How many white cloud minnows are there?


What kind of fish can live with white cloud minnows?

The best tank mates for your fish include small schooling barbs like the gold, zebra and cherry, paradise fish, and hillstream loaches. Freshwater shrimp corydoras and livebearers will also thrive in the same tank as white cloud minnows.

How big of a tank do White Cloud Mountain minnows need?

Trust us, this will be money well-spent! The minimum tank size for White Cloud Mountain Minnows is around 10 to 12 gallons! This makes them a great fish to keep if you’re operating with limited space. This tank size can work for a group of up to five fish without any issues.

Do Cloud Mountain minnows eat as a group?

White Cloud Mountain Minnows are peaceful shoaling fish that do best in groups of at least six. Throughout the day, you’ll find the fish grouping up and exploring the tank together. Author Note: They even eat as a group! This makes feeding time very fun to observe as an owner since there will be a high level of activity.

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What is the scientific name for White Cloud Mountain minnow?

This guide will cover everything you need to know about White Cloud Mountain Minnow care. By the time you’re done reading it, you’ll be ready to get some for yourself! Discovered in 1932, the White Cloud Mountain Minnow (scientific name: Tanichthys albonubes) has quickly become a staple in the fish trade.

Are tiger barbs and White Cloud Mountain minnows the same fish?

The reason why i state about tiger barb is, White cloud mountain minnow and tiger barbs are semi-aggressive, sub-tropical fishes. They co-exist with Gold fishes.

How many minnows do you need in a tank?

White Cloud Mountain Minnows are peaceful shoaling fish that do best in groups of at least six. Throughout the day, you’ll find the fish grouping up and exploring the tank together.

What fish can live with a White Cloud Mountain minnow?

Here are some good tank mates that can cohabitate with the White Cloud Mountain Minnow: 1 Bloodfin Tetra 2 Celestial Pearl Danio 3 Zebra Danio 4 Guppies 5 Endler’s Livebearer 6 Odessa Barb 7 Mollies 8 Sunset Variatus Platy (other platies can work too) 9 Corydoras 10 Shrimp More

How big do White Cloud Mountain minnows get?

When you first purchase your White Cloud Mountain minnows, they may be as small as 0.5 to 1 inch (1.3 to 2.5 cm). As they grow to adult size, they will reach between 1.2 and 1.6 inches (3 to 4 cm). Because these fish are so tiny, you can get away with smaller tank sizes. This little fish will be around for a while in your home aquarium.

Can you keep Cloud Mountain minnows in a pond?

White Cloud Mountain Minnows are sometimes kept as a pond fish, to help control the breeding of mosquitoes. Keep in mind that they cannot be kept with large pond fish, as they will be eaten. They do make good companions for frogs.

How often should I Feed my White Cloud Mountain minnows?

While most healthy fish can go up to a week without food, we recommend you feed your White Cloud minnows at least twice daily. Hardy and easy to care for, the White Cloud Mountain minnow is a great choice as a starter fish for a beginner or for the experienced aquarium keeper.

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Where did the White Cloud Mountain minnow come from?

Originally, this species was discovered on White Cloud Mountain in China (hence the name). They are part of the Carp family and are often used to control mosquito populations in ponds. Unfortunately, the natural habitat of the White Cloud Mountain Minnow has been destroyed thanks to pollution and tourism.

How many White Cloud Mountain minnow in a 5-gallon tank?

A 5-gallon tank should comfortably fit 2 or 3 White Cloud Minnow fish. Where Is White Cloud Mountain Minnow for Sale? White Cloud Minnow fish can be commonly found in the wild in years in Hainan Island, China, and Quảng Ninh province in Vietnam. If you reside in these countries you will be able to easily buy them in your local aquarium shops.

What kind of fish are cloud minnows?

White cloud minnows are an incredibly hardy fish, and can be easily housed in a well filtered 10 gallon aquarium. As a general rule, they are peaceful fish, and can be housed with any other small, peaceful fish in a community tank.

Can you eat White Cloud Mountain minnows?

For the most part, White Cloud Mountain Minnows are hardy and healthy fish. It’s worth pointing out that some stocks are a result of inbreeding. In this situation it makes the fish more prone to disease. You won’t have any trouble getting White Cloud Mountain Minnows to eat.

What is a White Cloud Mountain minnow?

The White Cloud Mountain minnow ( Tanichthys albonubes) is a hardy species of freshwater fish and coldwater fish often kept in an aquarium. The species is a member of the carp family (family Cyprinidae) of the order Cypriniformes, native to China.

Are there two species of Mountain minnow in Vietnam?

For over a half-century the white cloud mountain minnow was the only species in the newly defined genus. However, in 2001, two additional species found in Vietnam were recognized; Tanichthys micagemmae and Tanichthys thacbaensis.

What is the scientific name of the White Cloud Mountain fish?

Common Names: Canton danio, Chinese danio, white cloud, white cloud mountain fish, white cloud mountain minnow The geographic origins of this fish in China and Vietnam have undergone significant changes, which have negatively impacted its habitat. This has had a deleterious effect on the habitat, and slowly the species has disappeared.

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What is the Chinese name for a minnow?

In Chinese the fish is known as 唐魚 (táng yu), 廣東細鯽 (Guǎngdōng xìjì), or 潘氏細鯽 (pānshì xìjì). Aphyocypris pooni is an obsolete synonym for this species; it was coined to designate a color variety which is now known to be the same species as the White Cloud Mountain minnow.

What kind of fish can live with barbs?

Barbs: Odessa, cherry and Gold barb go with many other fish like each other, bala sharks, white cloud mountain minnows (they can handle cold or tropical water temps) and they are peaceful. Black Ruby Barb by Shannon Tiger Barbs: Bad fin nippers and should not be kept in community fish tank unless it’s a tiger barb community tank.

What fish can live with White Cloud Mountain minnows?

Goldfish: Good with white cloud mountain minnows. Hard to have many because of their water requirements (cold water), but some can be in there with them just keep an eye on it (not tropical fish though as the goldfish water is too cold for them). Goldfish can handle water temperature that is lukewarm too, like 72F is fine.

What fish can live with goldfish and minnows?

Dojo loach and Hillstream loach: Good with goldfish and white cloud mountain minnows due to their cold water requirements. A species only tank is good, too. The hillstream loach likes to have a current in their tanks, also.

Do minnows get along with guppies?

Not every minnow is a good companion for guppies. Some common species do require colder water, like the white cloud mountain minnow. A few are too aggressive to live with guppies, like the tiger barb. It’s really, really important you do your homework and consider species for these types of incompatibilities.