How do I entertain my cichlids?


What does a cichlid with white spots look like?

It often manifests as tiny white spots on the gills, fins, and body of the Auratus cichlid. Asides from the appearance of white spots, you may also notice lethargy, labored breathing, a strange swimming pattern, and a general loss of appetite.

What is an auratus cichlid?

The Auratus cichlid, also known as melanochromis auratus, is a beautiful freshwater fish belonging to the cichlid family. Other names by which the Auratus cichlid is referred to include the Golden Mbuna and Malawi golden cichlid. Already, from the last name, you can tell that it is endemic to Malawi, the southern parts, to be precise.

What is the best tank setup for auratus cichlid?

If there are more than 1 male in the same tank, 125 gallon tank or larger is recommended. A tank setup for Auratus Cichlid should consist of plenty of rockscape, which would mimic their natural habitat in Lake Malawi.

What happens when a fish has white spots on its skin?

In the first phase of the illness, before white spots appear, infected fish will display some or all of the following behavioral changes: scratching against stones and decorative objects (the parasite has crossed the protective mucous membrane that covers their skin) When white spots appear, they are about the size of the head of a pin.

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How big do albino auratus cichlids get?

Juvenile Albino Auratus Cichlids were raised in a 20 Gallon Aquarium what you see in the video, they were about a inch in size. Few things which may help you to raise healthy Auratus Cichlid fry, would be adding snails to the tank as they consume uneaten food by the fry & a pothos plant also help maintain water quality.

What size tank for auratus cichlid?

Tank size for Auratus cichlid should be minimum 190 liters (50 gallons) for a single male and 4 to 5 females. For more than one male, over 125 gallons is recommended; the bigger the tank, the better! The best tank decoration for the Auratus cichlid is Rockscape with plenty of swimming space as the Auratus cichlid are rock-dwelling fish*.

What is the best substrate for wild auratus cichlids?

Wild auratus cichlids live in a sand substrate, but you can use gravel too. You can utilize a crushed coral substrate to keep the PH help. Lake Malawi is teeming with minerals, and you can use lime-based ornaments to replicate this environment.

What do auratus cichlids eat?

Auratus Cichlid are omnivorous fish that eats a lot of plant-based food. In their native habitat, they eat a lot of Aufwuchs, which are the algae growing on the rock surfaces. In addition, they eat various invertebrates as well.

How to identify male and female auratus cichlids?

Another distinct marker of the female Auratus cichlid is the black and blue lines that run from their eyes down to their caudal fin. The female Auratus cichlid also has the uncanny ability to take on the male’s coloration when there is no male present. The male, however, cannot change their coloration to that of the females.

How many cichlids can you put in a 50 gallon tank?

Auratus Cichlid require a minimum tank size of 50 gallons (190 liters). In a 50 gallon tank, it is possible to stock 1 male and 4-5 females. If there are more than 1 male in the same tank, 125 gallon tank or larger is recommended.

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How to fight white spot disease in fish?

Temperature changes are crucial when fighting white spot disease in fish. The reason for this is that this parasite requires very specific temperatures in order to carry out its life cycle succesfully. The first manifestation of the disease is the appearance of white spots, so at this stage it is possible to attack the parasite.

How do you breed auratus cichlids?

Auratus Cichlids are easy breeders as long as the right conditions are met. The male establishes a mating territory by digging a nest in the sand or preparing a rock. He lures the female with his intense coloring and dancing, and they start circling together.

How to tell auratus cichlid apart?

The best way to tell Auratus Cichlid apart is through their color. The male Auratus cichlid can be recognized through their distinctive brown or black body and has either light blue or yellow stripes as well as transparent yellow dorsal fins.

What is the ideal water temperature for auratus cichlids?

The ideal temperature and PH range are 73.0-82.0ºF and 7.7-8.6, respectively. The Auratus Cichlids are likely to deteriorate when subjected to poor tank water conditions. They can get infected with Malawi bloat if their herbivores dietary requirements are not met accordingly.

What diseases do auratus cichlids get?

Auratus cichlid can become susceptible to the common diseases that plague freshwater fishes, especially if they are kept in poor water conditions. 1. Swim Bladder Disease As the name suggests, Swim Bladder Disease affects the swim bladder of the Auratus cichlid.

How long do auratus cichlids live?

Auratus cichlid has an average lifespan of 5 years. However, depending on their genetics and environment, their lifespan can vary. Some fish have lived longer than 5 years. Auratus Cichlid are aggressive fish, and they can become violent when they are defending their territory.

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Can You overstock auratus cichlids in an aquarium?

If your Auratus Cichlids are in an aquarium that is overstocked, they will become stressed – weakening their immune systems – causing them to be more prone to diseases, and they won’t grow to their appropriate size. As a result, you need to follow the rule of one inch of fish per gallon of water, but keep in mind:

What temperature should I Set my auratus cichlid to?

By keeping the temperature between 72 to 83 degrees Fahrenheit and the pH between 7.5 to 8.5, you can keep your Auratus Cichlid healthy and comfortable.

How often should I feed the auratus cichlid?

It is enough to feed the Auratus Cichlid twice each day. Give them the amount of food that they can eat in 2 or 3 minutes.

What does the auratus fish eat?

The Auratus is a yellow cichlid with black horizontal stripes and has many distinguishing features; thus, recognizing them is not much of a chore. They have elongated bodies with closely spaced teeth that almost resemble incisors. With these teeth, they can feed on algae, critters, biofilm, and a whole lot of other fish.

How many auratus cichlids in a 50 gallon tank?

A proper tank setup and regular maintenance can help prevent the majority of problems. Auratus Cichlid require a minimum tank size of 50 gallons (190 liters). In a 50 gallon tank, it is possible to stock 1 male and 4-5 females. If there are more than 1 male in the same tank, 125 gallon tank or larger is recommended.

Are auratus cichlid Hardy?

Auratus Cichlid are hardy, but they aren’t recommended for most beginners in the aquarium hobby. This is mainly because of their aggressive characteristic, which can make it difficult to properly care for them. Tank setups and tank mates must be selected with careful consideration.

What size tank does a auratus cichlid need?

Auratus Cichlids must be kept in at least a 50 gallon aquarium. Auratus Cichlids eventually grow to be 3-4 inches long. How do I setup a fish tank?