Day Old Chicks

Day Old Chicks

When people think of farming they thiing of the big CAFO installations with thousands of battery caged chickens, hogs, and cattle. To have your very own backyard farm you can have as much or as little as you want to deal with.

Seattle only allows the average size lot 3 small animals, and in addition to that 3 hen chicekns. That means you can have 3 chickens, and in addition to that three in combination of: a dog, a pot bellied pig, a pygmy goat ( female or wethered male), maybe some rabbits.

Theres no ducks, peacocks, giraffes, cows, or others allowed. If you are lucky enough to have a large lot in the city then you could possibly have a horse or cow but it will be rare.

In a nutshell your table scraps feed the chickens. The chicken eat your tablescraps that would otherwise go to the waste bin. The chickens make eggs. The chickens can also turn over your compost that you will later use to grow vegetables. The compost also can grow worms to feed the chickens and those worms can add to the value of the compost. The byproducts of the chicknes will fertilize your plants also.

Suppose that you throw in a goat or a pot bellied pig. Im not sure how the pot bellied pig could work but some use the goats for millk. Goats are excellent scroungers and could keep a fence row cleaned by eating it. Goats do better with a buddy, Im not sure how much better the milk or cheese would be.

There are many systems that one could work out using the farming technique. Realizing what each group can capitalize on is key. If you wanted to rid your yard of bugs and have eggs, then chickens would work great.

Consider how much time you have for your chores each day before setting off into a grand venture. Add a task at a time. Perhaps a worm bin would be a good start after the vegeatable garden. Then later add chickens, and maybe rabbits for fertilizer.

Now that fish pond doesnt look like such a daunting task after all.

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