What fish can I keep with guppies?


How to protect Cherry shrimps from guppies?

This will ensure that the cherry shrimps always have plenty of cover and are able to protect themselves from the guppies. Some of the plant/moss types which you can include in your tank are: You can easily pick from these plant types. All of them will provide plenty of hiding options for the shrimps.

Are guppies friendly fish?

Guppies are friendly fish. Their easygoing nature is one of the reasons why they are very popular with fish hobbyists. These fish adapt well and liven up an aquarium with their colors and activity. Guppies also get along with various other fish species. Since they are not aggressive, they do not disrupt the harmony of the tank.

Can guppy fry and tetra eggs live together?

When the eggs are in the same tank as the adults, the adults may eat them up. So, the chances of survival of guppy fry and tetra eggs are less if they are in the same tank as the adults. Can Guppies Live Together? + How To Stop Guppies From Fighting?

How to control Cherry shrimps in aquarium?

Another way to control the population of the cherry shrimps is by adding one or two predator fishes. Predator fishes are excellent at keeping the shrimp population at check. If there are lots of plants and moss in the tank, then the predator fishes and cherry shrimps will maintain a nice balance in the tank.

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Do predator fish eat Cherry shrimps?

If there are lots of plants and moss in the tank, then the predator fishes and cherry shrimps will maintain a nice balance in the tank. Most predator fish will only go for the baby shrimps or nib at the adult ones.

Can cherry shrimp and guppies live in the same tank?

So there you have it. Cherry Shrimp and Guppies can live in the same tank in harmony, but it will take some work and maintenance to achieve it. Even after all of your efforts, you may still find that your Guppies are eating the Shrimp.

Can you put baby shrimp with guppies?

Allow time for baby shrimp to grow. If you place guppies in the tank too early, the adult guppies, as well as baby fry, can and will consume the baby shrimp. Add lots of live plants and moss so that there are enough hiding places for the cherry shrimp. This can also work as a cover for baby guppies as well.

Can guppies and cherry shrimp live together?

Also, adult guppies are much more efficient when it comes to hunting shrimps. If you want to keep guppies with cherry shrimp you have to limit the number of guppy fish in your tank. Breeding shrimp in the same tank with guppies is almost impossible. You will never be able to grow the shrimp population.

How big of a tank do you need for a cherry shrimp?

Cherry Shrimp Care Guide: Grades, Tank Conditions, Tank Mates, Diet, and Breeding Category Rating Tank Set-Up Freshwater, Heavily Planted Size 1.5 Inches Minimum Tank Size 5 Gallons Compatibility Other Shrimps and Snails 7 more rows

Why are my Cherry shrimps dying in the tank?

The filter of the tank won’t be able to cope up with the bioload of the shrimps. It will be just too much to handle. Also, you’ll need to perform water changes multiple times a week in order to keep the water parameters in the ideal range. Otherwise, the cherry shrimps will start to die.

What do cherry shrimp eat?

The blanched vegetables are also an excellent food for cherry shrimp. Also, Zucchini, Lettuce, Spinach, and Carrots are the most commonly used vegetables as cherry shrimp food.

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Are cheery shrimp omnivores?

Cheery shrimp also graze on algae growing on freshwater vegetation, and while they are omnivores, these algae make up the biggest part of their diets. You’ll be able to see this action once you have some in your tank.

What do cherry shrimp like to eat?

Let’s look at what Cherry shrimp like to eat. Not only do these shrimps love algae, but they eat many different kinds – even Hair algae. Some reports even state that Cherry shrimp will eat more types of algae than even Amano shrimp, though this has not been conclusively confirmed.

Do cherry shrimp shed their shells?

They tend to move a lot, often grazing on surfaces in the tank. One of the most interesting behaviors of Cherry shrimp is that they will periodically shed their exoskeleton. It might be tempting to remove these shells in an effort to clean, but they should be left in the tank.

What do you need for a red cherry shrimp tank?

A Red Cherry Shrimp tank setup can be any size tank provided the rules against overstocking are followed. The tank should include plenty of live aquarium plants. Its important for these shrimp to have lots of places to crawl on and explore. Live plants provide great hiding places and cover for these shrimp.

Can fish and amphibians live with cherry shrimp?

Although certain fish and amphibians can live with cherry shrimp, it is important to note that there is no guarantee that they will not eat or injure your shrimp. Every fish has the potential to take a nibble at the shrimp. It is not uncommon for the adults to survive in the tank, but for the baby shrimp to be eaten by even the smallest fish.

Can you have guppies and cherry shrimp in the same tank?

The bottom line is that you can have guppies and cherry shrimp coexisting in the same tank, so long as you stick to several specifics. Of course, the most important one is protecting the baby shrimps during their first cycle of life. Adult shrimp are already proficient at hiding from guppies and living their lives in their predators’ shadows.

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Can guppies eat leftover shrimp?

Most people think that the cherry shrimp will be able to easily consume the leftover food. The problem is that when you have guppies around, most of the leftover food will not reach the bottom of the tank.

Can guppies and ghost shrimp live together?

They naturally live side by side and don’t disturb each other too much. Occasionally a guppy will swim up to a ghost shrimp, and the ghost shrimp will hide under an ornament or corner. In the wild, the ghost shrimp would run away entirely. But, because of the tank’s confines, the ghost shrimp will hide, and the guppy swims away.

Can guppies eat freeze dried food?

There is one danger of feeding live food to your Guppy. It is the fact that it might get affected by diseases. This is one of the reasons as to why freeze dried food is recommended. They are not very nutritious; however, will play a major role when it comes to saving your fish from catching diseases.

Can guppies and shrimp live together in the same tank?

The short answer to this question is yes, guppies and shrimp can be placed in the same aquarium. However, you need to understand that shrimps are in the food chain for guppies albeit a bit lower down the line. In simple terms, guppies eat shrimp including the cherry shrimp species.

Can you keep guppies with cherry shrimp?

If the number of guppies is much higher, mostly likely the cherry shrimp will get hunted down. Also, adult guppies are much more efficient when it comes to hunting shrimps. If you want to keep guppies with cherry shrimp you have to limit the number of guppy fish in your tank.

How to protect shrimp from predator fish?

It’s a good idea to have a lot of plants and some decorations in your fish tank so that the shrimp can hide from the different types of predator fishes.

How to care for cherry shrimp in an aquarium?

For example, if you want to keep your aquarium at the high-temperature range for cherry shrimp, 76°F/25C, a heater is required. Or raise the room temperature is you have multiple tanks. If you are planning to breed shrimp, it can help to keep them at a higher temperature.