What are the most expensive Corydoras?


What is the most expensive Cory you’ve ever bought?

The most expensive corys I’ve bought are my C. schultzei (black) for which I paid $250 for a proven breeding group of 5 in 2005. C. weitzmani at $50 -70 each in 2006.

What is the most expensive food in the world?

Here’s a quick recap of the 15 most expensive foods: Almas Caviar; Yubari King Melons; Bluefin Tuna; Ayam Cemani Chicken; Saffron; White Truffles; Matsutake Mushrooms; Moose Cheese; Manuka Honey; Iberico Ham; Vanilla; Wagyu Beef; Fugu; Foie Gras; Oysters; What’s your favorite expensive food? Leave a comment below.

How much does it cost to transport a koi fish?

Since a large majority of koi fish breeders have farms in Japan, the koi fish need to travel from Japan to the buyer, wherever in the world that might be. It costs an average of $41.50 per fish to transport a koi fish.

Why do professional koi fish breeders charge more for a fish?

Professional koi fish breeders charge more for a fish since they provide the best conditions to produce the most unique and largest koi fish possible. About 90% of breeders have their farms in Japan, providing the cultural background necessary to breed koi fish, too.

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Why is a squid so expensive?

The main reasoning for this heavy price tag is the same as other fish. Not only is it extremely beautiful but also very rare in the bargain. These little fishes are commonly found in the Caribbean region at depths exceeding 500 feet.

How much is a fish worth today?

There was a time when this fish was plentiful, but years of angling and uncontrolled fishing has driven it to near extinction, and that is why even a single living specimen is worth over $5000 as of today.

How do you budget for an aquarium?

Make a Checklist. Expenses include the aquarium and stand, hood and light, heater, filter, gravel, decorations, water treatment, net, and cleaning supplies. All that in addition to the fish, as well as their food. Make a thorough checklist and go online or to a pet store, then write down the costs for all the items you are interested in.

How much water do you put in a koi pond?

Keep in mind that for every koi fish, give it at least 200 gallons of water to swim around. Also, make sure to keep the depth at around four to five feet to keep stray animals from eating the fish. Rubber pond liners, like EPDM rubber, come in two variations—45 mil and 60 mil.

Can you move Koi with a net?

Don’t chase your koi around the pond with the net. Instead, place it behind them or slightly under them to help guide them into their transportation bag or bin. You can move koi in plastic bags as long as you also have a rigid container to put the bags in.

Why are Koi fish in danger?

Koi have been introduced all over the world, and they are farm-raised in large numbers for food, for ornamentation and for sport fishing. Wild populations are now at risk from hybridization with released or introduced domestic stock. They are also threatened by river control — wild carp need flooded areas in order to reproduce.

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How much does it cost to feed a koi fish?

Feeding your koi fish is very inexpensive at about $5 per month. Miscellaneous items such as water testing kits cost around $50 each month. Medicinal costs to treat sickness, fungus, and parasites will be unpredictable but likely as well. Do not underestimate how much electricity will cost with maintaining a koi pond.

How hard is it to breed a koi fish?

To compare, there are about 200 breeds of dogs. But when it comes down to it, breeding koi is a lot harder. A single koi can give birth to hundreds of thousands of baby fish at a time. Yvo: I think we are talking about millions and millions of fish per breeder.

Why buy high quality koi?

Some people find that learning what constitutes a high quality fish is the most interesting part of the hobby, and even though they do not plan to show fish, they do appreciate the highly valued Koi that fall into the higher grades. We also offer fish that are individually priced.

How much does a squid cost per kilo?

About $10 a kilo. Squid and calamari are two different beasts. Squid is cheaper and tougher; calamari is more tender and expensive. Squid is generally Nototodarus gouldi, also known as Gould’s squid, but a species named Teuthoidea is also targeted.

Why is Cod so expensive?

Why is cod fish so expensive? Over fishing and catching them when they are too young. Black Cod also known as Sable fish have been so over fished that NOAA had to step in and list them as near extinction. When this happens, this become listed as no catch.

Why is salmon so expensive in the UK?

The demand from China has pushed up the price of salmon for UK shoppers, with salmon fillets in supermarkets going up 56% in just one year (5). Tuna is another species rising in price, with demand for this species going up due to the growing popularity of sushi and sashimi all over the world, and the health benefits that eating this species brings.

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How to make a fish tank on a low budget?

To make your fish tank on a low budget, choose fish that don’t need expensive gear or food to keep them healthy and happy so you can save money on running your tank. For example, sail-fin mollies and peppered cory catfish are great hardy fish species that cope well with basic tank environments.

Where did the koi fish come from?

Koi Heritage. Contrary to popular belief, the koi fish is thought to have originated in China. The fish were later used as a food source before the Japanese began breeding them for their aesthetic appeal in the mid-1800s.

How hard is it to breed Koi?

You won’t get rich breeding koi. The female is often left with a few injuries. It’s exceptionally hard to breed for certain colours and patterns. If that’s the plan, you could be setting yourself up for a huge disappointment. To breed koi outside of the pond, you’ll need several tanks (polyethylene is acceptable) and other items.

What is the best koi fish food line?

The ever-popular Tetra koi fish food line is perhaps the most well-known brand because it’s available in most retail outlets. While it’s a great option, it can often cost more than 2-4x the competing brand listed above.

How to build a koi breeding pond?

The good Koi breeding pond should have a round shape and around 1,000 gallons / 3800 L of fresh and chlore-free water. The water will if Chlorated have to be treated with Clorox or another equivalent to remove the chlore before being used to breed koi. The water should be kept standing for three days before adding fish.