Is a cardinal a tropical fish?


What type of fish is a cardinal fish?

Cardinal fish, any fish of the family Apogonidae (order Perciformes), a group including about 200 species of small, typically nocturnal fishes found in tropical and subtropical waters. The majority of cardinal fishes are marine and live among reefs in shallow water. Some, such as Astrapogon (or

Is the cardinal tetra the right fish for my tank?

Use our fish community creator tool to plan your tank set up and ensure that the Cardinal Tetra is the right fish for your aquarium. The Cardinal Tetra is arguably more colourful than the similar Neon Tetra (Paracheirodon innesi) but must be kept in soft-medium water if it is to show its full colour and lifespan.

Do Cardinals eat live or frozen food?

Although Cardinals do appreciate live foods, I recommend that you give your fish frozen meaty foods instead. Live food is the main way that parasites and diseases are introduced to your fish tank.

Is it possible to breed a cardinalfish?

His cardinalfish breeding articles are well worth the read if you are the least bit interested in breeding this fish. This species is heavily exploited for the aquarium trade and is only found in a limited area. Try to buy captive bred specimens when possible and it is definitely worth paying more for the captive raised species!

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Do cardinal fish have a social hierarchy?

Like many other schooling fish, the Spotted Cardinal fish will form a strict hierarchy when kept in small groups within the aquarium. However, unlike some social fish, this member of the Apogonidae family does not use aggression to exert dominance over other cardinalfish.

What kind of fish is a pajama Cardinal?

Description: A hardy and peaceful fish that can live many years in a marine aquarium, the Pajama cardinal fish (Sphaeramia nematoptera) is a species of fish belonging to the Apogonidae family. It is a popular aquarium fish.

Are cardinal tetras and neon tetras the same fish?

Some of the most desirable species of small tropical aquarium fish are tetras, with the Cardinal tetra and the Neon tetra being the most popular. Although these two species do look very similar, they are different. Read this guide on the Cardinal vs. Neon tetra to find out what you need to know.

Do cardinal tetras need a large tank?

Cardinal Tetras are peaceful and can survive with most other fish species in a fish tank. While they do not require large tanks themselves, it is a good idea to get a sizable aquarium to accommodate other species.

Why do cardinal tetras die so fast?

But if the tank has unstable changeable conditions, the fish dies very quickly. Besides as well as a common neon fish the cardinal tetra is also susceptible to neon tetra disease (NTD). When fish gets ill, its coloring sharply turns pale.

What do Pajama Cardinals eat?

Pajama Cardinals are micro predators who need meaty proteins. These carnivores need multiple small meals throughout the day. Since they’re nocturnal, you may need to train them to eat during the day. They are ravenous eaters but slow swimmers, so they might lose the competition for food if there are faster swimmers in your tank.

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Can I Feed my cardinal tetras frozen food?

Because frozen foods are packed with more nutrients rather than formulated foods. You can feed your Cardinal Tetras by using frozen foods such as bloodworms, tubifex. Will cardinal Tetras eat algae?

What do Banggai cardinal fish eat?

Feeding Banggai Cardinal Fish can be challenging when first introduced to your tank. They can be quite finicky and will probably not go after flakes or pellet foods. You may need to start with frozen or live fish food and then try to get them onto vitamin enriched flake foods.

Can a pajama cardinal fish live with large predatory fish?

Pajama Cardinals absolutely can not be kept with larger predatory fish, as the aggressive fish will view your Pajama Cardinal as a snack; you could lose the entire shoal. If you are considering staggering active times when curating your tank, you should know that Pajama Cardinals are nocturnal, and will be much more active at night.

What are some interesting facts about cardinalfish?

Banggai Cardinalfish, FishTankWeb.Com – It is one of Cardinalfish facts: each species has elegant, swaying fins. It is also painted with striking pattern.

How many cardinalfish should be in a tank?

If you plan to have a small tank to keep your new Cardinalfish, then take one only. Cramped area for a group of fish would trigger stressful atmosphere, especially when a pair has formed. This beautiful fish prefer to live in a group, with minimum five fish to seven fish at maximum. Pay attention to the new group closely.

Do cardinalfish reproduce mouth brooding?

Breeding Cardinalfish. Mouthbrooding males are not common in the ocean, but the cardinalfish is one of the exceptions. The fertilized eggs will stay protected inside the mouth of their father for approximately one week. The offspring will then intermingle with the plankton for a couple of months while they develop.

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How do I know if my Banggai cardinalfish are breeding?

If your Banggai Cardinalfish end up breeding you may notice that the mouth on the male will be bulging at the jawline and they aren’t eating anything. They won’t even go after their favorite fish foods! The male will mouth brood the fish and then release them after 20 days or slightly longer.

Where do orbiculate cardinalfish live?

Description: The Orbiculate Cardinalfish (Sphaeramia orbicularis) is a species of cardinalfish from the Apogonidae family. One of the hardiest members of the cardinalfish family, it is naturally found in coastal areas throughout the Indo Pacific region, loosely congregated in groups hovering in caves and overhangs.

What kind of fish is a cardinal fish?

Description: A hardy and peaceful fish that can live many years in a marine aquarium, the Captive Bred Pajama cardinal fish (Sphaeramia nematoptera) is a species of fish belonging to the Apogonidae family. It is a popular aquarium fish.

How many Pajama cardinals should be in a tank?

The Pajama Cardinal, also known as the Spotted Cardinal or Pajama Cardinalfish, is a mid-tank schooling fish. You can go with a pair, but Pajama Cardinals will be happier in a group of at least 6. These fish are ideal for both small and large aquarium communities and are peaceful creatures that will not bully others in the tank.

What is a pajama cardinalfish?

The Pajama Cardinalfish is one of the most unique looking of all fish species. Why exactly do Pajama Cardinalfish have a solid vertical black bar mid-body with the red polka dots on a white body that looks like pajama bottoms?

Do cardinal fish get along with other fish in a tank?

A study of their pattern/coloration would be interesting to read. The Pajama Cardinalfish is favorite with nano reef tank hobbyists due to their small size and temperament. They should get along with most other species (don’t keep them with tank mates large enough to scarf them) and will leave the saltwater invertebrates in the tank alone.