How many molly fish can you have together?


What size tank do I need for 4 Mollies?

If you are planning to keep more than 4 mollies, make sure you get a 20-gallon tank at least. A 45- gallon tank should be a perfect choice if you plan to manage multiple shoals of mollies. Keep in mind that male mollies are known to harass and stress females.

Can Molly fish interbreed?

Since all species of Molly fish belong to the same genus, they can interbreed. Generally, it will be the largest, most vibrantly colored male that will breed with all the females in his tank, as Molly fish are quite hierarchical.

How many Mollies should be in a tank?

Male Mollies like to establish dominance in the tank, keep a 2 or 3 females for every male you have. Any kind of Molly Fish, however, might show acts of aggression such as nipping if kept in an overstocked tank. So it’s advisable to have the right-sized aquarium for them and their tank mates. Can GloFish Live With Mollies?

What do you know about Mollies?

Molly fish, or just mollies, are freshwater fish from the genus Poecilia, in the Poeciliidae family. These little fish are available in many different colors and patterns and will surely add a fun note of color to your aquarium. Encourage to learn all about them

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Can swordtail Mollies cross-breed?

Even though they are both livebearer fish mollies are part of the Poecilia family and swordtails originate from the Xiphophorus family. It is a general rule that they can’t cross-breed outside their families.

Are livebearer fish compatible with Molly fish?

Not every type of fish will be compatible tankmates due to clashing aggression levels, swimming capabilities, fragility, and various other factors. Below is a list of potential compatible tank mates for the Molly Fish. Livebearer fish are described as being “carp-like” American fish.

What are some interesting facts about Mollies?

An interesting fact about mollies is that, like guppies, they are livebearers. This means that they hold their eggs inside their body until they can give birth to live young straight into the water. They are a very popular group of fish.

Can you breed Mollies with more than one male?

Since male mollies are aggressive breeders, adding more females should divert the males’ attention between them. This way, no one female will get constant attention. Not following this ratio will stress out female mollies; hence, they’ll stop eating and eventually starve to death.

Can Mollies and platies interbreed?

Mollies, guppies, and several other species in the Poecilia genus are able to interbreed, but usually only when males of one species are kept with only the females of another species. Platies and swordtails are species of another genus, Xiphophorus, and can interbreed. These two genera belong to the same family of livebearers, Poecilidae.

Can swordtails crossbreed with platies?

Also they are incompatible. The only species that can are mollies and Guppies & Platies and swordtails. Sword tails can only crossbreed with Platies and Guppies can only do it with Mollies.

What is a livebearer Molly fish?

Livebearer fish are described as being “carp-like” American fish. They are named for their unique ability to give birth to live offspring, rather than eggs. Fish in this group are compatible with the Molly Fish because they are all capable of giving birth to live offspring and they all contain similar aggression levels.

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Do Mollies like to live with other fish?

Ideally, molly fish prefer to live with other mollies. It is best for there to be many females and just a few males to keep the females from becoming overly stressed.

Are Mollies sensitive to water quality?

They’re a hardy fish species Unlike other fish that are highly sensitive even to small changes in water quality, hardy fish like mollies are more forgiving when it comes to water parameters. Although high toxin levels are harmful for them too, they’re better at handling small changes in water chemistry.

How do you know if your mollies are male or female?

Mollies are hierarchical fish. Whichever male has the biggest fins and boldest colors leads the way. This means the ideal combination of male and female fish is one male for multiple females. You may see the male under the female; this is how the fish copulate.

How can you tell if a Molly fish is pregnant?

A female Molly will begin to get a very round belly when she is pregnant and when she is ready to drop her fry she takes on a squarish shape. Also, on some Molly fish, you can see a dark patch by the back of her anal fin. This is called the gravid spot.

How many times can a Molly fish get pregnant?

Female Mollies can “store” ***** and get pregnant again up to three times within six months even without a male fish present. Mollies are almost always pregnant (see image below of a pregnant Molly). Mollies can give birth to as few as 5 fry or as many as 100 (sometimes even more!).

Are golden sailfin mollies good for beginners?

Golden sailfin mollies are known for both their brilliant orange coloration and their prolific breeding with mated pairs spawning roughly every 45 to 60 days. Overall, they are great fish for beginning hobbyists who are looking for active swimming fish with striking colors.

Can platy fish breed with Molly fish?

But, no, Molly fish (Poecilia) won’t breed with your Platy (Xiphophorus) as they are both entirely different breeds. Although, there may be a problem when you keep them with their own kind and start mating to overcrowd your tank in a few months.

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Do Mollies crossbreed?

In fact, if you get a bunch of female and only female mollies (or platies or swordtails- take your pick) that were in a mixed gender tank in the pet store, they will continue to drop fry for 3+ months and your tank will soon be overrun by fry — and there won’t be a male in sight. This is what you are seeing. Not cross breeding at all.

Can platies and swordtails interbreed?

I suspect the likelihood of Cogs is much greater than the likelihood of Pollys, half Molly and half Platies. I think Platies and Swordtails can interbreed. I’ve never heard of Mollies and Platy’s. I have read of guppys and mollies, but their offspring were sterile (as I recall).

Can swordtails and platys interbreed?

Yes, swordtails and platys are part of the genus Xiphophorus. Thus, the species can interbreed. Platies are Xiphophorus maculatus Swordtails are Xiphophorus helleri Platies that are Xiphophorus maculatus cannot interbreed with Guppies which are Poecilia reticulata and vice versa.

How can you tell if a fish is a livebearer or egglayer?

An easy way to tell if almos t any fish is a livebearer (gets pregnant) or an egglayer (can’t get pregnant) is to look for something called a gonopodium (or gonopod.) This is a thin, long, controllable fin underneath the fish’s body that delivers sperm to females.

What is a Molly fish’s habitat?

In the wild, a molly’s habitat can vary. They have adapted to lots of different water conditions, including a tolerance to brackish waters and high hydrogen sulfide levels. They are mostly found in the shallow parts of rivers and streams across North and South America. Here the substrate would be sandy with rocks and debris sat on top.

What is the difference between male&female Mollies?

Although the differences between the two sexes are subtle, male and female mollies have slightly different body shapes. Males tend to be thinner and more streamlined, while females — who must carry the developing young — are bulkier.