How do we know that reptiles are cold-blooded?


Are crocodiles and birds the same thing?

Birds and crocodylians, on the other hand, belong to a different collective, the archosaurs. All crocodylians are archosaurs belonging to the order Crocodylomorpha, meaning, crocodiles and their relatives including alligators. Birds, on the other hand, are actually dinosaurs.

Various things actually. Crocodiles and birds are solidly closely related, for they are archosaurs. There is plenty of genetic and molecular evidence that supports this. However, the most notable characteristics that make the two more closely related are fairly a bit more subtle.

What do birds have in common with Dinosaurs?

Modern birds can trace their origins to theropods, a branch of mostly meat-eaters on the dinosaur family tree. In some birds, like this cassowary, the resemblance to extinct theropod dinosaurs is easy to see. (Image credit: Shutterstock) What do sparrows, geese and owls have in common with a velociraptor or the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex?

What can we learn about dinosaurs from bird watching?

Creatures such as sharks and horseshoes crabs have stood the test of time, and their descendants can be observed today. But what about other ancient animals? We can learn a great deal by looking at their fossils, but there is something else we can do in our modern era to get a glimpse at what dinosaurs may have been like: go bird watching!

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A dinosaur named Archaeopteryx may be the evolutionary link between dinosaurs and birds. Archaeopteryx was discovered in Germany and was surprisingly well preserved. Paleontologists found one specimen that still had feathers! It was long believed that

Was it possible to train dinosaurs like birds or reptiles?

Consequently, it is accurate to state that training dinosaurs would have been similar to training birds or reptiles. Read on to find out why it would generally be challenging to train reptiles or birds and, by extension, dinosaurs.

Can dinosaurs be trained?

Dinosaurs, therefore, share a phylogenetic history with birds and reptiles. Consequently, it is accurate to state that training dinosaurs would have been similar to training birds or reptiles. Read on to find out why it would generally be challenging to train reptiles or birds and, by extension, dinosaurs.

Did dinosaurs have scales?

Birds have scales like many dinosaurs and some dinosaurs may have had feathers. Scientists have discovered that the tissues used to produce scales in reptiles are similar to those that produce feathers in birds. This suggests that there is a common ancestor between dinosaurs, birds, and reptiles. Furthermore, birds have scales on their feet!

What would humans do to dinosaurs?

It means that humans would do to dinosaurs what we have done to other animals: drive them into extinction and use the survivors to our advantage. Feathered dinosaurs evolved into birds, which makes all birds related to dinosaurs.

In the middle of the controversy is the so-called transitional fossil often cited as the link between birds and dinosaurs entitled Archaeopteryx. All ten specimens have been found in Germany in the Solnhofen Limestone of Late Jurassic age (150 million years old by evolutionary standards).

Are humans mammals or dinosaurs?

Saying “Humans are mammals so birds are dinosaurs” shows a basic lack of understanding of taxonomy. Humans belong to the class Mammalia (all mammals). Dinosaurs belonged to the class Reptilia (all reptiles). Birds belong to a class of their own, Aves.

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Could dinosaurs be tamed if they co-existed with us today?

So, could dinosaurs be tamed if they co-existed with us today? The short answer is yes. Man has successfully domesticated and tamed particular species of present-day birds and reptiles, such as parrots, falcons, and lizards, all of which link their ancestry to dinosaurs.

Did dinosaurs have scales or feathers?

Birds are dinosaurs, dinosaurs are reptiles, and many dinosaurs, like birds, had both feathers and scales, while others had just scales. Birds are classified by modern science as dinosaurs. Regarding feathers and scales, dinosaurs had both – as do birds today. If you think birds dont have scales then look at a ostritch’s foot and notice the scales.

Archaeopteryx was first described as the ‘missing link’ between reptiles and birds in 1861 – and is now regarded as the link between dinosaurs and birds.

Archaeopteryx is a connecting link between reptiles and birds as it possesses characteristics of both birds and reptiles. Archaeopteryx possessed a long tail, teeth in jaws, long neck with cervical vertebrae, all are reptilian characters.

Were dinosaurs lizards or birds?

Again and again, scientists find that dinosaurs were in fact, a unique group of reptiles, not truly like modern lizards and not bird-like either, but indeed one of God’s marvels of creation. Bakker, R. T., 1986, The Dinosaur Heresies: New Theories Unlocking the Mystery of the Dinosaurs and Their Extinction, pp. 303-305, Kensington Publishing Corp.,

Are humans amniotes or amphibians?

Humans are amniotes like birds and reptiles but while birds and reptiles are sauropsids, mammals are synapsids. Humans are not amphibians either because amphibia is another paraphyletic group which is distinct from amniotes. Possibly some amphibians and amniotes share a common ancestor.

Archosaurs were the earliest ancestors of crocodiles and dinosaurs. About 65 million years ago, all dinosaurs went into extinction, except for one group of feathered dinosaurs. Over time, this group evolved into modern birds. Dinosaurs, therefore, share a phylogenetic history with birds and reptiles.

Is it possible to train reptiles and birds?

In reality, there are great difficulties in being able to train modern-day reptiles and birds. However, from their example, we can catch a glimpse of what might have been.

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How long did it take to domesticate dinosaurs?

Birds are not only descended from dinosaurs, but actually are, scientifically, avian dinosaurs (the “default” most people picture is non-avian).[1] This includes chickens, which are the most common domesticated animal in the world. So it took us roughly 50,000 years to domesticate dinosaurs.

What would have happened if dinosaurs lived in the past?

Dinosaurs were the ultimate survivors, and the modern change in climatic conditions is something they can handle easily. Paleontologists have suggested that some dinosaur species would flourish and became like an invasive species while others would move back into extinction. It would all be dependent on mammals.

Archaeopteryx is a missing link between reptiles and birds. What is archaeopteryx? Archaeopteryx is a primitive organism that shows characteristics transitional between dinosaurs and birds.

Could dinosaurs survive in today’s World?

Yes, numerous dinosaurs could survive, and actually many would do quite well. We know this because dinosaurs are actually more numerous than mammals. Yes, I said they are, as in currently. Technically speaking a bird is a dinosaur, and birds outnumber any other land vertebrate in terms of of species.

What diseases would we have if dinosaurs lived in the past?

Dinosaur diseases would definitely exist. There would be dinosaur germs, so we would need dinosaur medical experts. Of course, like the names of these dinosaurs, the names of the diseases would also end with-osis or-ous. There would be minor illnesses, such as cough, fever, bites, or colds caused by them.

What if dinosaurs lived today?

Or even get to marvel in wonder at specimens concocted in labs occupying prime zoo real estate. After all, if dinosaurs were alive today, their immune systems would probably be ill-equipped to handle our modern panoply of bacteria, fungi and viruses. The chasm is just too large to make that a likely possibility.

How did the dinosaurs end?

65 million years ago, the dinosaurs had a very bad day; a massive asteroid that measured 6 miles across, that had been ploughing through the Solar System for millions of years, crashed into the Gulf of Mexico to put an end to the 170 million year dinosaurian reign. But it was by no means inevitable that their reign was to end at that time.