What do you do with your pet bearded dragon when on vacation?


Do I need a pet sitter for my pet reptiles?

Bearded dragons and other reptiles that require fresh greens every day will need someone stopping by daily to give them their food but snakes and others that only eat once a month or so should be fine without a sitter if you’re only gone for a few days or a week.

What do you do with reptiles when you leave town?

They’re going on vacation or need to leave town for a few days and they think… what do we do with the reptiles? It’s one thing to leave cats and dogs in a kennel but it’s another thing to find someone to lodge your reptiles, especially if you have delicate ones like chameleons or have more than one or two.

Should you take a vacation with your pet reptiles?

Your vacation should be about fun and relaxation, not responsibility. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to think about your pet reptiles while you’re taking a break from the real world. Reptiles need regular care, even if it’s just checking in on them, and it shouldn’t slip your mind even during your vacation.

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Is it safe to leave reptiles in a kennel?

It’s one thing to leave cats and dogs in a kennel but it’s another thing to find someone to lodge your reptiles, especially if you have delicate ones like chameleons or have more than one or two.

Can I feed insects to my reptile pet sitter?

If your reptile needs to be fed insects, you can buy them ahead of time and keep them in a small tank or container with food and water for your reptile pet sitter. This will not only gut load the insects for you but will keep them alive and ready to be fed by your pet sitter.

How do you find reptiles in the wild?

Make sure you do not touch or disturb these bewitching creatures. When the sun is out and the temperatures are rising is the best time to see reptiles as they bask in open areas. Check under the corrugated iron mats left for reptiles at many reserves to see if a slow worm, lizard or snake is lurking underneath.

Are reptiles good pets to keep as pets?

You’ve now seen 12 of the best reptiles to keep as pets. Reptiles make for wonderful and interesting pets, and can be very rewarding if cared for properly. If you need any more information on a specific species on this list, make sure to check out the different sections of our blog!

Can reptiles bathe themselves?

Reptiles, unlike mammals, can absorb water through their skin. So, to stay hydrated, they don’t have to drink but simply can bathe. Wild reptiles bathe themselves, but pet reptiles must be given proper tools to do this. How an owner bathes a pet reptile depends, to some extent, on the species.

Can You Bring your pet lizard with you on vacation?

It’s not always possible, though, and you may need to bring your pet lizard along with you. Before you do this, you should make sure you are doing it safely and wisely. Reptiles can react very poorly to a changing habitat, a stressed lizard can be unpredictable and volatile, and travel can even result in health issues.

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How to travel with a pet reptile?

Make sure you have plenty of time once you get to the airport, but not too long. Direct flights may cost a bit more but not having to switch airlines and spend additional time traveling will help reduce the stress load on your reptile. This is a much easier mode of transportation and will cause your pet less stress than airline travel.

Can I bring my pet reptiles to another state?

Some states restrict the importation of pets, especially reptiles and amphibians, so it is important to know the rules of the state and city to which you are moving. You could also contact reptile and amphibian enthusiasts at local herpetological clubs.

How to take care of reptiles when you move?

You could also contact reptile and amphibian enthusiasts at local herpetological clubs. These can also be a great source to finding a good vet for your type of pet. Although moving can be hectic, try to keep your pets routine the same as usual. Stress is hard on any pet, but reptiles are especially susceptible to health issues.

What are the dangers of a reptile tank?

7 Terrarium Dangers for Reptiles 1 Excessive Heat. 2 Hot Rocks. 3 Lack of UV Bulbs. 4 Dirty Water. 5 Incorrect Reptile Bedding. 6 Poisonous Plants. 7 Live Prey Left in for Too Long.

Do reptiles eat dead feeders?

It’s common knowledge that most reptiles will take dead feeders. What all your readers thought this article was about hebivorus reptles or omnivores that eat eggs. Not dead stuff that’s the same as live stuff.

Do lizards need live bugs to live?

Many believe that a pet lizard must be fed live bugs or other living animals. This can be a huge turn-off to potential reptile owners who are uncomfortable with keeping insects like crickets and roaches in their home or dislike watching their pets kill other animals.

How do reptiles reproduce?

Reptile reproduction also depends on temperature. Only boas and pythons give birth to live young. The other species lay their eggs in a simple nest, and leave. The young hatch days to months later.

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What do you know about reptiles?

Reptiles are fascinating animals that are aften sadly forgotten about when talking about interesting UK wildlife. Most lay eggs, but some give birth to live young, they live in an array of habitats and, contrary to general expectations, are often quite shy.

When do Reptiles come out in the wild?

As the temperature rises, particularly during early spring in the southwest, reptiles begin to move around more and so the number of sightings and encounters with reptiles also increases. They may also be seen in the winter basking in the sun to warm up or hiding in other warm spots. In hot weather, reptiles may also be active at night.

What reptiles can you have as pets?

These include:

  • American corn snakes
  • anoles – all types
  • boa constrictors
  • ball pythons
  • chameleons
  • dingoes
  • feral pigs
  • ferrets
  • fire-bellied newts
  • fire-bellied toads

What are the best reptiles to keep as pets?

Which Reptiles Make The Easiest Pets For Beginners?

  • Bearded Dragon. Do bearded dragons make a good pet?
  • Leopard Gecko. Leopard geckos are cute reptiles that are nocturnal.
  • Chameleon. Chameleons are incredible pet lizards, but some say that they’re not suitable for starters.
  • Corn Snake.
  • Ball Python.
  • Eastern Box Turtles.
  • Water Dragon.
  • Crested Gecko.
  • Red-Eared Slider.
  • Russian Tortoise.

What is the best reptile pet for beginners?

The 5 Best Beginner Reptiles

  1. Leopard Gecko. These cute little creatures are the darlings of the lizard world, with their smiling faces and big, bright eyes.
  2. Bearded Dragon. Bearded dragons are a fantastic beginner reptile if you are willing to put a little extra time and money into your pet.
  3. Ball Python.
  4. King Snake.
  5. Crested Gecko.

What is the easiest pet reptile to take care of?

  • They generally don’t require (much) heating. They do well at room temperature (though this depends on the ambient temperature of your home)
  • They don’t need a light. They are predominantly nocturnal. The ambient light from the room they are in is great for them.
  • Feeding them is simple. You buy a mix (I like the ones from Pangaea).