What fish are loaches compatible with?


What fish can I put with a clownfish?

Suitable tank mates for clowns include: 1 Angelfish 2 Bala shark 3 Black skirt tetra 4 Boeseman’s rainbow 5 Bristlenose plecostomus 6 Bolivian ram 7 Cherry barb 8 Dwarf gourami 9 Iridescent shark 10 Kuhli loach More items…

How do you care for a clown fish?

This article has been viewed 156,046 times. To care for a clown fish, feed it a pinch of commercial fish flakes once a day. You can also supplement your fish’s diet with algae, shrimp, and worms so it’s getting all of the nutrients it needs.

What do you put in a loach tank?

You can put the sand on the bottom of the tank, and you also can put pebbles. The Botia macracantha can covers the bottom. The lighting for the tank will help the flora or the plants grow well. Some plants will be proper for the loach fish such as the Microsorum Pteropus, Anubias or the taxyphyllum.

Should I add Sharks to my loaches tank?

I really don’t think you should add any sharks if you have a group of very large loaches as well. The same goes for any plecs, apart from small ones such as a couple of bristlenoses. Clown loaches can be skittish and nervous and should not be housed with any aggressive bottom dwellers.

Is a clown loach a good fish to keep?

yes,they are great community fish, but very sensitive. loaches get ich very easily and they are sensitive to the medicine. jen.chris Valued Member Member. I’ve read in a few different places that clown loach’s only get to 6-8inches in a home aquarium, that 12inches is their max growth in the wild.

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What kind of plants are good for clown loaches?

Both floating plants and submerged plants are good for your clown loaches fish tank as they will help to block light and give plenty of privacy).

Can you keep goldfish with other fish in the same tank?

You can but you should NOT try it unless you want to feed a a pinch to a small lid more per day it is highly advised not to keep any other fish with goldfish as it has some nasty habits. goldfish produces a large amount of waste which becomes very hazardous to the other fish. but then how big is your aquarium?

What is the average lifespan of a comet goldfish?

Shubunkin and comet goldfish have an average lifespan of 12 to 15 years. Oranda goldfish have an average of 15 years but can live up to 20 years. The key for these long lifespans is the housing in combination with the other elements of proper care.

What are the characteristics of flat-body goldfish?

Flat-body goldfish have slim, streamlined bodies and swim quickly. They include the common goldfish and comets. All types of goldfish can survive in an unheated, indoor aquarium. All goldfish are social. However, flat-body goldfish may bully the egg-shaped fancies if the aquarium is too small and the fish are competing for space and food.

Can a goldfish live in a 75 gallon tank?

They don’t grow as large as koi. Although they can survive in a small tank, at least a 75-gallon tank would be more beneficial for keeping multiple goldfish. 12 gallons per fish is a good place to start when raising goldfish. A larger tank will help keep stable temperatures, but a heater should be used in a smaller tank.

Can you keep clownfish together?

You can keep Clownfish together – it is recommended to keep them in pairs or groups of the same species. One of the things that make Clownfish such ideal beginner fish is that they are famously easy to feed. They are omnivores that in the wild will eat copepods, small crustaceans, algae, anemone tentacles, fish eggs, and larvae.

How often should you feed clown fish?

You should feed clown fish in an aquarium a lot less then you might think, 2 to 3 times a week is sufficient. In fact it is the anemones that you will feed and the clown fish in your aquarium will feed off the anemones leftovers. Anemones will eat jumbo shrimp, large krill or fish.

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How to keep a shark-like fish in your aquarium?

Get the long tank – aside from growing, fish that exhibit shark-like behavior are natural explorers. Mostly being bottom-dwellers what concerns them is the total area of your aquarium’s bed. A longer tank will provide your pet with lots of roaming space, making it feel like a real sneaky predator.

Are goldfish slow swimmers?

Goldfish are slow swimmers for the most part. It is recommended for Goldfish to have 20g’s for the first fish and 10 gallon for each additional Goldfish. I hope you enjoy the forum!

Do tropical fish get along with goldfish?

If you’ll notice, most tropical fish prefer temps ranging from 72-82. Goldfish prefer temps 68-75 (my experience). Temperature wise goldfish and tropical fish are compatible. The conflicts have more to do with feeding habits, size, speed, and temperament.

Why would you put a goldfish in a tropical tank?

Another reason is that most tropical fish are going to be much faster than goldfish when it comes to getting food. Goldfish are slow swimmers for the most part. It is recommended for Goldfish to have 20g’s for the first fish and 10 gallon for each additional Goldfish.

Can I Put my Goldfish in tap water?

Lots of beginner goldfish keepers think they can simply add tap water straight into their tank along with their goldfish. But if you want your goldfish to live a long and healthy life, then letting them swim in untreated tap water is definitely not a good idea!

Which fish live the longest in an aquarium?

Out of all the aquarium fish varieties you might choose to populate your home, goldfish are known to live the longest, with proper care. So, it really is a crying shame that these fish have developed a reputation for dying easily and quickly. Don’t help to keep this idea alive.

How long can a goldfish live out of water?

A goldfish can live up to an hour out of water and significantly longer depending on a few variables. If the goldfish in question jumps out onto a nonabsorbent surface like a tile or wood floor, it took some of the goldfish tank water with it and the room temperature is cool, it can live several hours possibly up to 3 hours or more.

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How do you know if your goldfish is dying?

Some of the common signs that your goldfish might be ill include swimming abnormally, gasping at the water surface, continually scratching against the tank decorations, and a shaky body. The most common goldfish ailments are lice, popeye, anchor worm, fin rot, fungus, and constipation.

What to do if a goldfish jumps out of the tank?

Clove oil is known to be the most humane way to kill a goldfish. Here are some signs to look for. Proper goldfish care: The steps to reviving a goldfish that jumped out of its tank. Immediately place the goldfish out of water into cool water from its tank. Cool water contains more oxygen.

What kind of tail does a comet goldfish have?

While most goldfish are either hearty single-tail types or the more delicate fancy double-tails, the Comet is both a hearty and fancy breed! Comets have a slightly more compact body than the Common Goldfish, and their signature feature is a long, flowing tail that trails behind them like a meteorite.

How long do comet goldfish live in a pond?

With proper care and close attention to diet and water quality, Comet goldfish usually live for 10 to 15 years in a tank or pond, so they might even outlive your cat or dog companion! There have been reports of goldfish who lived into their 30s and even their 40s, so you could be caring for your school for decades.

How long do red capped Sarasa goldfish live?

The most popular morphs are the Bi-Colored Red and White and the extremely desirable Red-Capped Sarasa Comet, a goldfish with the coloration pattern of a koi! With proper care and close attention to diet and water quality, Comet goldfish usually live for 10 to 15 years in a tank or pond, so they might even outlive your cat or dog companion!

What happens when a goldfish tank is too crowded?

Overcrowding can lead to anxiety and behavior problems in fish. A crowded tank can lead to increased aggression or shyness. It also makes it much harder to keep the tank clean. Underdeveloped goldfish can die younger than fully grown fish.

Is a bigger tank better for goldfish?

For one, your fish will have plenty of room to swim and explore. The extra space can do a lot to keep your Goldfish stimulates and happy. Secondly, larger tanks are easier to maintain water conditions. With even standard filtration equipment, the water is more likely to be well-cycled and highly oxygenated.