Guns and Lager

We were talking about the Guns and Lager Event. Since I think some people have never been to the range, it would be best to go to the range. There is an old school range in Issaquah called the Issaquah Sportsmans Club. They have covered benches, marked ranges, and rules and orderly ways to shoot. Just what a new shooter needs.

There we can shoot some smaller caliber handguns and rifles. Exactly what will be determined, but a .300 Weatherby Magnum isnt a good choice for a beginner if they want to enjoy the hobby and go shooting again.

There is the Roosevelt Ale House down the street from here and Pies and Pints not too far from there. Im sure there are plenty of places to eat and drink after shooting.

Safety Rules for Shooting are very important. Never point the firearm at anything that cant take a bullet or doesnt want to. Make sure of your target, and what is behind it. Wear hearing and eye protection at all times when at the line or in the range area.

I will check on range fees. You will pay your own range fee which is nominal. I would think that an hour and a half at the range would be enough for a small group of people to shoot 50 rounds easily on a rifle, and about the same on a handgun.

Ammunition has become expensive since right before the previous election for some reason. They say it is the war in the Middle East but there’s been war there for five thousand years. You will also have to pay for your drinking and food. Beer and food will probably be the highest single expense.

If you are interested or have ideas let me know. The mountains are still full of snow so the Forest Service ranges are not readily accessible at this time of the year.

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  1. paula_wood says:

    I am down! Just tell me when. Hopefully, I won’t be in SF with my man. Also, my friend Emmalee, who is from GA and FL is down, too.

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