What traits do crocodiles and birds have in common?


There are scientists who are of the view that birds have evolved from archosaurs, a group of diapsid amniotes, whose present day descendents include crocodiles. Similarities between birds and reptiles are the result of convergent evolution, wherein different organisms evolve similar anatomical structures on their own.

Do birds and reptiles fertilize eggs internally or externally?

Both birds and reptiles fertilize eggs internally. Both types of animals have an opening called a cloaca. This opening is where eggs, sperm, and bodily waste travels in the body. Male birds and reptiles will deliver sperm to the female’s cloaca.

Dinosaurs are actually related to crocodiles, not lizards. Crocodiles and dinosaurs actually had a common ancestor that looked like this: The name “dinoSAUR” is very misleading because “saur” or “saurus” means lizard.

Originally Answered: Are crocodiles more closely related to birds than to lizards? Yes, crocodiles are indeed closer to birds than to lizards and for that matter any other group of reptile alive today.

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Are dinosaurs lizards or birds?

Dinosaurs (and by extension birds) are a type of Archosaurs, which include pterosaurs and crocodiles. Lizards, along with snakes and tuataras, are Lepidosaurs. Lepidosaurs and Archosaurs are separate branches of diapsid reptiles. Dinosaurs are not lizards, and therefore birds are not lizards. No. They’re birds. They are warm-blooded.

Is a crocodile a mammal or reptile?

Crocodiles are reptiles. Even though they almost certainly have a common ancestor with dinosaurs, but they are a separate branch of the reptile family tree. Crocodiles co-existed with dinosaurs, and the modern crocodile species have changed very little over the eons that have passed since the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Only Petrolacosaurus is more closely related to true lizards or squamates, Eothyris is more closely related to mammals, and if I recall correctly (any tetrapod/amniote experts, please correct me) Milleretta is more closely related to turtles. This shows why we can’t rely on the word, “reptile” solely as a way to classify animals.

Were dinosaurs lizards or birds?

Again and again, scientists find that dinosaurs were in fact, a unique group of reptiles, not truly like modern lizards and not bird-like either, but indeed one of God’s marvels of creation. Bakker, R. T., 1986, The Dinosaur Heresies: New Theories Unlocking the Mystery of the Dinosaurs and Their Extinction, pp. 303-305, Kensington Publishing Corp.,

Snakes are within lizards, evolving from lizards 40 million years ago Meanwhile the archosauromorphs split into crocodiles and their relatives and dinosaurs and their relatives Birds are dinosaurs the same way snakes are lizards: birds came from dinosaurs and snakes came from lizads No. Lizards themselves aren’t even dinosaurs.

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Yes, birds are most closely related to crocodiles. To understand this, we should look at some history. The first groups of reptiles evolved about 300 million years ago. About 40 million years later, (very quickly by geologic standards), a group of reptiles called therapsids branched off, which eventually became modern mammals.

Are birds classified as reptiles?

Yes, birds can be classified as reptiles because they belong to the group Diapsida which includes other reptiles like crocs, turtles, snakes, lizards etc. Birds are most closely related to dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs are more birdlike, in fact birds are their direct descendants, and their close relatives were crocodiles. So think of dinosaurs as the ancestors of birds, and the close relatives of crocodiles and alligators. Dinosaurs are not lizards, so lizards are not dinosaurs. Lizards are a separate group of reptiles.

What is the difference between a lizard and a bird?

Lizards are a separate group of reptiles. Lizards sort of evolved from dinosaurs, but actually birds are the closest thing to dinosaurs than any animal around today, even lizards. Google it, it’s pretty crazy and it’s in-depth.

Are there crocodiles that hunt dinosaurs?

At one time, there were both large (30 and 40 feet long) aquatic crocodiles that, like a supersized Nile crocodile, hunted dinosaurs that came to the waters edge for a drink, and there were much smaller land-dwelling crocodiles that looked quite different.

What group do crocodiles and birds belong to?

The crocodilia and birds all together make up the group called the Archosaurs. This groups also includes the ancestors of crocodiles and birds, going all the way back to their common ancestor. So you can think of the archosaurs as a family tree with two main branches, one for the birds and one for the crocodiles.

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Are dinosaurs reptiles or birds?

Dinosaurs (including birds) are quite different from reptiles – they are endothermic, feathery, lay hard-shelled eggs and have their legs drawn in directly under the body, none of which is true of reptiles. But because they are descended from reptiles, they are part of the clade of all reptiles and all things descended from reptiles.

Are dinosaurs and lizards the same thing?

Also, while dinosaurs are extinct, lizards are still going strong. The paleontologist Sir Richard Owen who coined the term dinosaurs in 1841 combined the Ancient Greek words deinos (terrible) and sauros (lizard or reptile) which is often translated as “terrible lizard,” but “terrible reptile” is more accurate in this case.

Birds are modern forms of one group of dinosaurs, yes. Within reptiles, crocodiles are brothers of dinosaurs. Within reptiles, lizards and snakes are close cousins of the dinosaurs. Within reptiles, turtles and tortoises are elderly, distant cousins of the dinosaurs.

Are dinosaurs reptiles or amphibians?

Birds are dinosaurs, but reptiles and amphibians are on their own branches of the evolutionary tree, which separated from dinosaurs long ago. The overall “family tree” looks like this: As you can see, amphibians have been around the longest, followed by reptiles. The first amphibians came along in the Devonian period (~370 million years ago).

Are bats and dinosaurs the same thing?

Birds are literally a type of dinosaur (there is nothing distinctive about them to set them apart – just as bats are mammals, birds are dinosaurs). And dinosaurs are reptiles. (Yes, birds are reptiles, too).