How big do male British shorthair cats get?


What kind of body does a British Shorthair have?

Size and Weight of British Shorthair Cat British Shorthair is a medium-large sized breed with dense coat and big round eyes.Their coat comes in almost all colors.British Shorthair cats have well developed body and have small but muscular legs.They are usually calm and not vocal.

How fast do British Shorthairs grow?

Classified as a large cat, British Shorthairs grow fairly rapidly during the first few months of their lives. By the time they reach 12 months of age, they will have attained much of their full adult weight.

Do female British Shorthair cats come in different colours?

Like their brothers, female British Shorthairs come in all kinds of shades, from blue to white to lilac to black and everything in between. You can find these cats in solid colours, bicoloured variants, tortoiseshell and calico patterns and even colourpoints.

How much should a male British Shorthair cat weigh?

The dimorphism of the breed is more obvious at this point, with male kittens significantly larger than female siblings of the same age. Your British Shorthair should weigh around 2.5 kg, although a male cat could easily weigh more and a female cat rather less.

How fast do Tom shorthair kittens grow?

Tom kittens may already be a shade heavier than their sisters. For the first few months of their lives, you can expect a British Shorthair kitten to gain between 500g to 750g per month (roughly one pound), with boys growing somewhat faster than girls.

Is a British Shorthair a big cat?

This cobby, muscular cat is heavy and well-built, with stocky limbs and rounded features. Classified as a large cat, British Shorthairs grow fairly rapidly during the first few months of their lives. By the time they reach 12 months of age, they will have attained much of their full adult weight.

When do British Shorthair cats stop growing in size?

By the time British Shorthair cats have reached twelve months of age, they will have reached a large percentage of their adult size. Growth doesn’t stop here, however; it simply slows down and becomes more gradual.

Is there such a thing as a white British Shorthair?

White British Shorthair cats are much loved for their pure, snow-white fur, without smoky or yellow undertones, spots, and stripes. A white-colored BSH’s paw pads and muzzle should be pink without any coloration, too. All white cats are actually colored cats but they have a white gene which in effect masks their “true” colors.

Can a British Shorthair cat be a lilac colour?

It is a really unusual colour on a big shorthair cat and very eye catching. We have bred quite a lot of lilac British Shorthair kittens as one of our first breeding girls was lilac. We also have several blue girls and boys that carry the chocolate gene and that can produce lilac kittens in solid and bicolour.

What colors do British Shorthair cats come in?

British Shorthairs with tabby markings can come in several different colors, including red, brown, blue, chocolate, cream, lilac, blue silver, black silver, chocolate silver, and lilac silver. 4. Tipped Colors A tipped British Shorthair has a very light-colored undercoat, such as cream or silver.

What is the difference between a male and female British Shorthair cat?

There is a behavioral difference between male and female British Shorthair cats. Males tend to have easy-going, laid-back attitudes, while females tended to take life more seriously. The Cheshire Cat character featured in Alice in Wonderland is based on the British Shorthair. British Shorthair cats are slow to mature.

Is it worth it to buy a British Shorthair cat?

It’s worth going the extra mile to find someone who is familiar with the breed and understands that their healthy weight range extends well beyond what would be acceptable in the average domestic kitty. There is very little that’s average about a British Shorthair, including their size.

How long does it take for a cat to grow in height?

These handsomely stocky cats really grow into their looks between three and five years, as their bodies pack on more muscle and acquire the coveted round and blocky look of a real British shorthair. They will get a little taller and somewhat heavier over the second and third years, with slower growth a couple of years after that.

What is the fastest growing Cat in the world?

Some cat breeds mature much faster or slower than this. A Singapura kitten is one of the fastest maturing cat breeds. Singapura kittens reach full size when they are between fifteen and twenty-four months old. Chartreux kittens reach full adult size when they are about three years old.

How fast do British Shorthair cats grow?

British Shorthairs do most of their growing in the first year but can continue to get larger for another three to five years. It’s not uncommon for a three-year-old British Shorthair tom to weigh 7 kg and to still be growing… both up and out.

Do British Shorthair cats get along with other dogs?

A British Shorthair Cat is an outstanding choice whether you have other dogs or cats in the home. While you have to worry about some other cats playing with larger dogs and potentially getting hurt, a British Shorthair Cat has a more laidback demeanor that lends to them staying out of the way of larger pets.

What kind of cat is a lilac British Shorthair?

Lilac British Shorthairs possess a combination of gray, blue, and pink tones on their coats. Their fur is present in mixed variations, from cold lavender to warm pinkish gray. This color is actually a chocolate cat with the dilution gene. This gene reduces the pigment in the fur so the chocolate ends up looking lilac.

What color is a Lilac Chocolate cat?

This color is actually a chocolate cat with the dilution gene. This gene reduces the pigment in the fur so the chocolate ends up looking lilac. The tips on their noses and paw pads blend with the appearance of their fur. While their eyes are bright, orange-copper, or amber in color.

How many blue and lilac kittens does a will produce?

will produce; 75% blue kittens and 25% lilac (3 blue and 1 lilac for instance) The lilac kittens can’t carry chocolate as they are chocolate in the dilute form

How many different colours of British Shorthair cats are there?

At Cuddleton British Shorthairs we can produce sixteen different colours and forty two different colour and pattern combinations including cinnamon and fawn based combinations. We were the first breeder in Australia to breed cinnamon and fawn british shorthair cats. So lets start with a quick lesson in colours.

Is there such a thing as a British Blue Cat?

British Blue: When people describe an animal as blue, they don’t mean a true blue, in fact, this classic British Shorthair color is more of a gray. In addition to the coat, these monochrome cats should have blue noses and paw pads.

What kind of coat does a British Shorthair have?

In British Shorthairs, the tortie pattern can come in several different colors. The most common color patterns are black and red, blue and cream, chocolate and red, cinnamon and red, and lilac and cream. Some British Shorthairs will have a tortie-colored coat with a “smoke” effect, which comes from a lighter, usually silver-colored undercoat.

Are male or female British Shorthair cats stronger?

Female British Shorthair might be smaller in physique but is surprisingly stronger than the male cat. The male cat tends to be more cheery and cuddly in comparison to the female ones, as reported by most of the British Shorthair cat owners.

Why do people buy British Shorthair cats?

READ ALSO: Is Avocado Bad for Cats? Another reason is simply the expense; a pedigree British Shorthair kitten can cost around £1200, while adult cats may cost only a few hundred pounds. The most usual reason, though, is that people who love British Shorthairs want to provide a caring home to a cat who might otherwise find it harder to be adopted.