got a bit more money than me,” laughs Sargent.

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Is Winx the greatest mare of the last decade?

“When you think of the great mares of the last decade, only horses like Black Caviar, Treve, Zenyatta, Rachel Alexandra and Danedream have been able to run to figures of 127 and higher.” Winx was voted the Australian Champion Racehorse of the Year for 2015/6, receiving all but one vote.

What is the most predictive factor in horse racing?

On average, 55% of the time, a horse that ranks in the top 3 for average earnings per start will win the race. Speed handicapping factors are among the most predictive because (and this will shock nobody) fast horses win races. But what factor is the most predictive?

What is the official rating of a horse?

In each race every horse has an allocated official rating and it is the highest of those that this test relates to. Setting between 95 and 100 will only include races where the highest rated horse was between these values. Setting between 82 and 82 will only include races where the highest rated horse was on a mark of 82.

What percentage of horse races are won by the top 3 choices?

More than 70% of the time, the winner of the race is going to come from one of the top 3 choices. Now lets consider earnings as a factor. There are several earnings factors, but we will take a look at Average Lifetime Earnings which is the simply taking the total earnings for the horse and dividing by the number of races it has run.

What do the speed ratings on a racehorse mean?

Horse speed ratings are one of the most frequently overlooked, yet critical, pieces of information about a racehorse. In essence speed ratings are intended to give you an idea of the time it takes a horse to travel between two points.

Is citation the greatest horse of all time?

Citation is second to none. S. Fitzsimmons said that Citation was the greatest horse that he ever saw – and he saw Man ‘O War. Citation won the Sysonby Stakes mid week, run at a mile; then went on to win the Jockey Club Gold Cup that same week-end, then run at 2 miles.