Is a guppy a reptile?


What is the difference between Endlers and feeder guppies?

Although at first glance Endlers and wild-type or feeder guppies look similar, there are some distinct differences between them. Male Endlers have more intense and brighter colors than guppies. The green or orange colors, often metallic in appearance, are especially unique. Many pure strains of Endlers have small clear dorsal fins.

Are Endlers livebearers guppies?

Even today, many still believed that the Endlers Livebearers are just another variety of guppy. Studies concerning whether Endlers are guppies or a distinct and separate species continued for many years.

What is the difference between a Guppy and a dolphin?

A guppy is a small fish which is a member of the Poeciliidae family, and it is also known as the millionfish. A dolphin is a mammal that lives in the sea and they are closely related to porpoises and whales.

Are dolphins and fish the same?

Many people confuse dolphins with big fishes. However, such is not the case. Although, the two, fish and dolphin, look similar and live in harmony together under water, they are still not the same. People for long have been fascinated with these playful and intelligent sea creatures we call ‘dolphins’.

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What kind of fish is Endlers Endlers livebearer?

Endlers Livebearer. The male’s of this species is a fluorescent color while the females are a plain silver or grey, but that is the true strain. It is also sometimes considered a dwarf version of the guppy since this fish gets to be only about 1-1.5″ while the guppy gets to about 2″.

Are Endlers guppies?

Endlers or Endler’s livebearers are a diminutive and colorful fish species that are popular in the hobby and ideal for tropical tanks. Interestingly, Endlers bear a striking resemblance with the Common guppy and some enthusiasts argue that both are the same species, however, this is not true.

What kind of tank does Endler guppy like?

Endler guppy is a schooling fish and it prefers small tanks with lentic water, thickly planted with various flora. The fish feels very comfortable in tanks with floating plants. This guppy fish prefers swimming in upper water layers and it is a good tank mate for all non-aggressive fishes.

What is endler’s Guppy habitat?

Common guppy prefers relatively strong and chilly water flow and Endler’s one prefers warm and lentic habitats. Endler’s guppy habitat is quite small, that’s why due to active human activity this species are endangered and are very likely to become extinct.

What is the difference between Endler and guppies?

Guppy females can grow to about 2.5 inches (6.35cm)long whereas the Endler females only reach around 1.8 inches (4.57cm). The male guppies usually reach around 1.5 inches (3.81cm)long and the Endler males only about 1 inch (2.54cm). Another prominent difference, at least on the male side, is the colors of the fish.

What is the difference between guppies and Guppy feeders?

Almost all guppies in captivity are reproductions of tank raised fish, and the Common guppies used for feeders are repetative often cross bred fish. My own experience has found what seem to be some minor differences, none of which have I tried to document fully or researched for accuracy yet.

Is endler’s livebearer the same as Guppy?

Interestingly enough, Endler’s livebearers are part of the Poecilia genus, which is the same genus as mollies and guppies. From a genetic standpoint, the fish is the same as the common guppy. But, it was given its own scientific name for conservation purposes.

Can endler’s guppies be kept in separate tanks?

On the contrary, if you want to keep the offspring’s traits pure, you need to use separate tanks for each strain. The Endler’s guppy (Poecilia wingei) is closely related to the Common guppy (Poecilia reticulata).

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What is the scientific name of the endler’s Guppy?

Care and keeping in a tank Scientific Name Poecilia wingei Family Poeciliidae Common Name Endler’s livebearer, Endler’s guppy, end … Ease of keeping Easy Lifespan 2 years and more 8 more rows

How often should I Feed my endler’s Guppy?

Endler’s guppy juveniles are fed with brine shrimp nauplii. For 2 weeks you should feed juveniles 3 times a day and then switch to feeding 2 times a day. At the beginning of the sixth week, when the male fish become completely colored, you should feed them just once a day.

Are feeder guppies Endlers?

Almost definately endlers or endlers/ guppy cross. I have found that almost all feeder guppies in my area are endlers. They are (believe it or not) more prolific and faster to reproduce than guppies. The greatest likelihood is that they are cross bred fish between the two, but cool little guys either way.

How to keep endler’s Guppy in a tank?

Keeping Endler’s guppy in a tank is a very simple thing – the fish isn’t demanding as for tank water parameters. Here are the optimal tank conditions – temperature from 72°F- 78°F (22 to 26 °C), water hardness (dGH) — up to 25°, pH 6.7-8.5.

How do Dolphins breathe?

Like every mammal, dolphins are warm blooded. Unlike fish, who breathe through gills, dolphins breathe air using lungs. Dolphins must make frequent trips to the surface of the water to catch a breath. The blowhole on top of a dolphin’s head acts as a “nose,” making it easy for the dolphin to surface for air.

Is Dolphin a mammal or fish?

Also, like all mammals, dolphins even have a tiny amount of hair, right around the blowhole, which is a little different than the scales of a fish. Whales and porpoises are also mammals. There are 75 species of dolphins, whales, and porpoises living in the ocean.

What is the difference between a dolphin fish and a Pompano?

The common dolphin fish prefers coastal and open water from sea level to a depth of 85 meters in temperate, subtropical, and tropical oceans worldwide. The pompano dolphin fish range overlaps that of the common dolphin fish, but it usually lives in the open ocean and occurs as deep as 119 meters.

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Do dolphins live in saltwater or fresh water?

These cute and smart mammals enjoy splashing and living in both salt water as well as fresh water. Though, they do tend to stick in the shallow locations of water, which makes it easier to spot them. Despite their huge bodies, dolphins are quick to move through water, without exerting huge amounts of energy.

Is a whale a mammal or a fish?

It is a member of aparaphyletic group, which consists of all gill-bearing aquatic animals that lack limbs. They belong to the order ‘cetacea’ and include all, such as the sperm whale, killer whale, etc. It is Pisces. It is a mammal. It is cold blooded. It is warm blooded.

What kind of fish is Endler guppy?

Endler guppy or Endler’s livebearer (lat. Poecilia wingei) is a very good-looking fish and a close relative of common guppy fish. It has become famous due to its small size, peaceful temper, appealing appearance, and unpretentiousness.

Is there a difference between Endlers and Fancy Guppies?

Although it can be very hard to see the difference between Endlers and Fancy guppy, they are still not exactly the same. Endler’s livebearers are extremely active, they love swimming and exploring various areas of an aquarium.

What happens to guppies in an aggressive tank?

However, if your guppy is stressed out by mean fish in the tank, it can affect their immune system and make it harder for the cuts to heal up. A weak fish can be a dead fish in an aggressive tank.

Is the Endlers livebearer easy to care for?

The Endlers Livebearer or Endler (Poecilia wingei) is easy to care for and can be quite rewarding. They are undemanding fish and are ideal for beginner and expert aquarium hobbyists alike. Other Common Names: Endlers Livebearer, ELB, Endler, Endler Guppy, Cumana Guppy, Campoma Guppy

What is endler’s Guppy or livebearer?

The stock collected by Dr. Endler in the mid-70s passed through a few hands and was referred to as Endler’s guppy or livebearer until it was given its own classification in the early 2000s: Poecilia wingei. Poecilia comes from the Greek “poikilo” which means “variable” or “variegated”.