What are Barb horses used for?


Do mules make good riding horses?

Depending on the breed and conformation of the horse mother, some mules can make extremely good endurance riding horses. They inherit the hard feet and sure-footedness from their donkey sire and the conformation and endurance from their mare mothers.

What is it like to own a mule?

Mules are loaded with personality. Mules are smarter than horses by far. Mules learn things (Good or bad things) often times when they only see them 3 times. Mules are smart enough to not do things they think are dangerous. Mules have a personality of their own that I just don’t see as much of in horses.

Should I shoe my mule?

Mules that work on pavement, stony ground, etc. are shod, but most pleasure animals, or mules that work on softer ground, never see a shoe. Regular hoof trimming keeps them just fine. Their feet are strong, tough, flexible, and usually not as brittle and shelly as those of a horse.

Is it better to own a mule or horse?

Plus, mules are less-demanding, easy to care for, feed, and maintain. On the other hand, horses are a great option if you want a loyal and kind-natured equine. Likely, you can use their athleticism to help in your physique and fun adventures like horseback riding.

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Is a pack mule different from a horse?

Some years and the ownership of a number of pack mules later, I now recognize the veracity of that simple statement: “Mules is different.” Mules and donkeys are a lot like horses, to be sure, but in many ways, including some health concerns, they are most definitely different.

Is it cheaper to feed a mule or a horse?

It costs less to feed a mule than a horse. Mules rarely need grain to stay healthy, and they can maintain a proper body weight eating good fresh hay or grass. The only times a mule may need grain to supplement their diet is if they are being worked unusually hard.

Does My Mule’s diet meet his nutrient needs?

I have checked your mule’s diet with our ration evaluation software program, and it appears to meet all of his nutrient needs for the amount of exercise he is getting.

What do you feed your mules?

Mules have very few feeding problems :they do not get colic and laminitis as easily as horses and require very little grain feed, subsisting beautifully just on forage. Their hay does not need to be top range, often second cut or older hay is fine.

Why is it so hard to train mules?

Evaluate mules on an individual basis and don’t think you can fix one with issues. You CAN fix them, but it is so much harder than a horse and takes so much more time. Horse people have a hard time training mules because mules aren’t horses. 😉

Are mules WIMPs compared to horses?

They can be wimps compared to horses. Yes, horses can be nervous and spooky, but they tend to live in the moment. Mules can brood over things for days at a time.

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Do mules need top range Hay?

Their hay does not need to be top range, often second cut or older hay is fine. Mules are calm, reliable animals. A common expression in the mule industry is, “Mules must be trained and handled the way horses should be trained and handled.”

Can mules eat grass clippings?

Grass clippings should not be fed for a multitude of reasons but mostly because they have weed killers and fungicides that can be toxic to mules or horses. Grass clippings are prone to cause choking because the animals do not have to chew in order to swallow. Some folks back East have a lot of great grass hay, which is a great feed for Mr. Mule.

How many chromosomes does a mule get from a horse?

When they are mated, the mule receives 63 chromosomes (32 from the horse and 31 from the donkey). During meiosis, the chromosomes are not in pairs, and, as their number is halved, the sex cells usually end up without a complete set.

Why are most horses WIMPs?

The result is that most domestic horses are wimps when it comes to slamming the back of the foot into hard ground at impact as nature intended.

Do mules get jealous?

Yes, horses can be attention and affection hogs, but mules will actually get so jealous that they’ll pout if you ignore them or attack their herd mates hours later in fits of rage if you give more attention to someone else. 2. They are very loyal. Once they bond to you, they act more like a dog than an equine.

What is the best feed for mules?

Any feed must contain enough fiber “roughage” to keep the animal’s digestive track moving properly. Foals and weanlings need around 16% protein while mature mules can get by on 8% protein.

What is the best hay for mules?

I have found that mules will thrive on a good quality grass hay along with a salt block. In 1998 I started experimenting with Lakin Lite pellets. Lakin Milling is located here in Arizona and distributes to parts of New Mexico and Colorado.

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What is the lifespan of a mule?

A draft mule is estimated to require about a third less feed than a working horse of the same size. Longevity. Draft mules have long working lifespans, up to nearly 20 years with proper care.

What happens if a mule overheats?

Unlike a horse, if a mule becomes overheated, overworked, or overused, he will often slow down to a safe pace, sometimes stopping completely. Mules have very few feeding problems :they do not get colic and laminitis as easily as horses and require very little grain feed, subsisting beautifully just on forage.

What Hay to feed a horse with Cushing’s syndrome?

Instead, a horse with Cushing’s syndrome should be fed an all-forage diet consisting of grass hays such as Orchard or legume hays such as Alfalfa. Frequently Asked Questions! How Can I Tell High Quality Alfalfa Hay?

What happens if a mule gets too hot?

If a mule feels overheated, or think it is overworked, or overused, they take some time to recover either by slowing the pace or stopping altogether. Horses can be taught very quickly but may not take the initiative to learn things on their own, as a mule will.

Are mules good for farm work?

Larger build, draft mules are ideal for farm work as they are steady and reliable workers. As a general rule they can carry or haul approximately 30% of their body weight. Mules are essentially sterile: the males cannot sire young and it is unusual for the mares to have estrus cycles.

What are the differences between horses and mules?

2. Mules are 99.9% sterile This is due to an uneven chromosome count although in rare cases, female mules have been known to give birth to foals. 3. Mules are hardier, eat less, and live longer than horses of an equivalent size