What other fish can tetras live with?


What fish can live with Congo tetras?

Some of the ideal tank mates for congo tetras are: 1 Guppies, 2 Neon tetras, 3 Ember tetras, 4 Mollies, 5 Platies, 6 Corydoras, 7 Dwarf Cichlids, 8 Rainbowfish, 9 Rasboras, and 10 Barbs. More

Can neon tetras live with Congo tetras?

Neon tetra follows the steps of cardinal tetra wherever they go. So, if cardinal tetra is an ideal choice for Congo tetra tank mates, how can neon tetras be left behind and hence, becomes the second-best choice for Congo Tetra as tank mates.

Do Congo tetras nip fins of other fish?

No, as Congo tetras do not nip fins of other fish. And Yes, as they nip the fin of their own shoal when something stresses them, crowds the tank, or narrows the space. How Long Does Congo Tetra Live? Congo tetras live for 3 to 5 years in captivity, but the life expectancy may vary according to the tank conditions.

What are the best tank mates for Congo tetra?

What are the factors that make any fish an ideal choice as tank mates for Congo Tetra? Congo tetra can live happily with other tetras like Cardinal tetra, neon tetra, glowlight tetra, mollies, guppies, etc. As these fish are similar in nature as Congo tetra and can live in the same water conditions, they will make great tank mates.

What fish can I put with my Congo tetras?

Since Dwarf Cichlids are much calmer and more peaceful than the bigger breeds, they can make great tank mates for your Congo Tetras. 8. Barbs Barbs are, for the most part, peaceful fish who work well with other tank mates.

Do tetras need to be in a group?

Though tetras are docile fish, they need to be kept in a group of their species. Schooling fish like tetras tend to establish a pecking order. They usually don’t bother their tank mates when they are kept in groups. However, when they don’t find anyone of their kind, tetras may become aggressive toward their tank mates.

Can you keep fin nipper fish with Congo tetras?

Note: Fin Nipper fish should not be kept with Congo tetra because congo tetra has long tails and are quite colorful. And, fin nippers are very attracted and aggressive towards fish with long fins. Congo Tetras are schooling fish that are relatively larger as compared to other types of tetra fish.

Do dwarf cichlids attack Congo tetras?

They are active and swimmers that prefer to swim around the middle section of the tank so they won’t affect Congo tetras. You can also read Top 10 Easy to Care Tetra Fish – Perfect For Beginners. Unlike other cichlids, dwarf cichlids do not destroy plants and substrate, possibly because they are peaceful fish.

Can you keep Congo tetras and angelfish together?

But I’ve read one place that you can’t keep the two together because the congo tetras will nip the fins of the angelfish. But other places say the congo tetra is a fine community fish, peaceful, etc. Anyone have any experience?

What makes Congo tetra different from other strains of tetras?

Amazing rainbow luminescence makes this fish special among other strains of tetra fish. Congo tetra is larger as compared to most of the types of tetra fish, the male being up to 3.0 inches (8.5 cm), whereas the female being up to 2.75 inches (6 cm). The male is larger and has extended tail fin and dorsal fin.

What are the best tankmates for a Congo tetra?

There are a number of options when it comes to picking Congo Tetra tank mates. These fish are the perfect addition to peaceful tanks and do very well with similarly sized fish that are gentle and passive. The best tankmates, of course, are other Congo Tetras. We recommend getting a group no smaller than 6.

Are there any Colombian tetra tank mates?

The Colombian Tetra is a beautiful but semi-aggressive fish, but it can be peaceful. we found a few AWESOME Colombian Tetra Tank Mates. Here are 7 Colombian Tetra Tank Mates – Perfect Friends For An Active Fish The Flame Tetra is a beautiful and peaceful fish, but it can be difficult.

Do emperor tetras get along with other fish?

Emperor tetras do well in a community aquarium. But that doesn’t mean you can just add whatever fish you like. Check out the best Tank Mates For Emperor tetras. Do Congo tetras get along well with other fish? Here are 8 Congo tetra tank mates to consider if you want the best pals for your fish. Learn More About Tank Mates For Congo Tetras.

What is a Congo tetra?

The Congo Tetra is a freshwater fish that originates in Africa. This post will go over the aquarium maintenance, feeding, breeding, and raising fry. The habitat for this type of fish is small rivers and creeks with slow-moving water located throughout the Congo River basin. The Congo Tetra is a moderate-sized fish compared to other tetras.

What fish can I put with a neon tetra?

Guppies Perhaps, the most popular fish tank species in the world, guppies make the perfect companions to have in the fish tank with your neon tetra. Not very large in size, they are peaceful, docile and get along with most other species.

What fish are good tank mates for Congo tetras?

These calm, inactive, and peaceful fish are, therefore, ideal mates for Congo tetra in the tank. Except for aggressive barbs like tiger barbs, there are other types of barb fish you can choose from. These schooling fish are peaceful, and small varieties of barbs make good tank mates for Congo tetras thus 8 th one in the list.

Do tetra fish breed in groups?

Tetra fish tend to breed in a group. When you buy fish in small quantities, there can be a possibility of losing the fish due to some circumstances, or the fish may not be able to reproduce. Therefore, always try to breed tetras in a group. You will also have the choice of selecting pairs to breed as well.

How to take care of a tetra fish?

Tetras are one of the most docile and least aggressive breed of pet fish and taking care of these pretty fish is really hassle free. But to ensure a good health of Tetra fish, you must follow these checkpoints Keep the Tetra fish in groups as they are in their natural habitat living in a large school.

Are dwarf cichlids good tank mates for Congo tetras?

Here are a few other things you should know about Dwarf Cichlids. Since Dwarf Cichlids are much calmer and more peaceful than the bigger breeds, they can make great tank mates for your Congo Tetras. 8. Barbs Barbs are, for the most part, peaceful fish who work well with other tank mates.

Do cichlids eat tetras?

Big cichlids will eat small tetras, but luckily there are dwarf cichlids which you can add to community tanks with a school of tetras. Of course you do not want any of your fish to end up as a snack, and therefore it is important to know what will happen before you add fish together.

Can you keep tiger barbs with Congo tetras?

Barbs are, for the most part, peaceful fish who work well with other tank mates. But you want to be careful of Tiger Barbs. As they are a bit more aggressive than normal Barb fish, you should keep them away from your Congo Tetras. There are many different types of Barb fish.

Can Congo tetras live with angelfish?

Congo tetras can grow to be two to three inches big. At this size, an angelfish will not be able to eat it. So, it should be fine to keep congo tetras with angelfish. Although congo tetras are generally peaceful and pleasant fish, they are very active.