How many golden barbs should be kept together?


How big do Sharpe Tinfoil barbs get?

Shirlie L Sharpe Tinfoil Barbs are the largest member of the Barb family. Unfortunately, they are often only an inch or two long when sold, and many owners have no idea how large they grow. They should only be kept in large tanks of 55 gallons or more with other large species of fish.

How hard is it to breed tiger barbs?

They can survive in temperatures as low as 65 degrees and as high as 90 degrees, although their ideal range is 75°F to 82°F. In my experience, breeding tiger barbs is relatively easy compared to other freshwater fish species, however, you do need to follow a few important steps to ensure successful breeding.

What is the best water for tiger barb breeding?

Tiger Barbs prefer slightly acidic water to breed. The ideal pH level for tiger barb breeding is between 6.8 and 7.8. They also prefer slightly soft water for breeding. The ideal alkalinity is between 3 to 8 dkH.

How to care for cherry barbs in a fish tank?

Therefore, try to include aquatic caves and rocks in your tank. Make sure the ornaments that you add to your tank don’t have any sharp edges to them. Sand-based, silty-based and gravel-based substrates are recommended for Cherry Barbs since they would help mimic the natural environment of this species.

What fish can you put with a cherry barb?

Suitable tankmates include other barb species, such as the Rosy Barb or Black Ruby Barb. Common tetra species, such as the Neon Tetra or Buenos Aires Tetra also add a splash of color to your tank. There are many peaceful community fishes that are well suited to a tank with the Cherry Barb.

What fish can I keep with tinfoil barbs?

There are a lot of fish that can go well with tinfoil barbs. I have personally kept many of them and have had success. Below is the list of fish which wont create a problem: Cichlids such as Blue powder, Banana etc. Just dont keep overly aggressive cichlids such as Green Terror, Devil etc. These will certainly go well with tinfoils.

How big do Tinfoil barbs need to be?

Aptly named because of their silvery and shiny bodies, Tinfoil Barbs are peaceful fish that need at least a 75-gallon tank to thrive. They can grow to 14 inches and they’re strong swimmers. They don’t show aggression towards other fish, however, due to their large size, they should never be housed with small fish.

Why are my barbs not breeding in my tank?

The breeding tank may get ectoparasites and pathogens of dangerous diseases for fish through insufficiently clean water or food. Hence, you should check with any changes of your Barbs during the breeding season.

How to breed tiger barb fish?

The ideal Ph level for Tiger Barb breeding should be slightly acidic than pH 6.5. Water Hardiness should be slightly soft (ideally below 10dGH). The temperature should be warmer than the normal level (average temperature 68°F to 79°F). It should be about 80 °F. You can add medium-sized cobbles or marbles as the substrate.

What kind of filter do you use for tiger barbs?

Housing. These will keep the water crystal clear, and maintain excellent water quality, but you should be careful not to over filter the aquarium. Tiger barbs prefer slow moving water, and any hang-on-back filter should either have reduced flow, or should not exceed the recommended tank size listed on the filter.

Are tiger barbs good for a community tank?

Some of the suitable tank fishes include Catfish, Zebrafish, Tetras, Platys, loaches, Rainbow Sharks, rainbow fish, Pleco Fish, Molly Fish, gourami fish, and freshwater plants. Overall, tiger barbs aren’t a good choice for keeping in community tanks they will be more suitable for a school-type setup of 6 or more fishes from the same species.

How big do green tiger barbs grow?

These fish grow over 2 inches in an aquarium & prefer adequate open area to swim, providing Green Tiger barbs with the right tank size & right tank decor will only help them thrive in your aquarium

Are green tiger barb fish hard to keep?

Green tiger barb fish are generally described as hardy fish that are relatively easy to keep. That said, they’re a bit weaker than the tiger barbs they’re developed from. Green tigers are susceptible to ich; therefore, water cleanliness and stress-free tank conditions are a must for this species.

What fish can live with cherry barb?

Cherry barb becomes a good tank mate for: white cloud mountain minnow, harlequin rasbora, otocinclus catfish, cardinal tetra, neon tetra, betta. Although, angelfish is rather large and aggressive tank-mate for a cherry barb. However, cherry barb won’t attack them, but they may do this.

Do tiger barbs need a separate breeding tank?

Tiger barbs require a separate breeding tank not because they won’t breed otherwise, just because if they do, you won’t be left with any eggs since they have quite the appetite for their own eggs. Therefore, for successful breeding (one that results in fry you can grow), make sure to place tiger barbs in a separate breeding tank.

How to breed tiger barbs in aquarium?

Breeding the tiger barbs is a moderately easy activity. Setting up the platform for your tiger barb to breed is the first and foremost thing for you to do. Ensure that there is a tank that is large enough – something around 75 liters. Place many pebbles in the water tank. This will be of use when the eggs are laid.

What do you need for a tiger barb tank?

Tiger Barb Tank Setup For your Barb tank, you should maintain tropical water temperatures between 75 and 82°F, with a pH between 6.0-8.0. The substrate should be fine gravel, with large rocks and cobbles which can be used for shelter. Tiger Barbs live at many depths and light levels, so a basic aquarium hood light will be fine for them.

How many tiger barbs in a planted aquarium?

Moss Green Tiger Barbs adds to the contrast in a Planted aquarium; as they are a schooling fish they should be kept in a group of 6 or more. If a Green tiger barb is not kept in a group there would be behavioral changes observed, the fish is less active & seem to be more aggressive to same sized fish in the aquarium.

What happens if a green tiger barb is not kept in groups?

If a Green tiger barb is not kept in a group there would be behavioral changes observed, the fish is less active & seem to be more aggressive to same sized fish in the aquarium.

Do tiger barbs like to be in groups?

As mentioned, Green Tiger Barbs do enjoy a densely planted aquarium. They can be a shy fish and will enjoy the cover of a canopy. Barbs are hardy, active and mostly a peaceful fish that are best kept in groups of no less than 6 fish in a community tank.

What is the best tank for a green tiger barbs?

Moderate water movement, normal lighting, and an open swimming space in the mid-levels of the tank are most suitable for green tiger barbs. As I mentioned, green tiger barbs are schooling fish and the bigger the school in which they’re kept, the better for the fish.

How long do green tiger barbs live?

However, the red color that appears in their parentage can be found on these fish as well on the outside of the dorsal fins, in the tail and ventral fins as well as on their snout, when spawning. With proper care and good tank conditions, green tiger barbs can live 6 years on average.

Are green tiger barbs aggressive?

Like their tiger barb cousins, green tiger barbs are also semi-aggressive fish that will pester or nip at the fins of slow-moving, docile fish, so you should be careful when you add them to community aquariums.