What is UVA and UVB for reptiles?


Are UVB and UVA light bulbs safe for reptiles?

UVA rays are also beneficial to the health and well being of reptiles (though, arguably, not nearly as important as UVB exposure). It’s best to purchase a full-spectrum light bulb that produces UVB, UVA and visible light.

Can reptiles see ultraviolet light?

“Ultraviolet” gets its name because its wavelengths have only slightly greater energy than the wavelengths we see as violet light. Reptiles can see UVA, invisible to us. Just as we do, reptiles recognize other animals and food items by their colors and markings, many of which include UVA-color.

Are reptile light bulbs harmful to humans?

The UV produced by reptile bulbs is only harmful to humans if you were to get extremely close to them. By 24″ most of them will be less harmful than sunlight and by 36″ there will be no noticeable UVB left in the spectrum. When working with or near the bulb, it would be wise to avoid looking into it if you are close at all.

What kind of lights do Reptiles need?

Reptile UVA / UVB Bulbs and Lamps and Lights One of the most undervalued aspects of caring for a reptile is providing the proper lighting. Since they’re not getting the natural sunlight they need, reptiles need UVA and UVB bulbs to provide essential vitamins like Vitamin D3 and prevent against metabolic bone disease.

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Do Reptiles need UVA or UVB light?

One of the most undervalued aspects of caring for a reptile is providing the proper lighting. Since they’re not getting the natural sunlight they need, reptiles need UVA and UVB bulbs to provide essential vitamins like Vitamin D3 and prevent against metabolic bone disease.

What kind of light do bearded dragons need?

UVA radiation comes from light and can be provided by a good basking bulb. This type of light is essential for a reptile’s vision. Without UVA, your bearded dragon is essentially colorblind. For this reason, we highly recommend always finding bulbs that offer your dragons UVA.

Why do lizards need UVB light?

Most pet reptiles other than snakes and nocturnal lizards (like leopard geckos) require UVB light. “This allows them to complete the formation of active vitamin D within their skin,” says Dr. Starkey. Just like for you, vitamin D helps reptiles absorb and metabolize calcium, so they can have strong, healthy bones.

What is the best light bulb for a bearded dragon?

The REPTI ZOO P95100 Reptile Full Basking Spot Bulb is one such product that packs a lot of great benefits for our beardies. To start, this is a full-spectrum light bulb that replicates sunlight. While some bulbs will provide UVA or UVB, this bulb will provide your lizards with both, helping them to stay healthy and strong.

Which Repti-sun UVB should I get for my bearded dragon?

Whether you opt for the 5.0 or the 10.0 is going to essentially come down to one thing: tank size. Tanks that are 20 gallons can get away with the UVB provided by the Repti-Sun 5.0… but bear in mind that you’re just going to need to switch your bearded dragon to AT LEAST a 40-gallon tank soon anyways as they mature, which will require a 10.0.

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Is the xyzreptiles UVA bulb basking light the best for bearded dragons?

Though it is more expensive than some of the other options we tested, the xyzReptiles UVA Bulb Basking Light is far from the most expensive on our list. It also doesn’t provide the most benefit for your bearded dragon, but it does offer some useful traits nonetheless.

What do you need to know about a bearded dragon enclosure?

You will want to make sure that a beardie’s enclosure has a source of UVA rays, UVB rays (simulating the sun’s helpful rays), heating, and temperature gauges to monitor the heat level. A bearded dragon’s lighting set-up should mimic what the reptile would get in the wild as closely as possible.

What is the natural environment for a bearded dragon?

A natural environment for a bearded dragon is the desert. Beardies in the wild receive ultraviolet light and heat from the sun on a daily basis.

Can you use UVB bulbs in a bearded dragon tank?

The wattage of UVB bulbs to use in your bearded dragon tankwill depend on the type of bulb you use and the size of your vivarium, including its height. For instance, mercury vapor bulbs typically have a higher wattage when compared to fluorescent since they also emit heat.

What happens if a lizard has no UVB?

If no UVB is available, the lizard’s body will remove calcium from its bones for these functions. An X-ray of a lizard with calcium deficiencies will show faint ghost like images of bones rather than bold white images. Climbing lizards such as Green Iguanas can break limbs for this reason as bones are brittle.

How long do bearded dragon UVB bulbs last?

This UVB bulb can provide UVB and UVA light, besides it plays a good role as a bearded dragon heating device. With a capacity of 100W, this product is confident to bring the best experience for your pet for a reasonable price. However, the advertised lifespan may last up to 10,000 hours but may actually be lower.

Do drdragons need basking bulbs?

Dragons need UVA and UVB, so most basking bulbs try to offer at least one. This bulb provides neither, so your dragons will be missing some very important nutrients. We also noticed that this bulb doesn’t create enough heat for young dragons to thermoregulate. For us, it created a basking area of about 94 degrees.

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Why do bearded dragons need to be kept in enclosures?

These can be removed as the dragon grows in size and gets used to its environment, providing more space to move around and bask within the enclosure. Naturally, bearded dragons spend a long time basking in the full heat of the sun.

Are bearded dragons solitary reptiles?

Bearded dragons are solitary reptiles, meaning that they don’t need, or particularly like company. They do best as the only reptile in the enclosure, not having to compete for food, water, heat, or space.

What do you need to know before buying a bearded dragon?

18 Critical Things to Know Before Buying a Bearded Dragon 1. You need room for a 2′ x 2′ x 4′ enclosure After seeing a number of bearded dragons at local pet stores, we thought… 2. Temperatures and lighting are very important While we did set up our vivarium prior to bringing Bacardi (our cute…

How long do UV light bulbs last?

However, you can typically expect a traditional fluorescent uvb bulb to last around 6 months with regular use. However, as aforementioned it isn’t a bad idea to replace uvb bulbs out every 6 months to ensure optimal UVB output.

What is UVB light for bearded dragons?

UVB bulbs on the other hand, are a special type of bulb that will emit the shorter UVB rays needed by your dragon to be able to produce Vitamin D3 and absorb calcium. A proper bearded dragon lighting setup is going to ensure there is both heat and UVB within their tank. How Many Hours of UVB do Bearded Dragons Need?

Which reptile light bulb is best for my Dragon?

It provides 24-hour heat for your dragons, thanks to the infrared light that won’t affect their sleep. Finally, if you don’t want to sacrifice any features and you’re willing to pay a premium for the extra benefits, the REPTI ZOO P95100 Reptile Full Basking Spot Bulb is the one we suggest.