What fish can live with a fire eel?


What do fire shrimp eat?

The Fire Shrimp is technically an omnivorous species and will eat anything that it can find. But it has a distinct preference for meat. Commercial fish food flakes will usually go down well and are a convenient food for your Fire Shrimp. They will also eat pellets and freeze-dried or frozen foods.

Do fire fish swim around the tank all day long?

So I have had a red fire fish for about 6 month and he use to swim around the tank all day long. I added a yellow watchman goby who made his home on the other side of the tank last month and life continued. I then came back from vacation and now the yellow watchman goby moved in with the fire fish in the same hole.

Are firefish dangerous to other fish?

This species is peaceful, almost overly so, and will not harm corals, invertebrates, or other fish in the tank. It does tend to burrow, so keep that in mind when selecting substrate for your tank. Some aquarium keepers recommend keeping no more than two firefish together.

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How do I care for a purple firefish?

A fitted aquarium hood with limited escape points is a necessity. Live rock or other suitable items that can provide shelter for the Purple Firefish are also needed. These hiding places may help them acclimate quicker and lessen the chances of tank jumping. Feeding them shouldn’t be much of a problem.

What do shrimp eat in fish tanks?

As mentioned earlier, they are a cleaner shrimp species and will eat parasites and dead skin off your fish. They will also scavenge and eat leftover food, including thawed frozen foods, flakes, and pellets in the tank. I’ve also heard of shrimp eating the food right out of the hand of an aquarist.

Do cleaner shrimps get along with fire shrimp?

Cleaner shrimps are a good addition to any aquarium as they help to eat algae and keep the tank clean. However, when you are thinking about adding other shrimps, it is important if the two species can get along. This article will examine if fire shrimp will be a good tankmate for cleaner shrimps.

What do purple firefish eat?

The Purple Firefish will feed mostly on prey suspended in the water column, but will pick food off the substrate. Its varied diet should consist of chopped or shaved seafood, frozen food preparations for carnivores, vitamin-enriched brine shrimp, and mysis shrimp.

Are purple firefish aggressive to other fish?

It will rarely become aggressive towards other fish, but is territorial, and will fight with its own kind unless they are a mated pair. The Purple Firefish will feed mostly on prey suspended in the water column, but will pick food off the substrate.

What is a red fire shrimp?

The Red Fire Shrimp (Lysmata debelius) is also known as the scarlet cleaner shrimp and the blood red fire shrimp. This shrimp is a deep blood red with with antennae that are used to signal fish with their cleaning services.

Why is the fire shrimp called a cleaner fish?

The Fire Shrimp is known as a cleaner fish because it cleans the other fish in its immediate surroundings. Using its antennae to attract other fish, it will clean off dead scales and excess skin from them, and eat it. They will often keep to one small area of their tank, doing all their cleaning work in this space.

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Are firefish omnivores?

The firefish (Nemateleotris magnifica) is a species of fish that can be found in the Pacific and Indian oceans. They are omnivorous by nature. They can be kept as pets, but giving them vitamin-rich food is necessary to keep them healthy and fit.

Can firefish live with angelfish?

As a general rule, No. it is never advised to place bigger fishes with smaller fishes inside of the same aquarium or fish tank since this may pose a threat to smaller fishes. So, angelfishes as well as lion fishes and triggers will make detrimental living pals to your firefish, according to theSprucePets.

Is breeding the Firefish goby difficult?

Well, as we have found all along, breeding the Firefish Goby is not very demanding. That said, there are a few things to keep in mind. As we have already mentioned, these fishes thrive in peace and serenity and a little startle would see them jump out of their tank.

Can I use coarse gravel for Purple Firefish?

Coarse gravels can scratch your fish, which is especially a problem for Purple Firefish because they spend so much time in the lower regions of the tank. Create lots of hiding spaces around the tank that can be used as territories.

How much does purple firefish cost?

By searching around online first, you should be able to find a stock of Purple Firefish near to you. Their price can vary a lot around the region of $30-$60, it depends on the store and the age/size of the fish. Check for disease or injury before buying. If there are any problems, it’s safest to go to a different store.

Are fire shrimp and cleaner shrimp safe to keep together?

Fire shrimp tend to hide most of the time while cleaner shrimp is busy cleaning the tank. With such non aggressive behavior, it is safe to keep both species in the tank. As mentioned in the opening, fire shrimp tend to stay hidden.

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What is the cleanest shrimp?

The Blood Red Fire Shrimp is also considered to be a cleaner shrimp species, along with the Scarlet Skunk, Coral Banded, and Peppermint shrimps.

Can you put fire shrimp in a rock?

So don’t do it. Fire Shrimp can be a bit shy and sensitive to bright light, at times, and would benefit from having some live rock structure to retreat to for safety. The Blood Red Fire Shrimp is also considered to be a cleaner shrimp species, along with the Scarlet Skunk, Coral Banded, and Peppermint shrimps.

Is a fire shrimp a good fit for a home aquarium?

If you have answered yes to these questions, then the Fire Shrimp may not be a suitable addition to your home aquarium. However, if you do have enough space, and you don’t have other big, aggressive fish, and you don’t have other bigger shrimps in your aquarium, these caveats do not apply.

What is a good diet for the Purple Firefish?

A good diet for the Purple Firefish should contain: 1 High quality flake and pellet foods 2 Dried brine or mysis shrimp 3 Diced meaty food 4 Live gut loaded brine shrimp 5 Frozen foods 6 Zooplankton

How do I care for a puffer fish?

1 Have a tank large enough to house them as adults 2 Are careful to avoid touching their venomous spines 3 Feed them regularly to keep them from nipping at corals

What is the most aggressive type of firefish?

According to Scott Michael, “they (N. decora) are the most aggressive of the firefishes, it should be housed singly or in male-female pairs”. Determining gender is very difficult if at all possible.

What can I put with my Purple Firefish?

Tankmates should be peaceful and of a similar size, opting to leave your Purple Firefish to their solitary lifestyles. Some good examples include Clownfish, Green Chromis, Pajama Cardinalfish, Butterflyfish, and Blennies. Invertebrates are a great way to diversify the activity in your aquarium.