How do I know if my koi are mating?


What do judges look for in a koi fish?

Judges and breeders look for fish with sharp, distinct pattern edges. The symmetry of the head, shoulders, mid-section, tail, and pectoral fins are taken into account, as well as the integrity of the eyes and mouth. An ideal koi has an absolutely straight line from the snout to the tail.

Can koi fish get sick from goldfish?

Koi and goldfish are typically very hardy, robust fish and don’t often once become sick once they have settled into the pond. Occasionally, goldfish and koi disease occurs in ponds as fish fall prey to parasitic, bacterial or fungal attacks.

What does your koi fish’s color mean?

Asagi koi of blue, red, and grey colorings symbolize positivity. Black koi are thought to hold a patriarchal symbolism, with red belonging to the mother, blue to the son, and pink to the daughter. Do you have any fun koi fish facts to share with fellow koi connoisseurs?

Why do koi fish have rings on their scales?

Microscopic growth marks cover a koi fish’s scales like that of the rings on a tree. These can show patterns of rapid growth or shortage of food. Koi fish symbolize many virtues in Asian cultures. They are recognized as symbols of perseverance and endurance, as well as strength and individualism.

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What is a koi show?

Koi shows are not unlike dog or horse shows. It’s a competition were the koi are viewed and judged by a group of experts. Numerous winners are chosen in each category then in turn the Grand Champion. Just like in other animal shows, the judges use a very specific, even rigid, set of standards to judge the koi.

What does bad skin quality look like on koi fish?

Bad skin quality looks old and tired, and does not have that youthful vibrant look, and the colours look dull and do not shine. This does not mean to say that an older Koi does not have good skin quality, it depends entirely on the fish, and you can have young fish with skin quality that is not good.

What is the body shape of koi fish?

The quality and cost of Koi fish are highly dependent on its body shape. The award-winning Koi fish is free of any defects and deformation in body shape. The ideal conformation of Koi fish is a torpedo-shaped, symmetrical body with even fins, corresponding to the body.

Why does my Koi have white spots on its gills?

The white patches are due to necrosis (death) of the gill tissue. Gill lesions caused by KHV disease are the most common clinical signs in affected koi. Other external signs of KHV may include bleeding gills, sunken eyes, and pale patches on the skin. Some KHV infected koi may have a notched nose (Goodwin 2012).

How does sickness come from fish that doesn’t have any symptoms?

How is it possible for sickness to come from fish that don’t have any symptoms?” The reason is because the original host fish may carry an illness, but its strong immune system keeps the pathogen under control with no visible signs.

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Can Koi get herpes from goldfish?

Carp Pox Virus is a herpes virus that can affect goldfish and Koi. The most common signs of Carp Pox are thickened skin and small lesions that resemble drops of candle wax. Like herpes viruses in other species, there are latent carriers that never show any symptoms of the virus while still passing it onto others.

Can I stunt my Koi’s growth?

There are a few factors that can stunt your Koi’s growth. Interestingly, fish that are stunted do tend to live longer, but it’s up to the fish keeper if they want to actively stunt their Koi’s growth or make their fish as comfortable as possible throughout its life.

What does the name of the koi fish mean?

The name means “fallen leaves” because the colors are like Autumn leaves on water. Body of the koi is in one color with pine-cone like scales. Body color of the fish is red, yellow or white with some black areas. The name means “tortoise shell”.

What does a yellow and orange Koi tattoo mean?

Tattoos often use a combination of yellow and orange to represent a gold-colored koi. These gold-colored fish symbolize fortune and wealth. The Japanese term for them is yamabuki. Yin-Yang koi fish tattoo.

What are the major colors of koi fish?

Some of the major colors of koi fish are: 1 Black 2 White 3 Red 4 Yellow, orange, or gold 5 Bluish gray 6 Cream More

Why does my Koi look like a pine cone?

Scales raise up from the skin, and heavily affected fish look like a pine cone that has released seeds. 10. Swim Bladder Disease A koi that rests on the bottom of the pond and thrashes erratically when it tries to surface can indicate SBD. Look on the belly to see if ulcers are forming from rubbing on the bottom.

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Why is my Koi showing physical injuries?

There are also times that fish get physical injuries. Things like predators and even the breeding behavior of the fish can cause these injuries. This section is designed to help you recognize and diagnose even the most subtle symptoms that your Koi may be exhibiting.

How long does it take a koi fish to grow?

Any shorter than the aforementioned 10 inches and the koi fish is considered to be in the juvenile category. Most of the champion koi fish in the world will grow for seven to nine years before they are sold, making them much larger and more mature than their younger counterparts.

Are Koi fish bigger than carp?

Though the koi fish are so decorative and beautiful, they actually can be quite a bit bigger than their carp counterparts. The koi fish can grow to be as large as 24-inches by 28-inches in length.

Do koi fish have deformities?

Sometimes there are simply Koi that have this from birth, and it is a deformity. You should know this by inspecting your fish closely when you get them. If you first notice it only when they are sick, but they had it all along, it will lead you astray in diagnosing problems.

What is a Showa Koi?

Showa are one of the Gosanke or “Big 3” koi fish along with Taisho Sanke and Kohaku koi. Showa are beautiful koi, with colors of white, red, and black painted The stunning Showa koi fish fist came about in 1927, but the coloring did not reach its current perfection until 1965.

Do all koi fish have lustre?

To some extent yes, for example a metallic Koi (Hikari Classes) the fish must have Lustre – but that is part of skin quality. If it is a Doitsu (no scales) fish then if it does have scales along the dorsal line they should be even and not scattered and irregular. Some varieties should have a clean, clear head.