What fish can go with peacock cichlids?


How often should I Clean my 125 gallon fish tank?

A 125 gallon tank will require the same maintenance processes as other smaller aquariums although they will take longer due to the larger size of the tank. A weekly 20-30% water change should be performed. At this time you can also clean the gravel and remove any fish waste.

Is a 125 gallon tank big enough for a fish tank?

Larger fish can be kept in 125-gallon aquariums, as well as a broader range of species. A 125-gallon aquarium has a more finished appearance than a 50-gallon tank, which gives the impression that it is an integral part of the space rather than an afterthought.

Do you have to remove fish from the tank to clean it?

No, you don’t have to remove your fish from the tank to clean it! If you have a very small fish bowl it may be helpful to put your fish in another container for cleaning, but I’ll teach you a method below that’s even easier. For larger tanks over 5-gallons you shouldn’t worry about removing them. You’ll clean around them instead!

What size heater do I need for a 125 gallon tank?

The size of the heater for a 125-gallon fish tank depends on the kind of fish and desired temperature. A heater rated at 100 watts or more is required if you want to keep the water temperature at 75-78 degrees Fahrenheit, for example.

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What fish can you put in a 125 gallon tank?

Parachromis managuensis and angelfish like Pterophyllum leopoldi or severums can be kept in 125-gallon tanks, like other cichlids, such as the angelfish. There are saltwater varieties that can also be saved, but they aren’t always readily available in pet supply shops. How much does a 125-gallon aquarium weigh?

How many fish can you keep in a one-gallon tank?

Considering the circumstances, you can keep one small fish or a few pygmy fish in a one-gallon tank. Please note, however, that small tanks need constant care and a more careful maintenance schedule. Generally speaking, all fish are much happier living in larger tanks.

How much does a 125 gallon fish tank weigh?

Most 125 gallon aquariums’ dimensions are 72W″ x 18D″ x 22H″, however the exact dimensions can differ slightly depending on the shape or brand of the tank. When empty the tank will weigh around 206 pounds, but once full it can weigh anywhere up to 1200 pounds depending on your setup. How Much Does A 125 Gallon Fish Tank Cost?

What should I do if my fish are dying in tank?

Clean the algae, do the water change, and all these things require leaving the fish in the tank.

What size heater do I need for a 40 gallon tank?

If the room is 10 degrees cooler then a 40 gallon tank will need a 200-watt heater. If the room is more than 15 degrees cooler than the temperature of your aquarium then a 320-watt heater will be in order. A standard 55 gallon aquarium will require a 165-watt heater at a minimum.

What size heater do I need for 125 gallon aquarium?

A standard 125 gallon aquarium will need a 375-watt heater at a minimum. A 375-watt heater will be just enough to increase a 125 gallon aquariums temperature by 5 degrees Fahrenheit. If you need to increase a 125 gallon aquariums temperature by 10 degrees Fahrenheit you will need to add multiple heaters that add up to 625 watts of heating power.

How many gallons of water in an aquarium?

In general, an aquarium of this size holds about 125 gallons of water. But some are significantly larger or smaller than this. The size of your aquarium will be determined by the type of fish you intend to keep and the number of fish you intend to house at any given time.

How often should you clean your aquarium?

There is no exact schedule for cleaning your aquarium. Cleaning frequency varies from tank to tank. The answer depends on the number of fish you have, the size of your tank, and your filtration system. For the most part, you’ll need to clean your tank every one to two weeks.

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Can you use two aquarium heaters in an aquarium?

Yes, you can use two or multiple aquarium heaters in an aquarium. In fact, it is recommended to install multiple heaters for large aquariums, especially above 100 gallons or more. There are advantages to using multiple heaters. First, you can place the heaters on opposite ends of the aquarium.

Is it okay to have two tank heaters?

Two heaters are definitely acceptable and some aquarium sites actually recommend two in case one fails at some point. It is cheaper to get one good one but you can keep the one you have plus one that is rated for the new tank. (Or better yet, keep the old tank setup for a new fish!!

Can you put two heaters in the same tank?

If you have a big tank, you might need to think about installing two smaller heaters to warm the water consistently. Consider putting these heaters at opposite ends of the tank to ensure proper heat coverage. Many aquarists also recommend using more than one heater if you choose a hang-on or submersible heater.

How many tank heaters do I Need?

Two heaters are definitely acceptable and some aquarium sites actually recommend two in case one fails at some point. It is cheaper to get one good one but you can keep the one you have plus one that is rated for the new tank.

Can I use two water heaters with a 150 watt heater?

The 150 is designed for 40+. The problem with going on the low end is that the heater has to work harder to keep the water temp stable so can burn out faster. As for using two, I would personally recommend just getting one of the proper size.

Can you have two aquarium heaters?

In the case of two heaters in a system, you may want to set the second heater to turn on a degree or two below what the primary heater is set at. A second reason for having two aquarium heaters is that if one heater fails to turn on (in the case of a burnt-out heater), the second heater will keep the aquarium at the desired temperature.

Can you put a submersible heater on the bottom of a tank?

As long as there is good flow around the heater, your fish tank should warm up evenly. Submersible aquarium heater can be installed horizontally near the bottom of the tank or even vertically. Arguably, setting your aquarium heater in a horizontal position is the more effective way because heat rises and disperse better.

What size tank heater do I need for a 10-gallon tank?

A 10-gallon tank, for example, will typically need a 25- to 75-watt heater, while a 75-gallon tank will require 250 to 300 watts. Larger tanks may require multiple heaters.

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Is an aquarium heater necessary for tropical fish?

An aquarium heater is necessary for keeping almost any tropical fish. It is becoming a popular practice to use two aquarium heaters rather than just one. There are many species of marine and freshwater fish that live in warmer climates of the world.

What are the best aquarium heaters for small-sized tanks?

Now, let’s look closer at what FishLab found to be the best aquarium heaters for small-sized tanks… The FREESEA Aquarium Submersible Heater is one of the best small aquarium heaters you can get today. In spite of its simple design, the product ensures maximum functionality throughout the day.

What should I do if my tank is too hot?

If the temperature is correct, you are done. If the temperature is too warm, follow the next step to lower the temperature. If the tank is too warm, wait until the indicator light on the heater is on and then carefully turn the thermostat down until the light just turns off.

Do I need a heater for a tiny aquarium?

It is for this reason that a heater is essential to your tiny tank, no matter how cramped it may be. FishLab tested 20 of the slimmest and most compact aquarium heaters across seven different tanks ranging from 1 to 10 gallons, to answer one question: Which heater is best for your tiny tank? 1. Preset aquarium heaters 2. Adjustable aquarium heaters

What is the best aquarium heater for saltwater?

This exceptional aquarium heater is titanium tube materials and is ideal for use in fresh and saltwater. The intelligent IC chip controls the heater temperature, and you can check the heat via the display and intelligent indicator light. The FREESEA Aquarium Heater is a tiny heater for small tanks between 1 to 10 gallons.

How to choose the best aquarium heater for small tanks?

Choosing the best aquarium heater for small tanks is always a big thing to consider. The main challenge comes from the limited space inside with decoration and fishes. Not only that, with a heater, but the small size may also cause the aquarium to heat up quickly. So, assuming that you have a fish tank with the size, not more than 10 gallons.

Is Marina a good brand for aquarium heaters?

Marina does well at making quality aquarium goods, and this small fish tank heater suitable to 5.5-gallon size is yet another of its signature. This Marina compact fish tank heater, built for saltwater and freshwater aquariums, can be completely immersed in water and is fitting for a 20-liter tank.