What is a German sport horse?


Are German sport horses good for competitive riding?

The German Sport Horse breed is still a developing concept. Since German Sport Horses represent the best of the individual warmblooded breeds from all over Germany, they are clearly already an excellent choice for competitive riders in all the major equestrian disciplines.

Where can I buy a Godolphin horse?

Godolphin offer horses for sale in Europe at many major public auctions, including Arqana, Goffs and Tattersalls. We offer stallion prospects for sale privately.

Why don’t more people buy horses from foreign breeders?

Lack of experience combined with the possibly intimidating exercise of being in a foreign country and having to deal in a foreign language can discourage potential customers. This uncertainty and vulnerability can impede the search for the perfect horse. Don’t let these obstacles stand in your way.

Where to buy a horse in the Netherlands?

Horses for sale in Holland provided by Peter Berkers Sporthorses located in the north of the Netherlands. A beautiful country side with a lot of horse breeders around. If you are looking for horses for sale in Holland, you have to visit Peter Berkers Sporthorses stables.

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Why should I buy a Dutch sport horse?

Great manners for jumping and most important, sweet character at the stable and with riding. Not spooky, easy, brave and jumping water. So if you are looking for a hunter for a good price. You come to the right address at dutch sport horses. At the moment we have some nice big easy equitation horses for sale.

Why work at Godolphin?

As one of the largest thoroughbred horseracing stables and breeding operations in the world, Godolphin works tirelessly to take the lead in both the lifetime care of horses and in the professional development of people working in our industry.

Where do Dutch horses come from?

But the birthplace of the horse can be different. Anyway most popular birthplaces of Netherlands horses are: KWPN. Dutch Warmblood [29] For Netherlands is characterized by the folowing horses price class:

How do unscrupulous people make money from buying horses?

Unscrupulous people make money by buying cheap or free horses and masking their problems to sell them on for profit or by sending them to slaughter. Also be aware of cash transfers and banking scams that may leave your personal details vulnerable.

Why choose Godolphin lifetime care?

Godolphin Lifetime Care We foster a global ethos of caring and, whether they are top performers on the course, parenting the next generation at stud or retirees pursuing new careers, all our horses are assured of high-quality, compassionate attention. Learn about lifetime care

Where are Godolphin horses now?

Godolphin announces its permanent presence in Australia, becoming the largest horse racing operation in the world with horses in training in Dubai, the UK, Australia, America, Ireland and France.

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Why Godolphin Racing?

Every one of us dreaming, planning, working – doing everything in our power to discover, nurture and train the perfect horse. Racing is the ultimate team sport. Godolphin is the expression of a shared global passion – for the speed and beauty of these magnificent animals.

How to create a stable in Godolphin horse racing?

To create a stable follow the easy step-by-step process and select 10 horses from the list of Godolphin horses. Just click on the name to find out more information about the horses and their careers. Change the horses in your stable up to five times during the competition. You can replace some, or all, of them to increase your chances of winning.

How many winners does team Godolphin have worldwide?

Team Godolphin also chalked up their 5,000th winner worldwide when Expecting To Fly won a Maiden in France on Thursday, 16 August, 2018. Since 17 March, 2018, all horses previously racing in the JRA in the name of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed now race in the name of Godolphin.

Does Godolphin still race in the JRA?

Since 17 March, 2018, all horses previously racing in the JRA in the name of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed now race in the name of Godolphin. The racing silks carried in Japan are royal blue with a lighter blue band on the sleeve. 250 Group 1 wins and counting.

Where does the name Godolphin come from?

Every modern thoroughbred traces its beginnings to Arabia and the original Arabian stallions that came from East to West – one of which gives Godolphin its name. The love of horses is in the DNA of Dubai.

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Where to buy the best warmblood horse in Holland?

If you’re looking for buying the best warmblood horse, either being a talented Dutch warmblood, Belgium warmblood or German warmblood. You found the right place. WB Stables is the best place to buy your quality show jumper in Holland. Specialized in exporting warmblood horses.

Why are the Netherlands so good at equestrian?

Anyone who follows FEI competition at the elite level would notice how often athletes from the Netherlands place at the top of the leaderboard. From Dressage to Driving and everything in between, Dutch equestrians have won coveted medals, led the world rankings, and wowed judges with their stellar performances.

What is an equitation horse?

Our equitation horses for sale are beautiful big size Dutch warmblood horses with an excellent jumping technique, good flying changes and consistency around courses. Equitation refers to a rider’s position while mounted, and encompasses a rider’s ability to ride correctly and with effective aids.

Why buy a Holland horse?

Our horses for sale in Holland are very versatile horses. They excels in top level competition, in dressage, show-jumping and eventing. The calm, even temperament makes them easy to work with and they are willing to turn a hoof, so to speak, to just about anything.

Where did the Zeeland Horse come from?

The breed was developed in the early 20th century in the Zeeland province of The Netherlands. The breed was achieved by cross breeding local Zeeland mares with Belgian Ardennes and Brabant breeds. The horses powerful frame and strong frame made it an ideal horse for various different agricultural tasks.