How many pearl gouramis should be kept together?


What is the seminal hydration response in goldfish?

The twenty-four-hour seminal hydration response in goldfish (Carassius auratus) I. Sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, chloride and osmolality of serum and seminal fluid. Comp Biochem Physiol 30(2): 273-280.

Which primitive fish has cold agglutinins?

Cold agglutinins in a primitive fish — the gar (Lepisosteus platyrhincus). Fed Proc 28(2): 819. 803693 Smith, A. Mason, and Potter, M. 1969.

Is there a pituitary- adrenocortical feedback mechanism in the eel (Anguilla rostrata)?

David G., Donaldson. Edward M., and Clarke, W. C 1969. Physiological evidence for a pituitary- adrenocortical feedback mechanism in the eel (Anguilla rostrata ).

Is there an adenohypophyseal cyanophii in the giant gourami?

On the functional identification of the adenohypophyseal cyanophii cells in the giant gourami, Colisa fasciata (Bloch and Schneider). Curr Sci 38(13): 319-320. 1 fig. 804610 Maack, Thomas, and Kinter, William B. 1969. Transport of protein by flounder kidney tubules during long-term incubation.

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Are there cichlid fishes in Guyana?

The cichlid fishes of Guyana, South America, with notes on their ecology and breeding behaviour. Zool J Linn Soc 48(2): 255-302. 3 figs. 804218 Mishima, Seikichi, and Shimazaki, Kenji. 1969. On the schooling behaviour of salmon. Bull Fac Fish Hokkaido Univ 19(4): 261-272. 9 figs., 5 tables.

Is there a myodome in cichlid fishes?

The myodome in cichlid fishes (Cichlidae). Vestn Cesk Spolecnosti Zool 4 figs. 34 804640 Verma, S. R., and Shukla, G. R 1969. Studies on the cephalic sensory canals of Nandus nandus (Ham.) (Pisces).

Do freshwater fish have a higher or lower osmotic pressure?

Freshwater fish have a higher osmotic pressure than the water they live in, while saltwater fish have a lower osmotic pressure than seawater. Osmotic pressure dictates the direction in which osmosis will work.

Is glucan an ideal immunostimulant in the fish industry?

Another study used a different feeding period to address the possibility that longer exposure to glucan might lead to exhausting the natural defense. All these studies led to the conclusion that glucan represents an ideal immunostimulant in the fish industry.[39]

What are the drug targets for the treatment of cold agglutinin disease?

B-lymphocytes as targets for therapy in chronic cold agglutinin disease. Cardiovasc Hematol Disord Drug Targets. (2007) 7:219–27. doi: 10.2174/187152907781745279 23. Berentsen S. Cold agglutinin disease.

Which gene features are associated with primary cold agglutinin disease (CAD)?

Malecka A, Trøen G, Tierens A, Østlie I, Malecki J, Randen U, et al. Immunoglobulin heavy and light chain gene features are correlated with primary cold agglutinin disease onset and activity. Haematologica. (2016) 101:e361–4. doi: 10.3324/haematol.2016.146126 30.

What are cold agglutinins (CAS)?

Cold agglutinins (CAs) are cold-reactive antibodies that are able to agglutinate red blood cells (RBCs) ( 8 – 10 ). Only CA-mediated AIHAs, i.e., cold agglutinin disease (CAD) and cold agglutinin syndrome (CAS), will be further addressed in this review.

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What are the hormones in fish food?

ropeptides and hormones. Food Intake Fish:269–296 cose, glycogen and catecholamines in tench ( T inca tinca (L.)). ( Carassius auratus ). J Endocrinol 188:513–520

Do endocrine factors display rhythms in vertebrates?

Among these variables, many endocrine factors have been described as displaying rhythms in vertebrates.

Which hormone consolidates wakefulness and activity rhythm in CCK larvae?

sion consolidates wakefulness (Prober etal. 2006 ). In gold- activity rhythm. a review). This hormone acts as a regulator of the gastro- and Björnsson 2001 ). Most of the studies relating Cck larvae. In Solea senegalensis and Dicentrar chus labrax Navarro-Guillén etal. 2017 ).

Why is the hypothalamic–pituitary axis important to vertebrates?

We mainly focused on the hypothalamic–pituitary axis, which can be considered as the master axis of the endocrine system of vertebrates and regulates a great variety of functions, including reproduction, growth, metabolism, energy homeostasis, stress response, and osmoregulation.

Which cichlids are eretmodine?

Exceptions that also involve the males include eretmodine cichlids (genera Spathodus, Eretmodus, and Tanganicodus ), some Sarotherodon species (such as Sarotherodon melanotheron ), Chromidotilapia guentheri, and some Aequidens species. This method appears to have evolved independently in several groups of African cichlids.

What kind of animals live in Guyana?

They can be seen in Guyana Botanical Gardens in Georgetown. Capuchin Monkey – This animal also called the wedge-capped capuchin monkey lives in a wet lowland forest habitat. They receive protection and shelter in Iwokrama Forest Reserve. White-Throated Toucan – These colorful birds live in the tropical rainforest.

Where can I see monkeys in Guyana?

They can be seen in Guyana Botanical Gardens in Georgetown. Capuchin Monkey – This animal also called the wedge-capped capuchin monkey lives in a wet lowland forest habitat. They receive protection and shelter in Iwokrama Forest Reserve.

What is the conservation status of the guinea pig in Guyana?

In Guyana, their conservation status is Near Threatened due to habitat loss and poaching for their fur and meat. However, they are categorized as extinct in another small South American country called Uruguay.

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Are capybaras found in Guyana?

Yes capybaras are found in Guyana. They live in the rainforest and are known as the largest rodent in the world!

How do freshwater osmoregulators absorb water?

Freshwater osmoregulators absorb water through osmosis, so they must expel excess water and replenish ions. Thus, they drink little water, excrete dilute urine, and actively take in ions.

What is the function of osmoregulation in fish?

The key to their problem is osmoregulation – active regulation of the osmotic pressure to maintain the fluid balance and concentration of salts [1]. Let first take a look at freshwater fishes. Because the salt concentration inside their body is higher as in the surrounding water, water enters the body due to osmosis. Click to see full answer.

How long does it take for fish to digest food?

What the formula showed for warm water fish is that if the water temperature was optimal (20 degrees Celcius) then digestion times ranged from 20 – 63 hours, depending on the size of the fish and how much food was eaten. See Graph One below.

Why do freshwater fish excrete water quickly?

To combat this, freshwater fish have very efficient kidneys that excrete water quickly. They also reabsorb salt from their urine before it is ejected to minimize losses and actively take salt from their environment using special cells in the gills. Why freshwater fish produce dilute urine?

Why fresh water fish are hyperosmotic to the medium?

They live in constant danger of losing water to the osmotically more concentrated medium. (ii) The fresh water fishes, on the other hand, have internal concentrations greater than that of their external medium. Thus, they are hyperosmotic to the medium.