What fish is compatible with molly fish?


What are the best tank mates for Mollies?

Typically, the bottom feeders proved to be the best tank mates for them. Their main benefit is to search for food at the bottom of the tank while they can also fight with mollies for their food and as a result mollies usually stay away from them.

What should I consider when buying Mollies?

Consider speaking with the breeder you purchase your mollies from. The natural habitat mollies inhabit come with a high mineral load. As such, they don’t do well in softer waters. You’ll want a water hardness around 15-30 dH. If your water source lacks minerals, add a mesh bag of crushed coral to your tank to boost your mineral content.

What are the best Molly tank mates?

The Gourami is another excellent option for a molly tank mate. There are many species, and you can choose a bunch from them. Study the aggressive concentrations of each species a little. Some of them expand up to 6 inches so that they can also have to be considered. These fish are a favorite of my own.

What are the best fish to keep with Mollies?

If you wanted to keep some small-sized and agile tank mates for your mollies, then minnow fishes can be best. These are saltwater or freshwater fishes existing in a lot of different varieties. These fishes a lot of varieties having slight variations in aggression levels from different kinds.

What is the best tank for a school of mollies?

1 Leptochilus 2 Anubias 3 Vallisneria 4 Sagittaria. Rocks and grottos give your school of mollies somewhere safe to retreat if you have more aggressive tank mates.

Do snails need a lid on their tank?

If there is a downside, it is they are experts in escaping from fish tanks, so you do need a lid on your tank. When aquarium owners include snails into their tank, they think they can fend for themselves.

How many mystery snails in a 10 gallon tank?

Having a tank of at least 10 gallons ensures that your snail has access to stable water conditions and ample space. You can keep up to 2-3 mystery snails in a tank this size. Once you’ve found your perfect tank you need to find a good filter.

What do snails look like in aquariums?

These tiny, peas sized snails are probably the most common nuisance snail you encounter. They lay eggs anywhere and everywhere in the aquarium and breed very quickly. They are distinguished by their round, polished-looking shells. These grow to about the size of dimes and have spiral-shaped, tall shells.

Can snails get in a fish tank?

Now, snails can find their way into a fish tank in the most unexpected ways. Even if you do not put them there, don’t be surprised if you find a snail or perhaps many snails in your fish tank one day. Most of the time, snails hitch-hike on live plants and find their way into the tank.

How big do mystery snails grow?

Mystery snails are unique and distinct because they grow to be some of the biggest freshwater aquarium snails (up to 6.5 or 2.5 inches). They also have a variety of colors (gold, blue, purple, orange, greenish, black, white, ivory, brown, etc.) and shell patterns.

Are Nerite snails better than Betta snails?

However, with nerite snails, you’re going to have to be a little bit more careful because they like a pH slightly more alkaline than bettas. But as long as you keep the temperature and pH steady you shouldn’t have a problem. Nerites are also a nice choice because you can get so many different variations of them.

What should you avoid when buying mystery snails?

One of the first things you should avoid when buying the mystery snail is to purchase them from tanks that have dead fish or other mates in the tank that they are sharing. A tank that has dead or dying creatures may be a sign of the poor quality of water or diseases that are contagious.

How to keep snails in a fish tank?

To keep these snails right at home, keep your tank full of vegetation. This not only looks nice but also gives plenty of natural food. Common plants to include are Java Fern, Java Moss, and Hornwort; all of which are incredibly hardy. These snails tend to swim out of the water, especially when food is low.

Do mystery snails eat hair algae?

They work hard to clean algae off of glass, plants, and decorations, they eat hair algae, and they keep your substrate clean and the correct color. Mystery snails are completely peaceful, and therefore safe to keep with any fish, shrimp, or plants.

How big do mystery snails get?

They are known to grow to the size of a golf ball. These beautiful snails reproduce ‘mysteriously’, fully developed snails ‘suddenly’ and appear hence the name ‘Mystery Snail’ [1] How big do Mystery snails get? On average they are known to grow to a diameter of 2 inches. [2] There size varies with different types as outlined below:

Can a snail stop growing at 1 inch?

If subpar care has been provided it’s entirely possible for a mystery snail to stop growing at around one inch in diameter instead. While some completely healthy snails end up being this size, it’s usually an indication of poor care or breeding.

How do mystery snails grow their shells?

Mystery Snail Shell Growth 1) The shells of snails grow by only adding new material at the edges. This is called conchiolin. 2) The shell grows more rapidly when it is moist because the expansion and contraction is facilitated by water. 3) A mystery snail’s shell will have rings on them much like a tree.

What fish can live with snails in a tank?

Here are some common mystery snail tank mates for you to consider: 1 Tetras ( neon, green, and ember are our favorites) 2 Killifish 3 Cory Catfish 4 Otocinclus 5 Nerite Snails 6 Ghost Shrimp 7 Amano Shrimp 8 Red Cherry Shrimp More

Are Nerite snails Hardy?

These snails are hardy and peaceful aquatic species. It’s famous as an aggressive algae eater. Nerite snail requires tight water conditions to survive in the tank.

How do you take care of a nerite snail?

Always ensure that your nerite snail gets enough food, keeping in mind that a tank filled with algae is considered a good place for keeping nerite snails. Protect the snail from climbing the walls of the tank, since it increases the risk of falling out of the tank and harming itself.

What are the best tank mates for Nerite snails?

The best tank mates for nerite snail are those that can live in warm waters and don’t attack it for eating, simply you can put some peaceful and mid-sized creatures in the tank. Most suitable tank mates include tetras, barbs, shrimp, guppies, and other snails.

How many snails per gallon of water?

Make sure you keep the ratio of 2 snails per 10 gallons of water. If you add too many of them in a small space, they literally won’t have enough algae for dinner.

What do my mystery snails eat?

Mystery snails need a variety of food in order to stay healthy and happy and they especially enjoy eating algae wafers, sinking shrimp pellets, cucumber slices, zucchini slices, and more. The truth is, your tank isn’t growing enough algae for them to eat. Once they’ve got it all cleaned up in a couple of days, they slowly begin to starve to death.

Do mystery snails need algae in their tank?

There should be an algae source in the Mystery Snail tank to ensure they have access to their foundational diet, including naturally occurring algae and flakes or pellets. Although algae in the tank is important, too much can negatively impact the quality of water so it should be regulated.

How to tell if snails are dead?

Snails that go motionless for a day or more, or are upside down or floating may be dead. The ‘smell test’ or removing them from the tank and sniffing near them will be the true test. A dead mystery snail expels a very gross and pungent odor. Their average lifespan is much shorter than a betta fish’s and is typically around one year.

Is it safe to keep snails with fish?

They are very peaceful, which makes it safe to keep them together with plants, shrimp and fish. What makes them unique from other types of snails is their way of breathing and their breeding methods. They can breathe via a tube which extends from the front side of their bodies or even breathe via gills.

Can mystery snails live in a fish aquarium?

The mystery snail does well in a wide range of water conditions in an aquarium. The aquarium should not have shifts in temperature that are sudden because this causes them stress. Hence, the tank should have stability and cyclic before the snails are put in. A normal fish aquarium works just fine for these snails.