What fish can I put with my betta?


How to choose the right fish tank?

The shape of the tank is also important. A long tank will be able to hold more fish then a tall narrow one. The larger the surface area of the tank, the more fish it can support.

Is a 55 gallon tank good for fish?

If you are new to fishkeeping, 55 gallons might seem intimidating but it will be easier to care for than smaller tanks. The process of setting it up is pretty much the same as any other tank, except you have more freedom to choose what you want to keep inside. Your fish will have plenty of swimming space, which will keep them happier.

Are bigger Aquariums more expensive?

I’ll level with you, the bigger your aquarium, the more expensive it is to maintain. This has to do with the amount of water the aquarium holds. The more water your tank has… …You get the idea. These all add to the cost of the aquarium. Now like I originally stated, when it comes to aquariums, bigger is certainly better.

What are the best tropical fish for a 55 gallon tank?

Also consider the Dwarf Gourami, a pretty fish that doesn’t grow nearly as large as most gourami species. One of the most popular tropical fish for sure, but in my opinion shouldn’t be kept in a tank smaller than 55 gallons. They’ll grow about a foot tall, so keep your tank décor under control so they don’t tear their flowing fins.

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Is a 10 gallon aquarium better than a 20 gallon?

You’ll have more fish in the aquarium but less fish per gallon compared to a sickly 10 gallon aquarium packed with weak fish that continually die. If you entered the hobby with a ten or twenty gallon aquarium, you’ve experienced the frustration of a bully fish.

Do you need a big aquarium to get big fish?

If you’re a fan of big fish, a large aquarium is a must! But you don’t have to start with big fish to get big fish. There are a variety of juvenile “big fish” species available from aquarium shops and online sellers. They’re much smaller than adults but will eventually grow quite large.

Can you breed fish in a 55 gallon tank?

For this task, you need a reliable 55 gallon tall fish tank. Of all the available tanks in the market today, only the Starfire Aquariums can help you breed your fish successfully. I really like this 55 gallon tank.

What to consider when buying a fish tank?

The size of the tank is also strictly related with your budget. The size of the tank will impact not only the cost of the tank itself but also the price of the filter, plants and fish that go into it. Ready made starter kits are an excellent idea to get you up and started and can save you some money.

What is the difference between a 10 gallon and 20 gallon tank?

And there is a mere $50 difference in between a 10 and a 20 gallon tank. And you can have more fish, different kinds of fish, and you have to do less water changes. You should never change the filter cartridge, look up cycling and beneficial bacteria.

What size aquarium do I need for beginners?

55 gallons offers just enough space for beginner aquascapers to practice their craft, but not so much space that the tank becomes crowded with too many plants or decorations. Finally, a tank this size fits into almost any room in the house or workplace.

Should I buy a freshwater or saltwater fish tank?

One of the first major decisions for a new tank is whether it will be a freshwater or saltwater tank. Freshwater or Saltwater Fish? You have the choice of setting up either a freshwater aquarium or a saltwater one, but be warned, saltwater aquariums require considerably more maintenance to keep the water just right.

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What size tank do I need to keep my fish?

20 gallon for sure, or larger. 10 gallon is only large enough to keep a very limited selection of fish, and a very small number of fish. 20 gallon can healthily house a much larger variety. Ok, thank you very much and thanks for the recommendation as well; I’ll check out the Prime conditioner!

Is a 55 gallon fish tank right for You?

Since the 55 gallon fish tank is quite popular, there are a number of variations in the market that are suitable for you. Given that one of the most known issues when it comes to tank collecting is the space, the variations for the 55 gallon tank can prove to be a lifesaver for some.

What do you need for a freshwater tank?

Freshwater tanks contain everything a saltwater tank will. The only real difference is that there are many more coldwater fish available for freshwater compared to saltwater. When keeping coldwater fish, you can forgo the heater. Maintenance Tools (Gravel Vacuum, Glass Scraper, etc.)

Is it easier to start a saltwater or freshwater aquarium?

All that said – a freshwater tank is easier to start with, but a fish-only saltwater aquarium is absolutely doable for a newbie who’s willing to put in some time for study and experimentation before purchasing the fish and equipment. Now, let’s take a look at the actual work required for saltwater vs freshwater fish tanks.

Are saltwater fish bigger than freshwater fish?

Generally speaking, yes, saltwater fish tend to be larger and have a need for larger aquarium sizes. But many of the freshwater fish that people assume do well in tiny tanks actually require much larger aquariums. Don’t base your decision on a saltwater vs freshwater fish tank simply on the idea that one requires a larger tank than the other.

What is the average size of a small aquarium?

Small Aquariums Tank Size L x W x H Empty Weight Filled Weight 2.5-gallon 12″ x 6″ x 8″ 3 lbs. 27 lbs. 5-gallon 16″ x 8″ x 10″ 7 lbs. 62 lbs. 10-gallon (leader) 20″ x 10″ x 12″ 11 lbs. 111 lbs. 15-gallon 24″ x 12″ x 12″ 21 lbs. 170 lbs. 1 more rows

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What is the difference between saltwater fish and deep sea fish?

The way the fish have adapted to their various settings is another huge difference between the two. The body tissues of saltwater fish have much less salt than the water in their environment. The deep sea draws water from the fish’s body cells with its skin in a procedure called osmoregulation.

How do saltwater fish digest salt water?

They direct some of the water that comes in through their mouths to their digestive track, and not just back out of their gills the way freshwater fish do. But drinking saltwater, of course, adds salt to their bodies, so they also have special cells in their gills to help remove salt ions.

What happens to saltwater fish in fresh water?

A saltwater fish in fresh water is now saltier than its surroundings. The surrounding water flows into their cells and they begin to swell and bloat, possibly rupturing. How much salt is too much? Freshwater has a concentration of < 0.1% salt by weight.

What is deep sea fishing?

Deep Sea Fishing, also known as Offshore Fishing, is any type of fishing done in depths of over 100 feet. Deep Sea Fishing Charters will travel about 10-20 miles out into the Gulf or the Ocean, depending on your departure location.

Why do saltwater fish need salt to maintain homeostasis?

Because the salt concentration inside their body is higher as in the surrounding water, water enters the body due to osmosis. Click to see full answer. Similarly, how do saltwater fish maintain homeostasis? Saltwater fish maintain homeostasis by excreting excess salt to maintain a balance of water in high saline conditions.

How do fish replace salt absorption in freshwater?

To inhabit freshwater, fish had to replace salts lost through diffusion to the water and eliminate excess water absorbed from the environment. Their kidneys produce small volumes of fluid containing high concentrations of salt.

How does deep sea fishing work?

In commercial deep sea fishing, big boats and ships trawl the bottom of the ocean floor for seafood. These boats and ships are equipped with heavy trawling equipment and large nets that drag fishing gear across the ocean floor as deep as two kilometres.