Miniature Goats in the City

Goats are wonderful, playful animals.  Now that some cities have allowed miniature goats, many city dwellers have been able to reap the benefits of keeping goats as pets.  They can be great for keeping your yard clear of unwanted blackberries and weeds, supplying your family with milk or can be great 4-H projects for children.  Does (female) and wethers (neutered males) are welcome in the city, but bucks are not.  They can be a little aggressive and they stink!  A lot of people will get a wether to be with their doe, as they cost a lot less (between $50-$100) and you must have at least two goats.  Goats are herd animals and they do not do well alone.  Unregistered goats can cost between $50-$150, and registered goats can cost between $75-$400.
If you’re thinking of getting goats, there are a few things to know.  A very common plant, the rhododendron and azalea, are very toxic to goats.  You’ll want to look up what plants are toxic to goats and know what you have in your yard.  Also they are great escape artists so you must have good fencing.  Shelter is a must and very simple for miniature goats.  You could use a large dog igloo, or build a small shelter.  They need a place to get out of the weather that’s draft free.  Some basic care includes: 1)Hoof trims every 6-8 weeks 2)A mineral block (not a salt lick) for goats only, it’s grainy not smooth 3)Selenium paste, our land is selenium deficient, you only need to give it orally 2x a year so one tube goes a long way 4)Clean fresh water daily 5)Access to baking soda 6)Hay; giving half grass hay & half alfalfa.  Which for two goats it will cost roughly $40-$50 in hay a month.  Wethers don’t need alfalfa or grain 7)Growing kids and lactating does are often given grain 8)CD&T shot once a year 9)Worming every few months.  A good place to get supplies is, they have great prices and often times you get free shipping.  Also, a very informative website is
This is also a great way to go green!  You can use their manure for fertilizer in your garden and you can feed them your fresh fruit and vegetable scraps.  Also, your Christmas trees will make great food.  If you’d like to milk your goat, nigerian dwarfs are the way to go.  They are a dairy goat and they only get, at the most, 23.5″ tall at the shoulders.  If you’re considering getting goats, do your research.  There’s a lot of information online, the library, ect.  They’d make a wonderful addition to any family and they’re very easy to manage!
Janelle Qualey

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  1. barred says:

    im curious how poeple are useing them for milk if your not allowed to own bucks

  2. barred says:

    i guess theres some kind of goat stud service going on lol

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