What is the most peaceful barb?


Where are the different types of barbel found?

The Turkestan barbel ( Barbus conocephalus) is found in the Zeravshan river. The Gokcha barbel ( Barbus goktschaicus) is found in the Lake Sevan in Armenia. The Kura barbel ( Barbus lacerta formerly Mtkvari barbel) is found in Syria. The Himri barbel ( Barbus luteus) is native to Mesopotamian rivers.

How long does it take to catch barbel in floodwater?

Be aware barbel will often pick up a bait almost instantly in floodwater, my record is a bite and hooked barbel in less than 20 seconds!” Also, spend time walking the river and speaking to anglers that fish the stretch. Often these will lead you to some likely swims that hold fish.

What does a barbel look like?

The barbel is a long, slender and powerful fish with large pectoral fins, bright scales and a large broad forked tail. It has a small but long head and its eyes are located high up on either side.

How do I post on the barbel fishing world forums?

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What is the best time of day to catch barbel?

Ideal times to find active barbel are early in the morning and a couple of hours before or after dusk. Barbel require water temperatures of at least 7°C to feed properly and are caught throughout summer and autumn.

What is the function of the barbels in the mouth?

…two fleshy extensions called “barbels” near the nasal opening that are thought to assist in prey detection and location. Diverse morphological differences in the mouth region are related to the type of diet and to the modes of locating, capturing, and ingesting food.

What are the characteristics of a barbel?

The head of the barbel is pointed and its eyes which are rather small are set high on the sides of the head The barbel is recognised by its under slung mouth with thick lips and two short barbules on the top lip and two longer barbules at the corner of its mouth.

How can I support barbel fishing world?

Support Barbel Fishing World forums by making a donation. The BFW board for all things non-fishing! This board shows images of swims on barbel rivers. Visitors are invited to discuss how they would both bait and fish the swims shown.

What is this barbel board for?

This is the board to discuss fishing for all your other favourite species of fish (chub, roach, grayling, carp etc.). Please continue posting your barbel messages on the main barbel board.

Can I post messages on the barbel Forum?

Viewable by members only Anyone can post and read messages on this forum. This is the board to discuss fishing for all your other favourite species of fish (chub, roach, grayling, carp etc.). Please continue posting your barbel messages on the main barbel board.

How do you fish from shore on a windy day?

If you are fishing from shore on a windy day, cast into the wind. This will make your lure move in the same direction as the rest of the food, which will make it easier to attract game fish. If fishing from a boat, cast toward shore in the same direction as the wind. Keep an eye out for clouds.

Can you eat a barbel?

However, the fish itself can be eaten and recipes are available in The Illustrated London Cookery Book by Frederick Bishop. The name barbel derived from the Latin barba, meaning beard, a reference to the two pairs of barbels, a longer pair pointing forwards and slightly down positioned, on the side of the mouth.

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What is a good size for a barbel?

Growing to over 20 lb a 7lb fish is considered a good fish and over 10lb a specimen. A powerful fish with a body shape perfect for living in fast flowing waters barbel are regarded as the hardest fighting coarse fish in the river.

What is a barbel (Barbus barbus)?

Ask any group of coarse anglers which species they would most like to catch, and barbel (Barbus barbus) would be the choice of many. This bronzed fish is prized for its beauty and for its impressive resistance once hooked.

How can you tell the difference between a barbel and gudgeon?

The fins are reddish brown, sometimes with an orange tinge. Very small barbel can often be confused with gudgeon, but the fact that barbel have four barbels around their mouth and gudgeon only have two makes them easy to tell apart. Lateral line scale count: 55-65 (this is the dark row of scales along the central length of the fish’s body)

What is a barbel?

The barbel is a slim, elegant fish which is surprisingly powerful, it is found almost exclusively in rivers and a member of the carp family. It has a grey coloured back with bronze flanks and a pearl coloured lower half. It is easy to identify from the four barbels on its face – one in each corner of its mouth and two on the snout.

What are barbel barbels used for?

These barbels are designed to feel and smell food before taking it as the barbel forages in the river bed. The barbel is a bottom feeder and so has the typical mouth with a downward curve, to help with this function.

How do you identify a barbel?

The barbel is a bottom feeder and so has the typical mouth with a downward curve, to help with this function. It has a broad head which tapers sharply into its rounded snout, when viewed from above the barbel has a wedge-like shape, providing another way to identify it.

What is the best time to fish for bass in summer?

The best time to fish for bass in the summer is around dusk or dawn. As spawning ends, the thick of summer comes and prompts every bass to start feeding at high levels. They will have their highest energy levels and will be found at all shallow and deep waters.

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How does the Farmers’ Almanac’s fishing calendar work?

Farmers’ Almanac’s Fishing Calendar is based on the phase of the Moon, the zodiac sign the Moon is in, and experience. Local conditions, tides, and weather may affect your fishing experience. You’re seeing one month’s worth of the Farmers’ Almanac Calendar for FREE.

What timezone are the fishing times displayed in?

All times are displayed in the America/Los_Angeles timezone and are automatically adjusted to daylight savings. The current timezone offset is -8 hours. Green and yellow areas indicate the best fishing times (major and minor). The center shows the current moon phase which is a Third Quarter Moon at 47% lumination.

Do you go surf fishing on a windy day?

If it is a windy day, do you head out to the beach for a bit of surf fishing or is there a way to tell if it is the type of wind that your most-prized catches shy away of? Does wind affect surf fishing? Yes, the wind does affect surf fishing. Offshore winds can make longer casting possible.

How do you fish a wind blown shoreline?

There are times when the wind is too strong to do this and you must work with the wind. Still, you can keep your boat positioned into the wind, and cast into the wind, just travelling backward in the boat down the shore. A spinnerbait is my first choice when fishing a windblown shoreline.

How do you fish for bass in the wind?

If at all possible, work a shoreline into the wind. Wind currents that last several days may concentrate floating plankton near downwind shores. Such a concentration sometimes attracts baitfish and prey that may stimulate bass activity. So some of the best concentrations of bass on a windy day will be on the windward side.

How to catch fish from the shore?

In order to catch fish from shore, you need to get as close to the water as you can and make 45-degree angled casts in order to locate roaming fish. Bait selection, stealth, and finesse are very important for shoreline fishing. Fishing from the bank or shore can be a great way to fish.