Which aquarium fish is best for beginners?


How do I Choose my first freshwater aquarium fish?

Perhaps the best way to select your first freshwater aquarium fish is to consider those species which have been shown to be friendly for the novice aquarium hobbyist.

What size aquarium do I need for my first fish tank?

As a rough rule of thumb, 10-20 gallons is a great size to start with for your first freshwater aquarium. However, 20-30 gallons is better for your first saltwater tank. This is because saltwater holds less oxygen than freshwater, which reduces the number of fish that can live within.

Is it easy to build a freshwater fish tank?

Some fish hobbyists have a wrong conception, that it is easy to build a freshwater fish tank because saltwater tank may need various chemicals, ammonia, marine plants, and oceanic ambiance. However, it is a because there are different settings for both the freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

Can a beginner start with a saltwater tank?

We would say that if you understand the nitrogen cycle, know how to test and change water, and are diligent with water changes then a beginner can start with a saltwater tank. We’d add a caveat to this though, and state it should be a small, fish-only tank.

Do freshwater fish breed in the home tank?

Some freshwater fish breed prolifically in the home tank with little input from the aquarium hobbyist, though some do not. People are interested in breeding fish for different reasons – some simply enjoy that aspect of fish keeping while others are interested in making money by selling the offspring of their fish.

What is the difference between a saltwater tank and freshwater tank?

A saltwater tank can house tropical marine fish species, corals, sponges, anemones, and other organisms you typically find living in the ocean. In comparison, a freshwater tank is a home to coldwater or tropical fish species and aquatic plants that cannot tolerate salinity.

What equipment do you need to build a home aquarium?

Building a home aquarium may seem easy, but there is some equipment that you should consider having before you do so. A fish tank with a stand included is a great way to set up a freshwater aquarium. There is plenty of freshwater fish that are large in size and very active swimmers.

How to start a saltwater aquarium at home?

When starting a saltwater aquarium at home, the rule of thumb is not to rush things. You can’t set up a new aquarium and throw in a large group of fish, then expect them to survive. The tank setup needs to be carefully chosen and put together, and the fish that live within it need to be suited to that environment.

What are the best beginner saltwater fish to add?

Pairing a goby with a shrimp is not a task for a beginner, but these are great beginner saltwater fish whether purchased solo or with a bonded shrimp. Whether your first tank is a small nano aquarium or a larger reef tank, the tailspot blenny could be a fun beginner saltwater fish to add.

Why is there such a difference when stocking a freshwater vs saltwater aquarium?

Why Is There Such a Difference when Stocking a Freshwater vs. Saltwater Aquarium? You can keep 80% less fish in saltwater vs. freshwater aquariums because saltwater can hold 20% less oxygen than freshwater.

How to choose between freshwater fish vs saltwater fish?

The leading choice between freshwater fish vs. saltwater fish is what do you want to keep. You can’t keep a stunning betta fish in a saltwater aquarium and a clownfish in a freshwater fish tank. Decide what fish you want to keep and match it to your fish tank and budget to that choice.

What is the difference between a tropical and cold water tank?

Tropical fish tanks are warm water aquariums with the temperature range between 75 and 80 °F and can be either saltwater or freshwater fish Coldwater fish tanks have cooler temperatures 60 – 68 °F.

How to introduce fish to a freshwater tank?

Then, place a heater in your tank to keep the water between 70-77 degrees Fahrenheit and add a water dechlorinator to get rid of harmful chemicals. Make sure to cycle your tank for a few weeks before introducing fish. For tips on introducing fish to their new tank, read on!

How do I choose a freshwater aquarium?

You’ll be watching fish swim gracefully by in your new freshwater aquarium in no time. Choose a fish tank. A little forethought can go a long way towards keeping your fish healthy and your aquarium fun to maintain.

What equipment do you need for a saltwater aquarium?

Sea salts are what make an aquarium a saltwater or marine aquarium. Also referred to as a salinity tester, this item measures the specific gravity or salt content of the water. Heater & Thermometer. For smaller aquariums one heater works well, but for larger systems the use of multiple units is advised.

What do you need to start a reef tank?

The Best Guide for Starting a Reef Tank. 1 Aquarium tank. 2 Aquarium stand (unless you have a desktop aquarium) 3 Pumps. 4 Filtration. 5 Light. 6 Heater. 7 Saltwater. 8 Live Rock. 9 Sump. 10 Bucket or Plastic Container.

What are the things needed to build an aquarium?

1 Aquarium. Larger is better, but keep in mind the space you have available. … 2 Stand. Aquariums are heavy, figure 10 pounds per gallon of water capacity, so plan accordingly. … 3 Lid or Hood. … 4 Light. … 5 Filtration System. … 6 Heater. … 7 Thermometer. … 8 Substrate. … 9 Fishnet.

What kind of furniture do you need for a fish tank?

Hard, flat surfaces are ideal. Cabinets are popular and are a requirement for larger, heavy aquariums. For smaller aquariums (30 gallons or less) any sturdy, reinforced furniture with a flat surface can suffice. Be sure that the chosen aquarium location can support the electrical requirement (lights, filter, and heaters).

What tools do you need to build an aquarium?

The majority of the tools needed to build an aquarium are commonplace in almost any household. They include strong duct tape, scraper with a blade, paper tissues, scissors, and cleaning wipes. In addition, you would require some of the more specialized equipment, like an aquarium silicone, silicone gun dispenser, and some sandpaper.

What to consider when building a fish tank?

When building a fish tank it is very important to consider the different types right from the beginning. Knowing whether yours is going to be a small freshwater one or a large reef tank really helps. It will allow you to prioritize some materials over others as well as to outline the tank set up early on.

What kind of aquarium should I set up?

Most people just want to set up a nice looking aquarium with a good mix of fish and corals. This is called a community reef tank. Others may have a certain fish or coral in mind that they wish to keep. You may even want to keep an aquarium just for fish and skip the corals.

Is it difficult to set up a saltwater fish tank?

This can be a difficult process, especially for newcomers who’ve never set up a tank or worked with saltwater before. Whether you’re new to saltwater or you’re used to housing fish in freshwater aquariums, this guide should cover everything you want to know to get started with your own domestic saltwater aquarium.

How do you acclimatize fish to a saltwater tank?

It’s also important to acclimatize your fish to their new tank by gradually introducing tank water into the bag in which they came, before completely moving them over to the aquarium. The above information covers all the introductory steps for getting your first saltwater aquarium up and running.

How do you set up a saltwater aquarium?

When you’re ready to set up your tank, dip a clean cloth in warm water and scrub it out to remove any dust. Next, pour 2-3 inches of live sand into the tank, then add a pre-mixed saltwater solution, water conditioner, and salt mix. Once the water is ready, place your powerhead filter and heater in the tank to start circulation.