Which fish is best for Vastu?


What is the best home remedy for Vastu Dosh?

Sea salt is very effective according to vastu shastra for house. Placing small portions of uncrushed sea salt is an immediate remedy for vastu dosh. It absorbs all the negative energy from home.

What is the Vastu Shastra for a fish tank?

As per Vastu Shastra, a fish tank stores a lot of water and can balance the weight in an accurate way. In order to balance the weight, a fish tank can be kept in a veranda or a hall in the South-West corner after consulting a Vastu specialist. It should be placed in a prominent place where every visitor can see it.

How to fix Vastu defects?

According to Vastu specialists, having a fishaquarium in a dwelling is considered a good remedial measure for any Vastu defect. Not just a home but also for an office, shop, school, factory and other residing places can have an aquarium to eliminate the defective Vastu problems.

Can a fish aquarium solve your Vastu problem?

If you’re witnessing problems in your home or office and predict that this is the result of a defective vastu, placing a fish aquarium is the best option. Doing this will also resolve your financial crisis.

How to use Vastu to bring good luck in your home?

Infact, according to Vastu, it could be used for reducing stress if placed in the right direction! One of the simplest Vastu rules that you can apply to bring in good fortune in your house is adding a fish aquarium.

What are the important Vastu guidelines to follow at the office?

To help you with this, we delve into some important Vastu guidelines that you can follow at your office. Entrepreneurs should sit facing the north, east or north-east, as these directions are said to encourage growth and new beginnings. People who are in marketing or sales, should face the north-east direction, to ensure proactiveness.

Where to keep Vastu fish aquarium?

It is also said that the aquarium should be kept where it will reach the sight of every visitor. Once you have decided to bring in Vastu fishes into your home or office just think of the placement of its abode i.e Fish Aquarium.

How to choose the right House Vastu for your home?

If the entrance of your home is South-West, chances are that your home is South facing, hence we suggest you to read South facing house vastu. Paint red color on top of the water tank. Remember this is just a temporary fix and you must shift underground water tank or bore well to correct vastu location.

How many Vastu fish should I have in my Aquarium?

It is highly recommended that there should be a total of 9 Vastu fishes in the aquarium. Out of which eight can be any of the above fishes (except the blackfish). The 9th being the obvious blackfish, which isn’t necessary but just a recommendation.

How to fix south east Vastu defects?

South East Vastu Defects – Here Are The Remedies Place vastu pyramid on South and East outside walls of toilet. Keep the door of toilet closed at all times. Avoid using the toilet and bathroom.

What are the best Vastu tips for bedroom in home?

Sleep with your head in South and feet towards North. However, the best remedy is to move the bedroom from this portion of home. Know best and most awesome vastu tips for bedroom in home. Place four vastu pyramids, one each in North, South, East and West of home. Increase height of floor so that the floor slopes toward North and not to South.

What are the best Vastu remedies for North West doshas?

Vastu Remedies for North West Doshas: Place 3 vastu pyramids one each on left and right side of main door and one on top at center. Place OM, Swatik and Trishul on both sides of home entrance. Fasting on Mondays will surely help; hence keep fast on Mondays.

Does Vastu Shastra apply to interior designers?

Although it is true that interior designers do a wonderful job in giving your home a fresh and beautiful look, there are certain measures you can implement on your own as per Vastu Shastra. The majority of the people out there love to have a fish pot or a more fancy fish aquarium in their living rooms.

What is Vastu and how does it work?

The basic principle of vastu is to create a balance in the environment to make the house a home where we can find mental solace and also have the opportunity to enhance health, wealth, good luck and prosperity. However, it is not a magic wand that could change your life overnight. It is a discipline that does affect your life, but gradually.

What are the best Vastu items for home decor?

Vastu for home decor can bring good luck and peace in life. These items will enhance your Vastu for home too. Here are the top 15 Vastu Shastra for home you should have in your home for good luck and fortune. 1. Having Tortoise Is Basic Vastu For Home Tortoises have a strong shell that protects them from outer calamities.

How to do Vastu Shastra at home for good luck?

According to Vastu Shastra, placing fish aquarium at home is a way to rectify many Doshas. Also, there are many researches that say aquariums tend to reduce stress, high blood-pressure and anxiety. Bring good luck by placing fresh flowers in your home. Pick some bright flowers and place them in a jar.

How to remove Vastu Dosha from house?

Keeping an object of Om symbol in home or workplace and drawing swastika at the entrance of the house attracts power, peace, good luck, and prosperity. Aum Tapestry is also great way to bring power of aum to space. It protects the positive energy in the home; bring harmony, wealth, & happiness, and removes Vastu dosha from a house.

What is fish aquarium Vastu?

According to the fish tank Vastu, the dying fish take away the problem with them. According to fish aquarium Vastu, fishes are known to be quite helpful in facilitating everyone with a sense of relaxation and calmness in their minds. Conclusion here are a plethora of Vastu tips associated with the position of the fish aquarium at your place.

Can Vastu remedies be used to improve your workplace?

These Vastu remedies can certainly be used to improve your condition without a doubt. Click here to check your office Vastu online with the Online Vastu Calculator for Office. When it comes to Vastu for work spaces, one has to make sure that the interior is perfect and exactly how it should be.

How Vastu Shastra can help you live a healthy life?

Make sure that you follow all the right procedures and avoid all the bad influences. Vastu Shastra can help a person develop a healthy life for themselves and it will make sure that they get some positive energy from the place as well.

What is the Vastu Shastra for building construction?

According to Vastu Shastra, the main door or entrance of the office building should face east or north direction. Do not place anything that creates obstacle close to or in front of the main entrance. 4. Welcome room of business houses should be located in the east direction or the north-east corner. 5.