Which is the best parrot?


Are Amazon parrots good party parrots?

Amazon parrots have a well-earned reputation as being the “life of the party.” These primarily green medium- to large-sized parrots are typically bold, comical and often love to be the center of attention. Amazon parrots are from Mexico, South America, as well as parts of the Caribbean.

Are yellow-naped amazons good pets?

Yellow-naped Amazons aren’t a small parrot species like lovebirds and hence, not a suitable pet for one and all. Their larger-than-average size and weight must be considered before taking their petting responsibility.

What are the characteristics of the yellow naped amazon rainforest?

Ecology: The Yellow-naped Amazon favours deciduous forest, pine-oak woodland, gallery forest along waterways, arid to semi-arid savanna woodland, and dry scrubland with remnant woodlots or scattered trees. Birds are found in pairs or flocks with larger gatherings at communal roosts and feed areas.

What kind of habitat does a yellow naped amazon live in?

The feet are also dark gray. Yellow-naped amazons inhabit dry forest and mangrove habitat of the tropics, and nest in naturally occurring cavities Although yellow-naped amazons will not excavate cavities, they will chew the entrance. The parrots will nest in a wide variety of trees, although dead Coyols (palm trees) are one preferred species.

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What do yellow-naped amazons like to do?

Yellow-naped amazons do enjoy the stimulation of interacting with people, however. The more they are socialized, the more comfortable they will be around humans and animals. Yellow-naped amazons are cavity-nesting birds in their wild habitat, therefore they enjoy chewing.

Can You Rehome a yellow nape parrot from Amazon?

Yellow Nape Amazon parrot looking to be Re-Homed to a loving and caring home with people who have time for her daily, and who can afford her needs. She… Beautiful pair of parrots perfect feather great health good talkers Yellow Nape and a Double Yellow Tres Marie moving so have to sell as a pair only, includes… Local only.. will not ship..

What is a yellow-naped amazons?

Yellow-naped amazons are prized for their playful personalities and talking ability. A rare mutation of this species has an entirely turquoise body. Yellow-naped amazons inhabit the Pacific Coast from Mexico in the south to Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua and northern Costa Rica.

How many yellow-naped parrots are there in the world?

History: The total population of the Yellow-naped Amazon is under 2400 individuals. An overall decline in numbers has occurred throughout the species’ range due to trapping for the wild bird trade and the loss and degradation of its habitat.

What are some interesting facts about the yellow-naped amazon?

Some facts about Yellow-naped Amazon 1 They are also fondly known as Golden-naped Amazons. 2 They are terrific flyers when in the wild and fly at quite high altitudes when covering long journeys. 3 They are often spotted in extremely huge flocks in the wild. 4 Yellow-naped can become couch potatoes pretty quickly and can get extremely fat.

One of the biggest reasons for the popularity of the Yellow Naped Amazon in the pet trade is without a doubt their great ability to talk and mimic human speech. Being very smart, they will quickly build up a vocabulary and surprise you with their memory and a crisp clear voice.

Are there different types of yellow-naped amazon?

There are two well-known subspecies of the yellow-naped Amazon. The Honduras yellow-naped Amazon (Amazona ochrocephala parvipes) is found in Honduras, the Bay Islands, and parts of Nicaragua. The Roatán yellow-naped Amazon (Amazona ochrocephala caribae) is also native to northern Honduras as well as the island of Roatán.

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Where does the yellow naped amazon live?

They are primarily found in southern Mexico and northwest Costa Rica. There are two well-known subspecies of the yellow-naped Amazon. The Honduras yellow-naped Amazon (Amazona ochrocephala parvipes) is found in Honduras, the Bay Islands, and parts of Nicaragua.

What does a yellow naped amazon eat?

Yellow-naped amazons are herbivores (frugivores and granivores), they eat fruits, seeds, berries, nuts, blossoms, and leaf buds. Yellow-naped amazons are monogamous and make strong lifelong pair bonds.

Do yellow-naped amazons vocalize?

The vocal behavior of yellow-naped amazons has been more extensively studied than in any other wild parrot. Yellow-naped amazons, like all parrots, exhibit vocal learning behavior in the wild.

How much does a yellow-naped amazon bird cost?

Depending on the region and the breeder, a yellow-naped amazon can cost anywhere between $2,000 to $3,000. The fact that the bird is parent-raised or hand-raised also impacts the price considerably.

How much does a yellow-headed amazon cost?

How much does a Yellow-headed Amazon cost? Depending on the region and the breeder, a yellow-naped amazon can cost anywhere between $2,000 to $3,000. The fact that the bird is parent-raised or hand-raised also impacts the price considerably. Are Yellow-naped Amazons good pets?

Are yellow-naped Amazon birds good pets?

The Yellow-naped Amazon is considered to be an excellent all around bird. It is very popular as a great pet and can be one of the better talkers. Besides being quite intelligent, which makes them easy to tame and train, they are very fun and affectionate.

What kind of bird has a yellow nape?

This Amazon is mostly a green birds, but gets its name from a bright yellow patch that develops on the nape of the neck. The Golden Yellow-naped Amazon is very similar to several other Amazon species that also develop yellow markings. One of these very popular Amazons is the Double Yellow-headed Amazon Amazona oratrix.

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How big do yellow-naped amazon parrots get?

The Yellow-naped Amazon averages 15 – 17 inches (38–43 cm) in length (including tail). When excited all feathers of the neck and crown are raised, making the head appear double in size.

What is the lifespan of a yellow nape parrot?

Yellow Napes are loved for their intelligence, clowny personality, and impressive talking and singing abilities, enhanced by their great sense of pitch. When talking, they display an amazingly human-sounding voice. A healthy amazon parrot can live 50 to 60 years or even longer with good nutrition and care.

Is the yellow-naped amazon bird a good pet?

The yellow-naped Amazon is one of the most commonly kept Amazons due to its renowned talking ability and wide spread availability. They are popular pets, but, like any bird, have their quirks and idiosyncrasies — important things to consider when looking for a long-lived pet, like an Amazon.

Are yellow naped amazons the best talking birds?

The Yellow Naped Amazon is in most experts opinion is the absolute most entertaining of all amazons or in some cases all birds. This species never fails in becoming the center of attention. Yellow naped amazons are one of the best talking species of all birds. Yes, even better than African Greys.

Do double yellow head amazon parrots lay eggs?

Double Yellow head Amazon pr .. They have laid eggs but nothing fertile female has a cataract in one eye . other then that in good shape . I will… She’s beautiful and very friendly!!!

What does a yellow naped amazon look like?

The yellow-naped Amazon is a stout green bird with a black beak and a characteristic bright yellow patch on its nape (the back of its neck). It may have a few tiny yellow feathers on the head or around the neck, but for the most part this bird is a shimmering green.

Are yellow-nape parrots loud?

While they are not the noisiest of the Amazons, yellow napes do have their moments — they use their parrot-voices intermittently, but they are loud! Yellow-napes are prized for talking ability, and will not be out-talked by any other Amazon, both in quantity and clarity of speech.