How wide is a straight load horse trailer?


What is the difference between Slant load and straight load horse trailers?

Feature for feature, straight load horse trailers tend to be much less expensive than slant load horse trailers. This allows new horse owners or someone who only takes their horses to the vet and back to purchase a high-quality trailer without laying out a lot of cash.

What is the maximum width of a horse trailer?

Straight load trailers tend to be less expensive. The maximum legal width for a trailer in the US is 8 1/2′ wide, resulting in a maximum width of 6’8″ without the wheel wells protruding into the stall area. This limits the length of the stall.

How do you load a horse in a straight load trailer?

With a straight load trailer, you simply walk your horse in, tie him off and walk out the exit door near the front of the trailer. Even a small two horse trailer can be more safely loaded with adequate front exit doors.

What is a slant load?

Slant loads can be built with a standard stall or warmblood stall. It is also easier to remove the dividers altogether, such as when transporting a mare and foal. It is easier to unload all of your horses quickly with a slant load, which is more convenient if you are riding more than one horse.

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Can a 3 horse trailer be used for a show?

Then, a third horse stands in a square box stall towards the front. Many people like to use the box stall while at shows as a prep space or show day stall. However, the SafeTack 3 horse trailer provides the same benefit without the safety hazards in a 2+1. Towing Terms Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR).

What is a 3 horse Slant load horse trailer?

A 3 or 4 horse slant load trailer will be much shorter front to back than a straight load trailer. Customize your stall sizes to make your slant load horse trailerwork for Warmbloods and other large 17+ hand breeds.

Is it worth it to open the horse trailer when loading?

If the trailer has a front ramp, it may be worth opening it whilst loading, as it will make it more inviting, but every horse is different. If not, make sure the jockey door is unlocked for you to exit after loading.

Which side of the trailer do you load a horse?

On a trailer; If travelling one horse – load on the right-hand side of the trailer, it helps to balance as it corners. With two horses, the heavier one should be on the right. Make sure your horse is straight whilst facing the ramp and lead them straight up the ramp.

Do horses get claustrophobic in small spaces?

“Since horses are prone to feelings of claustrophobia, particularly young or green horses that are unused to entering into small spaces, they will likely need to develop a sense of self-assurance as they learn the ropes,” he said.

Is a straight load or slant load trailer safer for a horse?

Straight load vs slant load trailers: The debate continues. However, the one factor upon which everyone will agree is that horse safety comes first. It is a given that when a horse enters a closed, dark space it is counter to his survival instinct, a throwback to living in the wild.

What determines the price of a used horse trailer?

The price is dependent on if the trailer has a tack room, or living quarters, how many horses you can be hauled, structural integrity, damages, and possible repairs needed. Many other things can influence the price of a used horse trailer such as a make, model, year, and what it is constructed out of.

How many horses in a gooseneck horse trailer?

Gooseneck horse trailers are generally equipped to haul 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and even 8 horses. The gooseneck trailer hitch requires an open bed truck to attach it to the towing vehicle. They offer a better ride for the horses, more stability and control, more storage room, and a tighter turning radius.

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Do I need to trailer my horse?

Horse owners will usually find it necessary at some point in time to trailer their horses. Trailering may be necessary at time of purchase, for horse shows, trail riding, or a medical emergency.

What is a slant load design horse trailer?

Our slant load design horse trailer design makes efficient use of floor space on a shorter wheelbase than most straight-load models. The result is a more manageable trailer with better visibility on the road. This trailer comes with an aerodynamic wedge nose design for more maneuverability.

What is the best horse trailer for towing a horse?

The SafeTack 3 horse bumper pull trailer is an ideal option for easy and safe towing. Our slant load design horse trailer design makes efficient use of floor space on a shorter wheelbase than most straight-load models. The result is a more manageable trailer with better visibility on the road.

Are straight load horse trailers any good?

Straight load trailers have gotten kind of a bad rap over the years, but if you’re hauling a small number of horses, or your horses are particularly large, they may be your best option. Not only are straight load trailers inexpensive when compared to slant load trailers, they’re often safer for horse owners to load.

How do Slant load horse trailers work?

Many slant load horse trailershave only one narrow door in the rear of the trailer through which to load your horses. The other half of the rear entry is taken up by a built-in rear tack area. First off, this narrow opening can be daunting for nervous horses. They see the trailer as a scary metal cave with a narrow mouth.

How much does a horse trailer hold its price?

A horse trailer that is about 10 years old, will generally hold between 55 to 76 percent of the original price paid. This figure does depend on who the manufacturer is and the construction type of the trailer.

What animal can scare off a horse?

Butterflies aren’t the only small critters that can startle a horse. They can be just as easily startled by birds, crickets, frogs, and anything else that might appear before them suddenly. Cats, Dogs, and Other Animals. In addition to small critters, horses can also take issue with somewhat larger animals like cats and dogs.

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What are the two main presentations of horse phobias?

The two main presentations are noise and location or environment phobias. Horses have an innate fear of new things (neophobia) that explains some behavior issues such as trailer-related problems (see below). The management is similar to that in dogs and cats (see Treatment of Fears, Phobias, Anxiety, and Aggression).

Why is my stallion afraid of mares?

They can cause fear while trying to breed and predispose the stallion to poor libido. Management should be directed toward eliminating the underlying problems. The stallion should be presented with teaser mares, should be well rested and fed, and have increased social contact with mares on pasture.

How do submissive horses respond to aggression?

Submissive horses respond by avoiding, lowering the neck and head, clamping the tail, and turning away from the aggressor. This behavior is seen mostly in stalls in which the horse feels confined in a small space that is also easily defended.

Are two horse trailers safer to load?

Even a small two horse trailer can be more safely loaded with adequate front exit doors. Since each horse is individually secured, you don’t have to worry that a spooked horse might kick open a divider between stalls and free everybody. Horses Can Be Loaded and Unloaded in Any Order.

What is a safetack horse trailer?

Most conventional slant load horse trailers have a stationary tack storage area on the rear corner of the trailer leaving a narrow doorway for the horse and handler to enter. With the Safetack design, the tack storage unit is mounted on hinges and easily swings out like a second door.

Where can I buy used horse trailers?

Another resource is The Horse Trailer Blue Book ($80), published by PrimeMedia and available at, which offers original manufacturer suggested retail price (MSRP) and used retail price on major lines of trailers.

How much does a gooseneck horse trailer weigh?

7495 lbs – 3 Horse Gooseneck – 2020 Lakota AC311 3H Alum Colt GN LQ Horse Trailer – Aluminum Living Quarters with Ramp and Rear tack compartment. 2861 lbs – 4 Horse Bumper Pull – 2019 Delta Manufacturing 16′ 500 ES Stock Livestock Trailer – Steel with Step Up 4700 lbs – 4 Horse Gooseneck – 2019 Logan CrossFire – Steel with Step Up, Tack Room