What seed attracts the most birds?


What can I do to help wildlife and bird conservation?

Organize a volunteer drive to collect money or supplies for local wildlife and bird hospitals and rehabilitators

Do bird feeder poles attract birds and deer?

A normal whitetail deer can only stand 6 to 8 feet so approximating the pole’s distance from the ground will surely let you keep both the seeds and the birds. Small Bird Feeder Station Poles – these kinds of poles are more compact and attracts only small birds such as hummers, orioles or finches and can be placed near the patios or decks.

How tall should a bird feeder pole be for deer?

Deer are tall and can reach quite far with their long necks. They may even hop up on their hind legs. Using a very tall bird feeder pole at least 7-8 feet off the ground, can help a lot to keep food out of their reach.

How high off the ground should a deer feeder be?

Elevate Feeders: Deer can be tall and may stand on their hind legs to stretch toward feeders. If feeders are positioned at least seven to eight feet above the ground, however, deer are much less likely to reach them successfully.

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How tall should a bird feeder pole be?

For doves, a too tall bird feeder pole would measure 9 feet in height, but a 2-3 feet one would make the best bird feeder pole system. For smaller species, such as bluebirds and hummingbirds, a 9-ft one would be perfect. How do you stabilize a bird feeder pole?

How high should you hang a hummingbird feeder?

Hang the feeder approximately 5 feet above the ground, Make sure there is no foliage underneath that would encourage unwelcome guests, like mice, squirrels and even cats, to feed on the sugar water. If you wish to hang multiple hummingbird feeders, locate the feeders at least 10 to 12 feet apart.

How many hooks do you need for a bird feeder?

ENTERTAINING: Hang as many different kinds of bird feeders from the four hooks which are provided and each bird feeder will contain a… ACCESSORIES: The bird station comes with heavy duty twin top hooks, two small arms, mesh tray, bird bath, and five prongs legs to insert…

How to choose the best bird feeder pole?

A bird feeder pole should be a safe and comfortable feeding stand. These may also have a perching mechanism or cling-on parts. Usually, the poles have hooks to hang feeders on. Available pole designs can withstand strong wind and rain, especially since these will be placed outside, in full glory of elements.

How much rope do you need to hang a bird feeder?

For example, if the distance between the possible spot of the bird feeder in the tree is 15 feet, you will need at least 30 feet of rope or probably more during the installation. The first 15 feet will connect the bird feeder from the branch to the ground. The other 15 feet is reserved for hanging the rope towards the ground.

What can you do with a bird feeder pole?

This part of the pole can be used to have a hook in it, which can be used to hand a bird feeder on a tree or remove it if you want to refill it with bird seeds. Using this method can have a lot of downsides, especially if the tree is a little bit high.

Do you have to hammer a bird feeder pole?

Other feeder poles may need to be hammered into the ground. No matter if you are augering or hammering a feeder pole, use a level to ensure that your feeder pole stays straight. Place the feeder in a location where a bird would feel safe.

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How do I attract birds to my bird feeder pole?

Hang bird feeders filled with different mixes or suet to attract a variety of birds to your pole. You could also hang flower baskets or wind chimes from the arms for a complete ensemble.

Can you hang more than one bird feeder from one pole?

On the downside, you can only hang one bird feeder from this pole, so if you want to attract certain types of birds specifically, you’ll need more than one pole. We like the GrayBunny Shepherd Hook bird feeder pole for its subtle appearance and durability.

Can You mount a bird feeder too close to the ground?

To insert the metal pole too far in the ground the bird feeders can be too close to the ground, leading to all sorts of trouble ahead. Impaling a metal pole into the ground can come at a single spike, or multiple spikes of three or four spread out for more balance.

Is it easy to impale a bird feeder pole?

Impaling a simple pole with a spike on the end in the ground may seem like an easy task, but in fact there can be some obstacles to overcome in the process. How to put a bird feeder pole in the ground is by hand, forcing into a lawn or turf spot only, under the weight of your body.

How to put a bird feeder pole in the ground?

How to put a bird feeder pole in the ground is by making use of the sharp spike on the end of the pole, to simply impale into the lawn or turf by force. Grab the pole in the center then force it downwards, while at the same time use a sort of screwing motion to get in through the top layer of soil.

Do bird feeders have spikes on the end?

Shepherd’s hooks or bird feeding station metal poles are likely to be made with a spike on the end – as this will mean you can stab it into the ground. If no spike happens to be present, you would still need to impale into the ground, though this time with a blunt end.

Are bird feeder poles worth it?

If you aren’t using additional protection against pests such as squirrels, your bird feeder and seed alike, are bound to be ravaged by these critters. This is where bird feeder poles are extremely useful, and often serve a dual purpose.

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What questions do people ask about large pole mounted bird feeders?

Regarding our large pole mounted bird feeders, most of the questions we receive pertain to their installation. What size pole, how high, etc…? In this Hurley-Byrd How-To article, I’m adding a new feeder

How do you install a bird feeder pole?

Take the fully assembled bird feeding station pole or shepherd’s hook, then stab it into the ground while maintaining an upright angle at all times. Feeder poles can be disassembled for shipping, if this applies to you then use the spike end only to impale in the ground.

Why do bird feeders have spikes on them?

And well wooden feeders tend to have a larger slope where pigeons rest on before they make there plan of action to feed, the use of bird spikes can prevent them landing on the roof of the feeder. Well made from plastic or metal, hanging bird feeders on stands have a whole set of new issues.

What is the best squirrel proof feeder pole?

Hence, this heavy-duty ultra pole with shepherd’s hook by Achla may be the best choice for this purpose. It’s height of at least 91” will surely keep the raccoons, squirrels and other ground predators away. This is probably the best squirrel proof feeder pole so far.

How many prongs are on a bird feeder pole?

Yosager Premium Bird Feeding Station The Yosager premium bird feeding station consists of a 3 piece pole with a forked base. This station has 5 prongs to ensure added stability and is powder-coated for extra weather-proofing and durability.

What is the best hummingbird feeder for a window?

This window hummingbird feeder is made by Perky-Pet, one of the most well-known hummingbird and bird feeder makers. If you’re looking for a window feeder, this is the one. Made of durable plastic which is perfect because this feeder has the potential to fall if the suction cup gets loose

Do bird feeders sway in the wind?

Even when the bird feeders sway to the wind, the pole still holds its ground, thanks to the stabilizing prong at the base. This is a very stable and durable hanging pole.