How tall is a blue crown conure?


How big does a blue crown conure get?

Bird Blue Corner Connor is known by many names such as Blue-crowned conure, blue crown conure, blue-hooded Conure, blue-capped Conure, Blue-crowned Parakeet, sharp-tailed conure Blue Crown Conure has 14-16 inches size in adult age.

What is the lifespan of a blue-capped conure?

Bird Blue Corner Connor is known by many names such as Blue-crowned conure, blue crown conure, blue-hooded Conure, blue-capped Conure, Blue-crowned Parakeet, sharp-tailed conure Blue Crown Conure has 14-16 inches size in adult age. They have a lifespan of 30-40 years.

How big do blue-crowned conures get?

The blue-crowned conure grows to an adult size of 14 to 16 inches, from the tip of the beak to the end of the spiked tail.

How long do conure parrots live?

Conure parrots can live 20 years. And If they are cared for properly from birth then maybe 25 years. If the green cheeked conure has a poor diet it might only live 10 years. That said, the diet is what determines longevity in these birds.

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What do you need for a blue crowned conure cage?

The Blue-crowned Conure needs a 14″×28″ nest box placed high in the cage. The entry point is recommended through the bottom of the nest box. The box must be ⅔ filled with soft materials such as peat or pine shavings. The ideal humidity level lies between 50 – 55%.

What kind of conure has blue feathers on its head?

Blue-Crowned Conure As you might guess from the name, the Blue-Crowned Conure features blue feathers atop its head. The rest of its body is primarily bright green, except the underside of its tail which ranges across hues of red or pink. This is a smart and sweet species of Conure, making them excellent pets.

How big is a blue-crowned conure?

The blue-crowned conure is a medium-sized bird measuring approximately (15.5 in) 37 cm in length and weighing between 140 and 190 g (4.9 and 6.7 oz). The size of their wings is about 3 – 5.8 oz.

Is a blue-crowned conure A good pet?

The blue-crowned conure is a classic conure in many ways, but this medium-sized parrot is slightly quieter and gentler than most of the other conure cousins. This green bird with the bright blue head and spiked tail is a gentle, intelligent, playful creature that can make a great pet.

What is a Greek cheek conure?

The Greek Cheek Conure is a native to South America and usually prefers forest areas. This bird species loves staying in big flocks and is popular due to their beauty, small body, and intelligence. As the name suggests, these conures are green-cheeked with a dark head, gray breast, blue feathers, and maroon tail.

How big do blue crowned conures get?

Blue-crowned Conures are quite large, generally growing to about 14.5 inches (~37 cm) in length (from top of the head to tip of tail). Their wingspans are generally around seven and a half inches; and they weigh between 3 – 5.8 oz (84 – 165 grams).

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Can you live with a blue-crowned conure?

The person who decides to live with a blue-crowned conure should consider the proximity of their neighbors. Although conures tend to not talk as much as other parrot species, the blue-crowned conure has a reputation for being one of the more talkative conure species.

The blue-crowned parakeet is one of the most popular as pets among the conure species, with its popularity graph experiencing a spike since the 1998 movie Paulie. Its playful and intelligent personality has certainly helped its cause for more acceptance from pet owners across the country and elsewhere.

What kind of parrot has a green cheek?

The fact that they are less noisy than most other parrots—and more affordable—adds to their appeal. Common Names: Green-cheeked conure, green-cheeked parakeet, yellow-sided conure, green-cheeked parrot

What kind of bird is a green cheeked conure?

Pyrrhura molinae. The Green-cheeked conure is a favorite among bird novices because of its relatively low price, small stature, temperament, and relatively low noise level, at least compared to its larger cousins. The green-cheeked conure breeds fairly easily and as a result is readily available.

How can you tell the gender of a blue-crowned conure?

Male Blue-crowned Conures have larger white eyepatches than females, and the feathers of their ceres tend to be longer. When in doubt, DNA or surgical sexing is recommended. Blue-crowned Conure ( Aratinga acuticaudata acuticaudata) (Vieillot, 1818) – Nominate Race

What is a green cheek conure?

Green Cheek Conures are a big family parrot. There are many mutations available with new ones emerging every so often Along with looks, their characters are also changing as breeders cross different species.

What size cage for a green cheeked conure?

As with any parrot, a bigger cage is always better. Provide several perches at least nine inches long and 1/2 inch in diameter—a variety of perch sizes will help keep your parrot’s feet limber. A green-cheeked conure should do well when paired with other green-cheeked conures, but do not house them with different species of birds.

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What are the different types of conure species available as pets?

Green-cheeked conures are one of the most commonly available conure species available as a pet. They can be found in large pet stores, as well as from avian specialty stores and through bird breeders.

What is a green-cheeked conure?

The green-cheeked conure is native to South America, commonly found in the forests and woodland areas of Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina, and Paraguay. It usually lives in flocks of 10 to 20 birds at treetop level or larger flocks where there is more food. Green-cheeked conures are popular pet birds.

What kind of conures are green with maroon beaks?

The family of Pyrrhura conures are smaller, predominantly green, and soft-voiced compared to their larger conure cousins. Green-cheeked and maroon-bellied conures are the Pyrrhura conures most often available as pets.

How big a cage does a green cheeked parrot need?

Provide several perches at least 9 inches long and 1/2 inch in diameter—a variety of perch sizes will help keep your parrot’s feet limber. Green-cheeked parrots do well when paired with another green-cheek, but do not house them with different species. Two birds will, of course, require a much larger cage.

What size cage does a green cheek conure need?

Though a medium-sized conure, a green cheek conure is no less than a large parrot, in context to his personality. A green cheek needs a large cage encompassing enough for all his necessities and comforts. So, if the need is to house a single bird, it is best to have a cage that is at least 18 inches in length, breadth, and height.

Can a green cheeked conure be put up for adoption?

While the gentle and easy-to-care-for conure is not often put up for adoption, there are instances where owners are forced to relinquish their birds. A green-cheeked conure does not require the kind of space a larger parrot needs, but you should provide an enclose at least 24 inches square…