What fish can I put in with swordtails?


How many fish can you have in a 1 gallon tank?

They don’t grow much over 1 inch in length, so having them in a small space is no issue. You can easily keep 3 or 4 of them in a small 1 gallon tank without running into any issues. Moreover, they are very peaceful and docile fish that rarely get into confrontations or territorial disputes with other fish, especially of the same species.

How big of an aquarium do I need for my fish?

Betta fish, guppies, and goldfish, for example, are notoriously kept in tiny fish tanks – many of which aren’t even 1 gallon in size – which is a giant no-no for the health of your fish. A single adult fish needs a minimum of 5-gallons for a healthy environment. Many species require much larger aquariums. 3. Clean Water In, Dirty Water Out

How to choose the right aquarium for your pet?

In pet shops, you can find aquariums for beginners, and unpretentious fish for a small aquarium, and even special devices for creating a truly correct biotope. Even small fish require attention and respect. It is more difficult to create good conditions in a 10-liter tank than in a 100-liter tank.

Can you put fish in a cup tank?

Fish by nature share their living quarters, but cramping them into a tight space can heighten tension. A fish in a small cup will be very uncomfortable compared to a 20-gallon tank. However, if you have dozens of fish in a small water tank, it would quickly descend into chaos as well.

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Is an aquarium worth it?

Eric is an aquarium enthusiast with over two decades of experience caring for a wide array of tropical fish. The decision to set up an aquarium in your home shouldn’t be taken lightly. There are positives and negatives to keeping fish, and those who choose to pursue the hobby for years or decades have decided the positives are well worth it.

Can You overstock a fish tank?

Don’t overstock Fish Tank on Fish – The more fish there are, the more oxygen is needed. If there are too many fish in a tank, the oxygen production may not be fast enough to keep up with them. Have the proper size tank – If you have several fishes in a small tank, the tank will not be large enough to have enough oxygen.

Do fish tanks need air to be oxygenated?

Fish tanks often need an external source of air to keep the water oxygenated and to maintain a healthy environment for your fish. There are a number of devices on the market that can measure the amount of oxygen in a tank. Some work better than others, so you will want to do some research before deciding which one is best for you.

How to clean aquarium fish from fish tank?

Float the sealed bag that your fish is in on the top of the water in your turtle tank for 10 minutes. Open the bag and add one cup of aquarium water, then reseal and allow the bag to sit for another 10 minutes.

Can you put a betta fish in a plastic cup?

The cups, or sometimes plastic bags, that pet stores will provide you with to take your betta home has several downfalls: The cup will usually be filled with a small amount of water. Water temperature can fluctuate wildly in such a small amount of water, and this can be harmful (sometimes deadly) for betta fish.

What happens if fish eat too much food?

Rather, problems occur when excess food is left uneaten and accumulates as waste in the aquarium. The products of decomposed fish food can be extremely toxic to fish and can also indirectly affect them by wreaking havoc in their aquarium environment.

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What are the most common fish tank problems?

Here are a few of the most common fish tank problems that beginning hobbyists experience. 1. Starting with too small of an aquarium. Small aquariums can be more difficult to maintain than larger ones and are not well-suited to beginners.

What happens if you have too many fish in your pond?

If you have too many fish in a pond for it’s size, there’s no question that this overstocked situation will lead to water quality problems, potentially high and toxic levels of ammonia, and most likely, green water or string algae. Here’s a recent article we put together on this very topic – Pond Algae And Fish – Are The Two Related?

What size fish tank do I need for my Fighter Fish?

A fish tank of 10 gallons size is the ideal one. If you choose a tank of size below 5 gallons, then the amount of toxic elements such as ammonia will increase at rapid pace and harm your fighter fish. 3.

Is it possible to over stock a tank?

2 Major things to keep in mind when overstocking a tank is fish compatibility and very frequent water changes (maybe daily) depending on how overstocked you are. No amount of filtration will remove the toxins that build up in our aquariums that we do not test for and can only be removed by water changes.

Is it OK to have a lot of fish in the tank?

It’s nice to keep a lot of fish in the tank but it can easily get too much. It’s sometimes confusing for people to visit the pet store because they often have a ton of fish in small aquariums. They can do so because they have a massive pump system and they filtrate and clean the water regularly.

Is your aquarium overstocked?

When your aquarium is overstocked there’s simply not room enough for all the fish to thrive. So oftentimes the fish will live a short life which is a shame. If you sixpack this to be happening you should definitely take out a few fish to lower the amount of fish in the tank.

Why are my fish overstocking?

This will typically happen if you have to many fish in the aquarium or if the fish are too big for your tank. If you’re having problems with diseases and you have already tested your water properly (to make sure the cycle is running as it should) you might also have a problem with overstocking.

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Can you over clean a tank with a bigger filter?

If you have a larger than the necessary sized filter, but have water flow that is suitable for your tank, then you won’t have a problem. You can’t over clean a tank. Once your water flows through your filters, the toxins and other harmful things are removed from the water by the beneficial bacteria. These accumulate around your filter inlet.

Can I over filter my Aquarium?

If the flow rate isn’t too strong, then you won’t over filter your aquarium. Even when using a larger filter, it is not possible to over-clean your water. You can, though, push the water through the filter too fast, which will affect the impact of your beneficial bacteria. Here are a few benefits of good water flow through your filter:

Do fish fry overpopulate the tank?

If you do not wish to have the fish fry overpopulate your fish tank, you can do so by allowing the natural population control take place in your fish tank. Some of the fish species will eat their fry. In which case, just to make sure there is no hiding places for fry will do the trick.

Is your home aquarium overstocked?

Once a home aquarium is overstocked, not only it will become harder to maintain, but it will also make it uncomfortable for the fish and lower their quality of life. In severe cases, you might also suffer higher fish loss because of it. In the photo, the fish tank is overstocked with too many blood parrot cichlids. 1.

What increases oxygen in an aquarium without pumping CO2 into it?

So what increases oxygen in an aquarium without pumping CO2 into it. The larger surface area your aquarium has the better as that is where oxygen will enter your tank naturally. When carbon dioxide releases from the water and touches the air the water absorbs oxygen. It is an exchange of the gasses that makes this process happen.