What is a listed stakes race?


What does listed mean in horse racing?

In horse racing, a Listed race is a race at a level just below Group level or, in other words, three steps down from the highest level, Group One, in terms of quality.

Is there a minimum rating for Listed races in horse racing?

There is no minimum rating for Listed races, although these are considered to be of greater importance than handicaps. The European Pattern Committee regulates all Listed races and the British Horseracing Authority regards any race that appears in the European Pattern Race Book as being Listed.

What happens if a horse is rated on the minimum?

In some circumstances horses who are rated on the minimum will be racing out of their class and will seemingly be disadvantaged by the scale of weights. However, these horses are eligible and have an opportunity to nominate and compete in lower rated races.

What is a good rating for a horse in horse racing?

In Europe, the best races on the flat are referred to as Group 1. A horse needs an official rating of at least 115 to enter one of these races (2 year olds must be rated 110 or above). To enter a Group 2 race, a horse must be rated at 110 (105).

Is your horse’s body condition meeting their calorie needs?

If your horses are maintaining a body condition score of 5 (or slightly above or below), your feeding program is meeting their calorie requirements. And good news: It does sound as though your horses’ caloric needs are being met at this time from consuming only pasture all day.

What happens when a horse has a low or of 53?

It receives a low OR of 53 by the end of the season. As a 3-year old, the trainer enters the horse in middle distance races under its low OR. ‘Amazingly’ it starts winning races off its artificially low mark. While this isn’t a frequent phenomenon, it happens more often than you might think.

What is an 85 rating in horse racing?

For example, a horse with a rating of 85 could not be entered in a handicap for horses rated 50-75 or for a classified race for horses rated 0-65. If a trainer believes a horse has a high level of ability, they might enter it in a Pattern race.

What is a good speed rating for a horse?

According to the Racing Post, a mature horse, carrying 9 stone, with a top speed rating of 100 would have the ability to meet the Racing Posts standard time on good going in a race that is truly run. These ratings are measured in lbs and all TS ratings are adjusted back to 5 furlongs where 1 second at 5 furlongs = 22 pounds.

What rating is considered a good rating for a horse?

We use this to find horses who are ‘flying under the radar’ by not topping any rating, but who are well-rated all-round. 6 or above is good.

How is a horse’s speed rating calculated?

The rating is based on the horse’s actual finishing time along with other factors such as post position and track condition. The higher the rating the better, with the fastest horses achieving in the 100s. In computing a horse’s speed rating, four separate factors are combined.

How is the weight of a horse rated?

Our approach makes an adjustment by comparing weight carried to each horse’s weight for age based on their age / sex, time of year and distance of the race. This is an important rating concept, as weights cannot be considered in the same way for all horses.

What is considered a healthy condition for a horse?

On the 1-to-9 scale, a horse scored as a 1 is considered in poor condition. A horse scored as a 9 is classified as extremely fat. A score of 5 is considered “ideal,” but 4 and 6 are also considered healthy for most performance horses.

Why does my horse’s weight keep changing?

Weight can change depending on the amount/type of food the horse is eating and how much exercise they are doing. Fat Scoring (also referred to as Body Condition Scoring) is an ideal way to assess your horse’s overall fat covering to help determine whether they are a healthy weight.

Why does my horse need so much energy?

This is also true for your horse. All animals need a certain amount of energy for basic body functions like keeping their hearts beating, digestion, and to maintain body temperature. This maintenance level of energy is considered the basal metabolic rate.

What is the difference between the Racing Post and official ratings?

THE OFFICIAL RATINGS The Official Ratings (OR) use the same criteria as the Racing Post, but are compiled by the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) and are used to determine the weights horses carry in handicap ratings.

How to diagnose calcium deficiency in horses?

Diagnosis of Calcium Deficiency in Horses. If your horse has a low blood calcium level (called hypocalcaemia) it will lead to parathyroid hormone being released from the parathyroid gland. This hormone will then trigger the release of calcium from your horse’s bones (in particular the large bones of his head and limbs).

What happens if a horse has a calcium deficiency?

In horses that are growing, a calcium deficiency can cause problems in growing bone, leading to diseases like osteopenia (where long bones are crooked and joints are enlarged as a result of improper mineralization of osteoid tissue). A deficiency of calcium can also lead to metabolic bone disease (MBD) which encompasses many bone disorders.

What is the anaerobic threshold in horses?

The anaerobic threshold in horses is around 150 to 170 beats per minute. Heart rates below this threshold indicate that a large percentage of exercise is being performed aerobically. When exercise intensity or duration increase, the requirements of the cardiovascular system increase, which in turn results in an elevated heart rate.

How are horse racing speed ratings made?

Ratings are produced using their computerised analysis system that selects the top 3 rated horses from each race. Race card speed ratings providing their top 3 rated horses, for every race, based on a number of factors in their complex selection process. They also provide their best bet of the day and special forecast bets.

What are horse racing handicap ratings?

Ratings are crucial in helping the Handicapper determine what weight to allocate a horse in a given race. Handicap ratings are essential to ensuring a competitive and level playing field. Weights are ultimately up to the discretion of the Handicapper but ratings systems provide a good guide as to what will happen.

What is a top speed rating in horse racing?

TS stands for top speed and is a rating compiled by the Racing Post that is designed to rate a horses ability based on how fast a horse has ran in a race.

Why do you include unique ratings in your racecards?

Not only do you see this in the easy to use racecards, but we include our ratings which are exclusive and unique. They use a special formulae that ties in the class of race and strength of opposition in the rating for each race and every horse that ran in it. In this way you get a more computerised and automated reflection for a horses rating.