How do you say dog in French?


How do you spell animal words in French?

French Animal Words: (“Le” animals are masculine, “La” animals are feminine. Animals starting with “L'” have a (m) or (f) to denote gender.) L’agneau (m) Lamb. L’alligator (m) Alligator. L’âne (m) Donkey. L’antilope (f) Antelope. L’armadille (f) Armadillo. Le canard Duck.

What is a good French word for horse?

cheval (n.m.) horse. chevel de course race horse. cheval (du) diable praying mantis. cheval nain pony. chevrette (n.f.) shrimp. [The SF crevette was originally a dialectal variant of chevrette in France.] chevreuil (n.m.) deer. chèvrefeuille (n.m.) honeysuckle. cheveu (n.m.) hair [plural: cheveux]

How do you say dog in French?

Here are six French-language idiomatic expressions using chien, the word for dog in French. Actually, the French word for dog can appear in one of three forms in expressions: as un chien for a male dog, une chienne for a female dog, or un chiot for a puppy. The latter is always masculine.

What are some animal names in French?

L’hippopotame (m) ➔ Hippopotamus L’orang-outang (m) ➔ Orangutan Le rhinocéros ➔ Rhinoceros There’s another eighteen animal words that should be fairly simple for you to remember. Please see below for our full list of French animal names. Note: Words in bold added during the last update.

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With all that in mind, French pet names are a great place to look, offering sophistication, style, and that added bit of “je ne sais quoi” that can help make your pet’s name as special as they are. To help you narrow it down, here are 75 French pet names that are worth putting at the top of your list.

Are French people good with pets?

The French are generally unsentimental about pets (and animals in general) and keep them as much for practical purposes (e.g. to guard premises or catch vermin) or as fashion accessories as for companionship. Nevertheless, pets are more widely tolerated than in many other countries.

Are the French cruel to their pets?

but the truth is that the French can be as sentimental and caring of their pets as we Brits, and equally as cruel. There can be a somewhat two-sided approach to animals in France, with some, sadly, treating them as a disposable utility whereas others clearly dote on them and go to great expense to ensure their well being.

What is it like to travel to France with pets?

( Travelling to France with Pets .) It can be idyllic… certainly our personal menagerie of dogs, cats, horses and guinea pigs has never been happier, and the same seems true of many.

Are Dogs Allowed in hotels in France?

Nevertheless, pets are more widely tolerated than in many other countries. French hotels usually quote a rate for pets (e.g. €8 per night), and most restaurants allow dogs and many provide food and water (some even allow owners to seat their pets at the table!).

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The case is different with horses (or any large animal), however, as it is not legal to bury a horse in France. Once more, your vet should be able to advise you and provide contacts for specialist firms who will remove the body. Horses too, must have their passports clearly marked as “not for meat”.

How have our animals changed since moving to France?

Our own journey has taken us from the north-east of England to the deep south of France, so our animals have found some very different conditions to deal with in their new lives. The most obvious change is the weather ( Weather in France ).

What is the treatment of animals in France like?

There can be a somewhat two-sided approach to animals in France, with some, sadly, treating them as a disposable utility whereas others clearly dote on them and go to great expense to ensure their well being. This is not vastly different from the situation in the UK, where ill treatment of animals is also far too common.

Can I take my Dog to France?

Make your four-legged friend’s journey to France as seamless as possible with our guide to importing a pet into France. Pets are welcome in France, but there are strict rules relating to bringing pets into the country. If you plan to take a pet to France, it’s important to check the latest French regulations.

How to transport a horse from UK to France?

If you’re transporting horses between the UK and France a valid health certificate will be required 24 hours prior to sailing. Horses can be transported via our high-speed or conventional ferry services (but remember high-speed vehicle limits are 7.5m in length, 3.1m high and 7 tonnes in weight).

What is it like to walk in France with a dog?

The unpleasant aspect of France’s vast dog population is abundantly evident on the pavements of towns and cities, where dogs routinely leave their ‘calling cards’ (officially known as déjections canines ). You must always watch where you walk: many pavements aren’t trottoirs but ‘ crottoirs ’.

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Can you bring a service animal to a hotel?

Under the ADA laws, the hotel cannot charge an extra fee for the service animal as they would another client with a pet. This also means you and your dog will be allowed in the public areas of the hotel, as well as having the right to a floor and room that are not normally designated for people traveling with pets.

Can I bring my dog to France with rabies?

Pets entering France from a country with a high incidence of rabies must have a Blood Titer Test one month after vaccination and three months prior to departure. Unvaccinated pets (dogs and cats only) less than three months old may enter the EU with additional restrictions. Certain aggressive breeds of dogs are prohibited from entry.

What are the rules for immigration of pets to France?

1 Pet immigration rules for France. Pets moving within Europe can take advantage of the system of European Pet Passports, which is designed for domestic animals. 2 Restrictions for pet relocation. … 3 Pet insurance for relocation. … 4 Airline pet container requirements. … 5 Pets in the cabin. … 6 IATA pet crates requirements.

Regulations on horse burial vary from state to state, and within states, from locality to locality. Many jurisdictions require the burial site be no fewer than 100 yards from wells, streams, and other water sources; and in some locales, it is illegal to bury a chemically euthanized horse.

Can You Bury a pet horse in Scotland?

In Scotland and Wales, only pet horses can be buried. In England, you’re allowed to bury horses whether they are pets or not. For further information, contact your local trading standards office and the Environment Agency. You can also use NFSCo to collect your horse.