What fish can you put with swordtails?


What is the best tank for a Corydoras and rasboras?

(All work perfectly with cories and a lot of other fish .) Rasboras in general don’t require a lot of space, so any tank that’s large enough to fit a school of corydoras is large enough that you should be able to fit at least one school of rasboras as well.

How many swordtail fish should be in a tank?

The recommended ratio is four females to a single male. Beyond other swordtail fish, you have a lot of options as far as tank mates go. Stick to similarly sized fish with the same easy-going temperament. Avoid aggressive or boisterous fish. Swordtail fish cannot defend themselves from aggressors.

What to do with swordtail fish after they give birth?

After the swordtail gives birth, you may remove all the adult swordtails from the aquarium or the babies, whichever is easier. That way, you will protect the young ones from hungry adults. This step is more beneficial because it will reduce the amount of waste in the aquarium tank.

What is the best temperature for a fish tank in winter?

A steady 70-72 °F (21-22 °C) in-door air temperature during the cold winter months should be enough to warm up the water of your fish tank. However, water and air heat differently.

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How to acclimate saltwater fish to your aquarium?

An aquarium test kit ( see recommended product) will especially come in handy to help you check your water parameter before adding your new fish. To acclimate saltwater fish you can use either of the two acclimation methods. The floating method is perfect for inexperienced aquarist or when you need to acclimate basic ornamental fish.

Are snails good for Corys?

Snails are a important part of my Corys daily diet and I allow hundreds of young snails to grow in each tank, specifically for this purpose. The smaller the snail, the easier it is for them to eat. Hope this helped.

How to take care of Corydoras?

One of the keys to having healthy corydoras is to make sure they get enough food. Fast-moving fish often gobble everything up at the water surface but corys only eat what falls to the bottom, so feed them sinking wafers, frozen bloodworms, and live blackworms. If their bellies are round and fat, they may start breeding and laying eggs for you. 2.

How many Corydoras should be in a 5 gallon tank?

These lively bottom dwellers are easy to keep, but you should only have 3-5 of them in a 5-gallon tank and no other fish. Invertebrates like dwarf shrimp or snails will be fine to keep alongside them, however. Corydoras require a sandy substrate.

Are Corydoras good for a community tank?

The fish are a popular add-on to tropical aquariums including community tanks. Corydoras are lovable because they are easy going, adaptable, and being bottom dwellers, they leave the environment cleaner than before.

Why is my swordtail fish dying in the tank?

Mostly, the problem is usually a result of unfavorable water conditions or a smaller size of the tank than the fish requires. Veterinarians and store dealers recommend a 20-gallon aquarium tank for swordtail fish along with heavy planting.

Do fish need winter in the wild?

In the wild, fish don’t experience the edges of their temperature range for long. Keeping your tank on the edges of this temperature is like creating a permanent summer or permanent winter for your fish. It goes without saying that some fish are more tolerant to temperature changes than others.

How to get rid of aquarium snails?

One way to get rid of unwanted aquarium snails is by introducing fish that will make a meal of those snails. Before you head out to buy these fish, however, there are a few things that you should think about.

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What are snails good for in a fish tank?

Snails not only add some variety to your tank with their unique look, but they also help maintain it. From sunup to sundown these little critters diligently scavenge for organic matter and waste that accumulates over time.

Can a Corydoras live with a discus?

Corydoras are busy little catfish and best kept in shoal of at least three. Plecs get a bad press with Discus as occasionally, the larger species may try to attach itself to the side of a Discus. With this in mind, it is best to stick to the dwarf species to keep the tank algae free.

How many pygmy Corys in a 5 gallon?

Don’t listen to the naysayers. I’ve kept a continuous population 4-5 pygmy corys in a 5 gallon for years. Of all my various tanks, the corys are always the most energetic and entertaining fish.

How many Corydoras in a 5 gallon tank?

How many Corydoras in a 5 gallon tank? How many fish Corydoras can I get in a 5 gallon tank? 3? Corydoras are schooling fish and need to be in groups of 4+. Your 5 gallon tank is too small to house even the smallest species comfortably. They need at least a 10 gallon aquarium. None.

Are Corydoras hard to care for?

Corydoras are pleasant and hardy fish that are very easy to care for. If you’re someone who likes a low-stress and aquarium experience, this is a great fish for you. Be aware, however, that it’s possible to lose a Cory shortly after it comes home from a store tank.

How do you keep a Corydoras in a pond?

Line the bottom with 2 inches of very fine-grain gravel or sand and add lots of vegetation to recreate their natural habitat. Since Corydoras are social fish, keep them in a group of at least 6.

Is a harlequin rasbora a good beginner fish?

The Harlequin rasbora is one of the smaller tropical community fish for a freshwater aquarium that a beginner should start with. They are easy to maintain and look after. Kept alone, a Harlequin rasbora looks bored and dejected.

How many male and female swordtails in a trio?

– also read that swordtails thrive better in trio’s 1 male, and 2 females but 3 males and 6 females. NOT EVER 2 males and and 4 females. That other missing fish that you thought of as a female may well have been a “sneaker” male.

Why do swordtail fish die after giving birth?

The female swordfish die at the time of giving birth because the body is unable to handle the stress. Moreover, the color of this species of fish changes and dulls as they get old. Some are known to live for over five years. By understanding the water parameters of your aquarium, you will be able to prevent the death of your swordtail fish.

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Are swordtails afraid of cats?

The swordtails might be afraid if the tank is inside one of your busy rooms with predators like cats or flashy lights. In fact, those are some of the factors known to stress the fish and influence them to hide – both day and night. You will have to remove any disturbing factors around the tank and check how the fish behaves.

What happens if your aquarium temperature is too high?

What happens if your aquarium temperature is too high? Warm water causes the biggest issues, typically once temperatures exceed 90°F (32°C). Your fish breathe by drawing oxygen out of the water. And under normal conditions, your aquarium will have more than enough oxygen to go around.

How do I know if my tropical fish tank is healthy?

Identification. Tropical fish aquariums that have water at the proper temperature will have clear water and be less likely to grow algae. The water shouldn’t feel hot to the touch or have ice on top.The fish and plants should be thriving and moving about normally.

How to keep aquarium water warm for tropical fish?

Keeping your aquarium water warm enough for freshwater tropical fish is not difficult. The use of a special aquarium heater, that is submerged into the water, should do the trick. Heaters are rated on their heat output, and sold according to the size of aquarium they need to heat.

Is 86 degrees too hot for a fish tank?

It’s like a heater, but for air conditioning rather than heating. Also appreciate that some tropical fish like guppies, angelfish, clown loach and mollies enjoy water as warm as 86°F and you may be worried a little more than you should. Below are other hacks that’ll go a long way in lowering your fish tank temperature:

Where do fish live in the winter?

In deep water and underneath stationary ice, fish are more active during the day. Stable fish habitat is created where ice blankets the river in early winter and stays until spring.