How many reticulated hillstream loaches should be kept together?


How big do hillstream loach fish get?

Size The average hillstream loach size is between 2-3 inches in length. This tiny size makes it easy for them to find little crevices to hide in and access food that other fish can’t. This doesn’t mean you’ll have trouble seeing this fish in your tank though.

What is the best tank mate for a hillstream loach?

Hillstream Loach Tank Mates : Mostly just coldwater fish that are able to tolerate a strong current in the tank. Diet / Fish Food : Herbivore, but the Hillstream Loach will accept meaty foods.

What is a reticulated hillstream loach?

The reticulated hillstream loach is a huge fan of fast-moving water and is normally found in rivers and streams throughout Asia that have strong currents. If you’re in China, Southeast Asia, or India and see some speedy water, there’s a good chance a hillstream loach is in there!

What does a hillstream loach eat?

The Hillstream Loach is a really neat little fish that is great at eating the small crustaceans and larvae (aufwuchs) that grows in algae. This loach can be very shy and won’t really show themselves in the home aquarium too much.

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Do hillstream loaches need coarse gravel?

Reticulated Hillstream loaches spend the majority of their time on the bottom of the tank, foraging in the substrate. If you use coarse gravel, there’s a risk that the fish will be injured. Hillstream loaches prefer a heavily planted tank where they have plenty of places to hide and take refuge when they want to.

How big do hillstream loaches get?

When you look at the underside of this fish you’ll notice that they have a sucker mouth and a flattened belly. The average hillstream loach size is between 2-3 inches in length. This tiny size makes it easy for them to find little crevices to hide in and access food that other fish can’t.

What do hillstream loaches eat in aquariums?

What do Hillstream Loaches Eat? In the wild, they consume small aquatic crustaceans that live at the river bottom, algae, and small organisms living on underwater surfaces. In your aquarium, they will happily scrape off anything that grows on your fish tank walls, rocks, driftwood, and plant leaves.

What size tank does a hillstream loach need?

While factors like water temperature and pH levels are things most aquarists are comfortable with, the current requirements can be a departure from many of the common freshwater fishes out there. The recommended tank size for a hillstream loach is around 50 gallons.

What should I look for in a tank mate for loaches?

Besides aggression, the main thing you’ll want to look for in a tank mate is temperature preference. Hillstream loaches like the water to be a little on the colder side so that rules out a lot of tropical freshwater fish. Always compare the recommended temperature ranges first just to be safe!

What fish can live with hillstream loach?

harlequin rasboras, tetras, and other small, peaceful fishes that can take strong water currents are ideal tank mates for hillstream loach. Hillstream loach is good aquarium cleaners from blue-green and green algae.

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What is the best water for a reticulated hillstream loach?

The base water parameters for a reticulated hillstream loach are fairly straightforward. These fish do better in cooler water which is useful if you plan on keeping them with other species. They are reasonably hardy which means you do have some wiggle-room, but it’s best to keep them in water with the following levels.

What do loaches eat in the wild and as pets?

A large part of the loaches’ diet comprises algae that they graze on throughout the day, supplementing that with small worms, insect larvae, and the like. This species of Hillstream loach is a beautiful, unique-looking fish that’s sure to captivate everyone who sees it in your home aquarium!

Can you keep hillstream butterfly loaches with crayfish?

Hillstream butterfly loaches away from most types of crayfish and crabs because of their nippy and aggressive nature. You can read more about it in my article “Can You Keep Crayfish With Other Fish?”. The Chinese hillstream butterfly loach is popularly known as a peaceful, interesting, and hardy aquarium fish.

Are hillstream loaches aggressive?

Hillstream Loaches are one of the most peaceful species of fish, suitable for community tanks and are not exclusively aggressive. Males can display dominant and territorial behaviour when it come to guarding their own personal spots.

Are hillstream loaches good for aquariums?

The Hillstream Loach is considered one of the most aesthetic and entertaining of its species, captivating both aquarists and anyone who happens to discover this fish. Hillstream Loaches are only for advanced fish keepers because of their tank set up, temperature and water purity requirements.

Are Corydoras and hillstream loaches compatible?

Hillstream Loach and Corydoras are compatible, provided that fish keepers supply their tank with plenty of shelves and plants to rest from the strong currents. While Hillstream Loaches are difficult to breed, it is not impossible to do in captivity if the correct environment is supplied.

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How often should I Change my hillstream loaches water?

You’ll also want to aim for a water change once a week to keep the quality high. Hillstream loaches are used to the clean water that’s found in their natural habitats and can suffer in tanks with subpar water quality. In case you’ve been skimming, adequate water flow is incredibly important for these fish.

What is the scientific name of hillstream loach?

Hillstream Loach Care. Scientific Name : Beaufortia kweichowensis, Beaufortia leverreti kweichowensis. Other Common Names : Chinese Butterfly Loach, Hong-Kong Pleco, Butterfly Hillstream Loach, Chinese Sucker. Care Level : Moderate to difficult. Size : 2.5 – 3 inches (6 – 7.5 cm)

How long do loach fish live?

If these fish are well cared for, and have the proper tank set up, they can live for 8-10 years and get to 3″ at most. The most similar species to the Hillstream Loach are the other Beaufortia species but are similar to the other small algae eaters.

What do reticulated hillstream loaches eat?

What to Feed Reticulated Hillstream Loaches All Hillstream loaches are omnivores, grazing on biofilm and algae on the tank surfaces. You should also include an element of meaty protein in your fishes’ diet, such as insect larvae, bloodworms, brine shrimp, daphnia, and tubifex.

How many hillstream loaches can be in a tank?

Hillstream Loach Tank Mates Hillstream loaches are calm and peaceful fish. Even so, you should limit the number of the same fish in your tank to 3-4 since too many of them can lead to issues as they become territorial. When choosing tankmates for the loaches, opt for non-aggressive fish species, shrimps and snails.

What do loach eat in aquariums?

Hillstream loach is good aquarium cleaners from blue-green and green algae. They eat fouling from the glass of the aquarium, stones, and leaves of plants, without damaging them. Fish need to be given live food in limited quantities, otherwise, they will quickly die.