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Ogeechee Outdoors 7 1/2 foot telescopic fishing rod.

7 1/2 foot telescopic rod

7 1/2 foot telescopic rod

Now you can fish at the drop of a hat. Take your rod on the bus without fear of breaking it in the door or being a hassle. This 7 1/2 foot medium action rod closes down to a nearly 18 inches short. Comes with a protective cap to keep it closed and safe. Can be closed and capped with your line and lure in tact and the cover can also go back on to keep it safe.

Price: $15





Ogeechee Outdoors 4 Piece Pack Rod Med Casting Weight

8 1/2 Ft 4 Pc Travel Spinning Rod 8-17 lb Line 1/2 - 1 1/2 oz

8 1/2 Ft 4 Pc Travel Spinning Rod 8-17 lb Line 1/2 – 1 1/2 oz

8 1/2 Ft 4 Pc Travel Spinning Rod 8-17 lb Line 1/2 – 1 1/2 oz

4 pc 8 1/2 foot pack rod breaks down into 4 pieces at about 26 inches.

It has a nice medium action with a slightly slower tip.

A great fishing rod to take to the bass pond, lake, or river, or to the salmon stream or the ocean. Has a nice length butt for fighting the big ones or holding easily. Lightweight and compact.

Would be a very nice steelhead and salmon, bass, or kelp paddy rod. Its lightweight, long, and a medium action through the spine of the rod.

Pack easily in a backpack or on a bicycle to those remote hard to get to places, even on the bus, easily and safely. Makes breaking the tip of the rod off in the car door a lot less likely.

Price: $19
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