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The majority of people today that are in the know about organic vegetables and produce know about the farmers market.  This is a congregation of vendors mainly from small farms that go to the normally once a week or month farmers produce market.  Here at these markets you can get fresh locally sourced organic carrots, apples, or a multitude of other fruits and veggies.  Where do you go however if you want chickens?

Historically you’d look through clubs, local classified ads, or the auction.  Who wants to wait all day at the auction though?  What urban dweller would possibly want to wait for a couple of chickens or a rabbit to come up?  Why wasn’t it easier?

It seems that some farmers were wondering the same thing.

Mindy Wagner from the Chehalis Market ( says that they have had to give up 30 percent of their selling prices to the auction house that hosts the auctions.  This made it hard for the farmers to make a profit, and hard for buyers to find quality livestock.  Some farmers started getting together for their own agriculture market.

The agriculture market in Chehalis has many kinds of livestock as well as fruits and vegetables.  In one place it is possible to buy, sell, or trade chickens, rabbits, a host of other small animals, and/or produce.  All from local sources from local farms located in our region.

“People are buying for many reasons.  Some just enjoy raising the animals and some are defiantly looking for healthy raised food or to raise it them self so they can be sure what is in what they eat. Many many people want to raise chicken and duck hens for fresh eggs (duck eggs are really good for baking) .” Says Mindy.

Mindy also says that more and more city folks are stopping by from Seattle, Olympia, and Tacoma.  “Many of them are just starting out and need a little advice.  Which is great because us farmers are full of advice and are willing to share!” she goes on to say.

If the market doesn’t have exactly what you are looking for it is recommended that you ask around while you are there to see if anyone has or can get what you are looking for.  Chances are if you missed out this time the farmers may be willing to bring one for you at a later date to make sure you get what you are after.

“i think this society needs this type of market if we want to progress.  Culturally Americans are not used to raising or growing our own foods nor are we versed in buying at markets (we like mega malls and grocery stores).  Luckily we have those who already know how to raise their own food and how to buy and sell at a market.”  Wagner goes on to state “We need to take their queue and learn a better way of doing things.”

Americans are relearning how to take back the task of making sure they eat healthy.  One way to do that is to know your food.  The best way to know your food is to grow your own.  Of course we may not be able to grow all our food.  Perhaps some eggs, herbs or a little produce of your own is enough to get you started toward a healthier diet.  Some is better than nothing.

Now with an agricultural market close by it may not be as hard as you may have thought. 

You can find the Chehalis Market at 2100 n. National Ave in Chehalis, Wa and they are open on Sat and Sun from 9:30 to 4:00.  Rain or shine.

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