What fish can you keep with Green Terror?


What is the best aquarium for my green chromis?

Like always, we recommend that the aquarium you place your Green Chromis in matches their natural habitat as closely as possible. As they spend a large amount of their time in coral formations, you should make sure that their aquarium is full of coral; they love to live, play and hide in it. If you’re starting out try corals like Acropora.

What is the best Chromis fish to keep?

The blue-green chromis. Finally, we get to something else that I can recommend. The blue-green chromis is a nice color, only gets up to about 3 inches maximum, can be kept in groups, and won’t bother each other or any other sorts of fishes either. Nice.

Do green chromis like to swim?

The Green Chromis is a very active fish and loves to swim. It’s even more mesmerizing to watch in a shoal as they swim throughout the aquarium’s corals in synchronization. Whilst the majority of damsels are known for their aggression, the Green Chromis is the exception.

What is the habitat of a green chromis?

Green Chromis Habitat and Tank Requirements. The Green Chromis is a saltwater fish found in the shallow reefs of the South Pacific and Indo-Pacific Ocean. You will find them in large shoals spending the majority of their time in coral reefs and lagoons.

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How deep can a green chromis fish swim?

They swim in shallow waters of around 1 meter but have been found at depths of up to 12 meters. Like always, we recommend that the aquarium you place your Green Chromis in matches their natural habitat as closely as possible.

Can green chromis live in a reef tank?

Green chromis are lovely community fish that won’t cause any trouble in a reef tank. They DO need an aquarium with pristine water conditions. And you’ll need to maintain a school of at least six if you want to minimize their stress levels and promote natural behaviors.

What is algae and how does it affect my fish tank?

Algae are a natural part of any fish tank. Most experts agree that a small amount of algae is a healthy addition to your tank’s ecosystem. It can produce oxygen for your fish and help control nitrogen levels in your aquarium. However, if left unattended, the algae can grow at a rapid pace and take over your fish tank.

Are green chromis schooling fish Hardy?

They’re hardy fish, but… My nitrates measure 0. I’ve always wanted 20 to 25 schooling fish in my reef tank and thought that green chromis would be the perfect solution. I didn’t know that they were that aggressive toward each other, had always read that they were a peaceful fish and best kept in groups of 5 or more.

What fish keeps your tank clean?

Want a fish that’s going to keep your tank clean? Check out the Siamese algae eater. Natural bottom dwellers, these fish like to stick to the substrate. They may also venture to decorations to find some algae to consume.

Are green chromis good for saltwater aquariums?

All in all, I’m a big fan of the green chromis. They’re a relatively docile and inexpensive species. And they often appear early on the list for most people starting out in the saltwater aquarium hobby. However, no fish is perfect.

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What is a green chromis?

The Green Chromis, also known as Blue Green Chromis (and scientifically as Chromis viridis), is a hugely popular saltwater fish.

How big do blue green chromis fish get?

The average size of a Blue Green Chromis is three to four inches long when fully grown. With that being said, they do grow quite a bit from the time most owners first purchase them. When sold, these fish can be as small as half an inch in length!

Are Blue Reef chromis good tank mates?

Blue Reef Chromis Tank Mates : They can make an excellent addition to most tanks with smaller species. Diet / Foods : In the wild, they feed on zooplankton so try to give them a variety of marine foods.

What do blue chromis fish eat?

The Blue Chromis is sometimes sold as a “dither fish” because it is out in the open so much and it makes the shy fish in your tank more at ease. They eat zooplankton on the reef and will accept most types of marine fish food including frozen, freeze dried, vitamin enriched flakes and live foods.

Is a green chromis a good fish to put in a tank?

A mellow fish, the Green Chromis is easy to care for and makes a great addition to a new saltwater aquarium. It is an active schooling fish and enjoys an aquarium with plenty of live rock. The Green Chromis will look great in a well-lit aquarium, especially if it is schooling.

Should you aquascape your green chromis?

You don’t want to go overboard with the aquascaping, though. Green chromis are active, shoaling fish. They need room to swim. So while it’s fine to build up the bottom of your aquarium, leave the middle and top open for swimming space. How much room do you need? That depends on the size of the school you opt for.

How many green Chromis in an aquarium?

One of the most impressive things you can see in a home aquarium is a school of Green Chromis. You will see vibrant flashes of greens and blue as they swim in the mid-upper water column. To have a healthy school of Green Chromis you need to have at least six.

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What kind of fish is green chromis?

Chromis viridis ( green chromis) is a species of damselfish. Individuals tend to be iridescent apple-green and light blue, and reach a maximal length of 10 cm. It is sometimes called the “blue-green chromis”, but that may also refer to Chromis caerulea, the blue puller, a close relative that is sometimes considered conspecific .

How many green chromis should I keep together?

If you are planning to keep a group of them you must make sure you keep at least 6; this helps to prevent occasional bullying. As Green Chromis are social fish it is not recommended that you keep them on their own.

What size tank does a green chromis need?

Although not the largest reef fish in captivity, green chromis need a tank that balances swimming space, coral, and live rock. Live Aquaria recommends a minimum tank size of 30 gallons (114L). That’s enough to suppose a small school without creating problems.

What is the scientific name of the blue green chromis?

Green Chromis Care. Scientific Name : Chromis viridis. Common Names : Blue Green Chromis, Blue Green Damselfish, Green Puller. Care Level : Easy, good fish for a saltwater beginner. Size : Up to 3.5 inches (9 cm)

Are blue green chromis fish aggressive?

Although the Blue Green Chromis fish ( Chromis viridis) belongs to the damselfish family (a group of fish generally known for being somewhat aggressive in saltwater fish tanks), the Chromis is an extremely peaceful inhabitant of saltwater fish tanks.

Do blue chromis fish need a school?

Blue Chromis (Chromis cyaneus) Keep them in a small school and they should do fine. You may notice a pecking order develop among the Blue Chromis school and that is normal behavior. The Blue Chromis is sometimes sold as a “dither fish” because it is out in the open so much and it makes the shy fish in your tank more at ease.